The printer ink and toner market is a racket run by the big brands. The sales of these printer supplies bring in a significant portion of the total revenues of large enterprises like Epson, Canon, and HP. You only buy printers occasionally, but you are constantly in the market looking for ink and toner refills. So the companies know that they can charge you a premium for those branded ink cartridges.

But the situation has improved a lot with the advent of the internet. These days, an increasing number of online third party suppliers offer a cheaper alternative to buying expensive branded ink and toner supplies. The innovatively branded 4Inkjets is one such company. They sell printer supplies, mainly ink/toner cartridges and ink refill kits, through their website to customers all over the US and North America. You can often save up to 70% on your ink and toner purchases with 4Inkjets deals and coupon codes.

This review will look at their business model, their product portfolio, and the quality of their products and services. We will try to answer the big question: is 4Inkjets a company worth your time and money?

4Inkjets Company History & Background

When looking to buy cheap printer ink and toner from non-OEM sources, you need to pay special attention to the company or site you are buying from. Cheap quality products can even ruin your printer for good. These days, a lot of the cheap printer supplies suppliers are based in China and offer little by way of Customer Support.

4Inkjets is headquartered in the US, at Long Beach, California to be precise. They have a retail store on their office premises in Long Beach, but the bulk of the sales revenue comes from their website. And they have a very responsive customer support system in place. They have been in this business since 1999, that is over 18 years worth of experience. You can expect a better buying experience at this site and most other new entrants in this field.

4Inkjets Product portfolio – Available Brands

This is one of the strong points of the 4Inkjets site. They stock supplies of all the main printer brands as well as several lesser ones. There are ink and toner cartridges for over 16 different brands available on this site. For the bigger brands, almost all their popular printer families are available here. They include:

HP – Notable printer families like the OfficeJet, DeskJet, Envy, LaserJet, and Photosmart are available. The total number of printer families covered exceed thirty. The OfficeJet series alone has around 200 different models for which ink and toner cartridges are available here.

Canon – You will find supplies for printers from nearly thirty different series, like the Pixma, ImageClass, Maxify, I Series and much more.

Epson – Supported models from over 20 different printer families, like the WorkForce, Stylus, Expression, Artisan, and PictureMate series.

Brother –Eight printer series toners and ink cartridges are available, ranging from the MFC Multifunction, HL, DCP, and Intellifax series.

Lexmark – Supplies for models from around 25 different printer families, from the X, MS, Z, E, and All-In-One series.

Dell – Four printer families are available, the Color Laser, Laser, Photo-All-In-One, and Multi-Function series.

Samsung – Models from more than a dozen different printer families, like the Xpress, ML, SCX, and CLX series.

Other Miscellaneous Brands – You can also find supplies for printers from Toshiba, Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Okidata, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera-Mita, and Kodak.

Types of Ink and Toner Cartridges Sold By 4Inkjets

Printer companies should be called “Printer and Ink’ companies. Ink and toner sales make up a huge bulk of their revenues every year. And they charge a premium on their branded ink and toner cartridges, whose design they keep proprietary and in-house. A common tactic in the industry involves selling printers at discounts and then recouping the money over time through the sale of these cartridges.

If you use your printer sparingly, this should not be an issue. But if you print a lot of stuff, for your business, etc., the escalating cost of printer supplies can become a major headache. This is where companies like 4Inkjets enter the picture. They offer cheap alternatives to over-priced branded cartridges. The ink and toner cartridges sold by 4Inkjets fall into the following three categories.

1. OEM Cartridges: OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” When you buy an OEM Canon ink cartridge, it means that that product was manufactured by the same company that made the printer, in this case, Canon themselves. OEM cartridges are overpriced, but they are also the best quality option for your printer.

These are best used when you require long-lasting prints, especially in color. For bulk printing of text and other documents for short-term use, OEM cartridges will prove to be a costly proposition. 4InkJets do sell OEM or original ink cartridges, usually at a discount price as well. You can also use special coupons reduce the price further.

2. Compatible Cartridges: Also called “Generic” cartridges, these are manufactured by third party companies, as opposed to OEM brands. Third party companies are forbidden from creating exact replicas of OEM cartridges, so they make compatible designs that work fine with a printer, but still look and feel a bit different. The print quality will be less than an OEM, but on the plus side, these cartridges are cheaper by anywhere from 20-70%.

These days most compatible cartridges are manufactured in China. Buying one of these can be a mixed experience, as quality can vary widely. It depends entirely on the individual factory, and the quality of the parts and ink used. In this regard, 4Inkjets does offer you adequate protection with a two-year warranty on all products sold by them.

3. Remanufactured Cartridges: These are also called “reman” for short. These are spent OEM cartridges that have been recycled, refurbished and refilled. The print quality of these cartridges is dependent on the expertise and capabilities of the manufacturer. Those made in the US will offer better quality than cartridges remanufactured in China. 4Inkjets has an edge here.

Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are a very Eco-friendly option since you are recycling used parts. And the folks ate 4Inkjets also put these through stringent quality checks, to ensure that their performance is satisfactory in comparison to a brand new OEM cartridge. As with generic ink and toner, remanufactured is better suited for high volume printing, especially black and white. OEM is usually a better choice when quality and longevity is the main priority.

Remanufactured cartridges are available at a fraction of the price of their OEM counterparts on 4InkJets. You can often buy them in bulk, with anywhere from 3-5 cartridges for the price of a single OEM cartridge. 4Inkjets Reviews and Coupon Codes are available to bring down the price further.

4. Refill kits: These are an interesting DIY alternative to buying cartridges, new or refurbished. You can fill the empty cartridges you have and reuse them with these kits. The process might be a bit messy if you are not careful, and the printing quality will depend on the quality of the ink or toner used. Empty printer cartridges can stand anywhere from 2-6 or even ten refills before they become obsolete. Refill kits are available for all brands except Epson on 4Inkjets. But they may not be available for all models though.

Sales and Shipping Policy, Discounts, and Coupons

As already mentioned, you get a two-year guarantee on all remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges sold by them. Since two years is the typical lifetime of a printer ink or toner cartridge, this is an excellent offer from the company.

They ship only to Canada and the US, with same day shipping available on orders placed before 4 PM. Shipping is one area where customers have raised issues, related to delays in delivery. But the customer service is quite competent, and it must be said that they do take the effort to handle such issues promptly.

Free shipping is available on all orders worth above $50, after discounts. And that brings us to one of the most striking aspects about 4Inkjets. All the products listed on the site are available at a discounted price. And on top of that, the company offers regular coupon codes that can slash their prices further.

Usually, these coupon codes are offered on special days and holidays. You can easily find them:

4Inkjets reviews and coupon codes on other sites indicate that these offers are available all the time from the company. The codes and deals are active only for a limited duration, but they keep adding new deals to keep their customers interested.


OEM ink and toner prices are frankly ridiculous and outrageous. They should only be necessary when you need maximum quality and longevity for your prints, like when you have an important business presentation or when you want to print and save some rare family photos. In almost all other situations, remanufactured and compatible generic ink/toner cartridges offer fantastic value for money. All you need to do is ensure that you buy from a reputed supplier.

And 4Inkjets is exactly that, with a sound guarantee policy, and a wide selection of printer models. All their products are sold at vastly discounted prices, often going as high as 70% off when compared to OEM prices. And to top it all off, they also offer some interesting coupon codes and deals all through the year. We have no hesitation in recommending this US based company for your home and office printing supplies.