As a male porn star, Aaron Wilcoxx has made more than 100 movies. He is also the author of 3 Step Stamina. He has the ability to become hard on command, remain hard for as long as necessary and climax on command. These are the reasons he is one of the director’s favorite stars. His book exudes masculine confidence as he reveals the secrets of pleasing extremely beautiful women.

The Basics of 3 Step Stamina

This program is incredibly direct. All of the content is regarding the sexual act. Nothing is mentioned about flirtation or holding hands. The program consists of three separate modules revealing everything about erections and performing on the level of a porn star. All of the training Aaron Wilcoxx experienced is made extremely clear in this book including the physical importance of having sex. This content is as far from intellectual as it is possible to get.

The key to the program is physiology. This includes how to make a woman wet, persuading a woman to have anal sex, blowjobs and how to make a woman beg to have a man do anything he wants. According to the author, the physiology of sex includes orgasms, erections and anal sex. The guides have been copyrighted because they effectively show how to make a woman scream when she orgasms.

The book is a training course providing real solutions for the most common issues of men. The author teaches how to get and sustain an erection, how incredible sexual prowess is directly linked to staying in optimum health and the best ways to provide a woman with intense pleasure. This package is surprisingly simple and offers good information.

The program is unpretentious, definitely provides the information necessary to get the job done and has good reviews. The author has stated all of the techniques he provides during the course will work.

The Information Revealed in the Contents of the Program

The book shows how to develop sexual stamina using the three steps provided. Three bonus recipes have been included to help ensure you have sex just like a porn star. The book contains 118 pages you should be able to read within a couple of hours. You will need approximately four weeks to practice these techniques in private with your partner.

The main focus of 3 Step Stamina is achieving a rock hard penis that will last for a long time. The author also discusses the importance of chemistry and emotional bonding. The erection process is explained fairly well including the details required to understand the necessary exercises. Prior to explaining the actual steps, the author takes a moment to boost the morale of the readers.

Aaron Wilcoxx explains that any man can become a true sex god through some guidance and practice. He offers his readers warnings with explanations regarding the other methods for enhancing erections. This includes testosterone therapy, Viagra, chemicals and pumps. The first step is penis exercises. These are Kegel inspired exercises clearly explained by the author.

The purposes of these exercises are to take control of the smooth muscles on the inside of the male sex organ, the pelvic muscles and the penis muscles. The author even admits these routines are necessary for every man in the porn industry who wants to keep their job. The importance of the different muscle groups for delaying ejaculation and maintaining an erection are thoroughly explained.

The program lasts for four weeks and is performed for fifteen to twenty minutes five days of each week. Once you have finished the program, you must exercise regularly to prevent your muscles from weakening. Kegel exercises can be performed almost anywhere but the smooth muscle exercise will mandate some privacy and the use of your hands. During the second section of 3 Step Stamina, nutrients are discussed.

The author explains porn stars are required to follow specific diets for maximizing their sexual and global health. The most important nutrients for boosting the levels of testosterone are listed in the book. He provides the recipe for the juice he drinks two or three times per week to boost his sexual health despite the awful taste. The third section is about thinking like a porn star.

When a man is anxious about his performance, it starts a vicious cycle impacting his future performances. This happened to Aaron Wilcoxx during the filming of his very first movie. He explains how to break this cycle using various mental tricks. What you think affects your behavior and your feelings. When you shift your focus to something pleasant it can make a tremendous difference.

The author explains how he was able to snap back, the myths regarding his actual performance, the reasons for anxiety, the length of time he is able to have intercourse, satisfaction and penis size. He believes when a woman sees a man is having an extraordinary time, her sexual pleasure is increased.

The Bonus Gifts

One of the bonuses included is called Squirting Orgasm Blueprint. The author says with a combination of relaxation, excitement and the proper technique, every woman is capable of a squirting orgasm. He believes relaxation is extremely important but must be built using understanding and novelty. He destroys the squirting myths such as porn stars cheating by using urine.

The ways to recognize a woman’s orgasm are also revealed. The specific technique to make a woman squirt during orgasm requires two hands, a little muscle and time. Aaron Wilcoxx makes this process appear extremely fun. Sex Position Tricks is the second bonus. The idea is to teach certain sexual positions to the reader to increase his penis size.

According to the author, the duration and the quality of the erection are a lot more important than size. This is because the bedroom skills of the man are what ensure ecstasy for the woman. There are numerous important factors the man can control. Men interested in improving their sexual performance should be concentrating on the speed and positioning of their thrusts.

The author proceeds to teach you his favorite positions when having sex for maximizing the sensations. He explains why these positions work so well. Some of the positions place the woman in control while others have her legs fairly close together. There are a lot of options for variety with ten positions in all. Some of them are both unusual and fun.

The bonus concludes with an explanation by the author that despite the excitement and fun of having sex, the enjoyment can be increased when there is an emotional bond with the woman.

The Effectiveness of 3 Step Stamina

This entire program was developed using the experience of the author as a male porn star. Sexual techniques are the key to boosting performance as opposed to any actual science. The only part of 3 Step Stamina based on science is the description of the diet consumed by the author. The majority of sources used in the book are from psychological studies or websites for diet supplements or manufacturers.

The author has personally tested everything contained in the book. If the penis exercises are performed correctly, the author states they are extremely effective. Feeling some muscle strain after performing these exercises is considered normal. The main changes are the control, timing, length and strength of the orgasm. Aaron Wilcoxx believes sharing the pleasure of a faster-paced, longer orgasm is the ultimate.

The author states some of the compliments he has received included the word god. When experiencing lengthier intercourse, the erection may only last for a few seconds due to muscle fatigue. The most important component in 3 Step Stamina are the benefits of combining the mindset, penis exercises and diet. The techniques offered for blowjobs have received some good reviews.

These techniques result in more exciting, sloppier and deeper blowjobs. There are additionally a few good techniques included for having anal sex. You will need to practice the technique to achieve squirting orgasms in the correct context. This will enable you to provide your partner with an incredible earth-shaking orgasm. The author will even teach you how to apply this technique to a non-squirter.

The author fully explains all ten of the sexual positions he recommends. This includes the twists. You will have a lot of fun, increase your sensations in the lower regions and add a new dimension for your partner. Your size is irrelevant provided you practice, fully understand and learn how to use the techniques in 3 Step Stamina. Once you have mastered all of the techniques, you can decide which ones you like best.

The overall basis of the book is a combination of common sense and experience. Reading, understanding and using the sexual techniques recommended by Aaron Wilcoxx will result in more finesse, novelty and stamina in your bed. The book may take you back to when you were very young with a lot of curiosity regarding sex. This is because what you learn will make having sex incredibly exciting again.

There is no doubt the book is erotic as well as incredibly straight forward. You have the opportunity to learn all of the same techniques the author used to become a star in the porn industry. While some of the knowledge regarding male sexuality is common, some of the techniques are unique to the author himself. The book is not difficult to read and the methods are easy to start using.

The main reason 3 Step Stamina is so different is the approach used by the author. You will most likely enjoy getting your sexual tips from a man whose living depended on his performance in the porn industry. He worked with many of the most sensual women across the globe. Whether or not you have ever viewed any of his films, you will be impressed when you begin learning his secrets for an incredible sexual performance.

The program will make a tremendous difference in your sexual stamina if you adhere to the techniques and tips provided by the author. Practicing is extremely important. If you have any insecurities about your sexual performance, this book may be your ideal solution. You will learn how to break through your sexual limits for the development of a rock hard penis and new sexual confidence.

The Final Conclusion

The program is completely natural. The author provides you with numerous health benefits in addition to the skill he developed working in the porn industry. As soon as you have finished downloading the book, you will begin to boost your self-esteem, improve your sexual performance and health and become a much better lover. One of the best attributes of 3 Step Stamina is any risk has been completely eliminated.

The reason the program is safe is that there is a sixty-day money-back guarantee. If the program does not help you achieve what you hoped for, all you have to do is request your money back. The only reason the author has given this guarantee is that he strongly believes in his program. Since you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, you can try it out and see exactly what is being offered.