Agility Mattress Review

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Agility Mattress is constructed with quick responsiveness and low motion transfer in mind. It is the best mattress for sleepers looking to buy a mattress they can rest on after a long day and be guaranteed of waking up feeling fresh and ready for a new day. The mattress’ design allows you to sink lightly as you lie on the mattress, and the mattress to move with every position you take.

The 11-inch mattress features a latex layer, a coiling technology, and a superior quality foam. When these are combined perfectly, they create a pressure-relieving mattress that provides maximum support.

This article provides a detailed review of Agility Mattress. Prior to purchasing any mattress, you should read this review to learn more about the best mattress brand in the market.

Agility Mattress Construction

Agility Mattress Review

  • Cover- Agility Mattress comes in a stretchy cover that has a soft feel and looks plush to give your bed a stylish appeal. It also stays tight on the mattress to keep all the other layers in place. Moreover, it is sufficiently soft to give you comfort as you sleep on it.
  • First layer- This is made of 1.5 inches of aerated and zoned latex. The latex used is highly breathable to give you a cool sleep. It is also highly responsive and moves with every sleep position you take, creating a perfect sleeping surface.
  • Second layer- This layer comprises of 1.5 inches of micro-coils. The pocket coils used on this layer are over 1000, and they are extremely responsive. This quick response gives the mattress the agility you are looking for with each movement you make.
  • Third layer- This layer of the Agility Mattress consists of 1.5 inches of memory foam. It has a bio-based gel that helps absorb all the energy and pressure exerted as you sleep. The layer also acts as the transition layer that helps your body recover quickly after an active day.
  • Base layer- This layer comprises of 6.5 inches of foam core. The foam core not only enhances the durability of the mattress but also improves its support.

Off Gassing

When you order the Agility Mattress, it will be delivered to your doorstep, and you will need help to un-box and set it up since it weighs approximately 90 pounds. Once you set it up on the foundation to give it a flat position, it will only take a short time to expand fully.

You may, however, notice a mild off gassing when you remove the mattress from the compact box it is packed in. This is common with most new mattresses that come packed in boxes. You should let it air for a while to let the odor go away. Allowing the mattress to unroll naturally and take the desired shape will also do the trick.

Agility Mattress has an added advantage over the other brands because it is made in US, which guarantees quality and eliminates severe cases of the noxious odors. Regardless of the mattress’ point of production, it is imperative that you give it time to air before lying on it.

When setting up the mattress in your bed, you should ensure that the foundation is evened out to provide proper support to both the mattress and you. If you have issues with your foundation, you could buy one and an adjustable base from Agility and be assured of quality sleep. You should also ensure that the mattress is set to the right height in order to enjoy the maximum benefit from sleeping on it.

Motion Transfer

Agility Mattress has low motion transfer, which means that you may feel the other person moving if you share the bed. Nonetheless, this is a small downside compared to its quick response. With Agility, you are sure to find a mattress that will respond to your shape as you change your sleeping positions.

Immediately below the latex foam, Agility Mattress has a micro coil system where each individual pocket coil is wrapped separately. This reduces the vibration you are likely to feel when the other person on the bed moves while adjusting his or her sleeping position.

The memory foam on the third layer and the core foam on the base layer work to minimize the vibration. While the top layer is designed for responsiveness, the other layers provide enough support such that vibration with each movement is low.

Edge Support

Majority of the people today are looking for a mattress that provides stable edge-to-edge support. With this, you can comfortably sleep on the edge to widen the sleeping surface available, especially for couples. You can also get out of bed with ease, get in, and sit on the edge without worrying about uneven shrinkage of the mattress.

Just like the rest of the mattress, the edges feature pocket coil systems and a high-density foam to provide adequate support. Besides enhancing the mattress’ support capacity, these features also ensure that the foundation created for you to sleep is firm. You will, therefore, not feel any difference whether you sleep on the edge or at the center.

The foam used on Agility Mattress is of top quality, which ensures that each part is consistent with the rest of the mattress. This means that wherever you sit or sleep on the mattress surface, you will be okay.

Temperature regulation

Agility Mattress takes into account the needs of most users to sleep cool. The first layer is made from natural latex that is aerated. This breathability nature allows the hot air to dissipate away from your sleeping point allowing you to remain cool for a comfortable sleep.

This is complemented by the coil system that has spaces in between where the aeration can take place, allowing the heat to disperse. This, therefore, provides flexibility, support, and temperature regulation as you sleep.

Adjacent this layer is the gel infused memory foam that cools the air around you. The gel infused memory foam is not fitted next to the cover to ensure that the sleeping surface remains cool. The layer, therefore, relieves pressure while at the same time regulating your sleeping temperatures. The design of Agility Mattress is perfect at keeping you cool all night long.

You will like Agility Mattress if:

  • You are looking for coolness and aeration: For most people, sleeping cool is a priority for comfort. As a result, they are looking for a mattress with an amazing airflow and cooling ability. Agility Mattress has a latex foam that is breathable and allows more airflow than any other type of foam. The mattress also has a coil system that allows for maximum airflow within the spaces giving you a cool night. The adjacent solid foam layer also works excellently at ensuring coolness.
  • You are looking for a mattress that provides great pressure relief as well as bounce- Agility Mattress is designed with a latex foam layer and an adjacent layer with pocket coil system. This combination gives the mattress a great bounce and allows it to return to shape every time you get out of bed regardless of the pressure you have exerted on it. The third layer has a reliable memory foam that takes up all the energy and relieves pressure. It also allows for contouring with every sleeping position you take.
  • You are looking for great value in a more than 10-inch mattress- For some users, the thickness of their favorite mattress should be more than 10 inches for comfort. If you are such a person, you will love this 11-inch mattress because its construction features high quality materials and innovations. For only $1099, you can get the queen size Agility Mattress. You also get to enjoy its free delivery, 100-day free trial period, and a 10-year warranty. If you sleep on the mattress for the first 100 nights and find that it does not fulfill your needs in terms of performance, you can return it and get a full refund.

You will not like Agility Mattress if:

  • You prefer to sleep on the conventional memory foam- Some people just want a mattress that is all foam so that they can sink right into it, allowing it to hug them as they sleep. Agility Mattress features a latex foam and coiling technology at the top layers. This means that it will not hug your body and it will bounce back without sinking once you get out of bed.
  • You want a mattress with hybrid layer combinations- The Agility Mattress is constructed with micro coil systems and high quality foams to create a pressure relieving, supportive, and highly responsive mattress. If you want a mattress that features the traditional coiling system for hybrid combinations, you will have to carry on with your market research to identify the mattress that best fits your needs and preferences.

Agility Mattress Cost

The cost of purchasing an Agility Mattress varies depending on the firmness level and size you choose. For the Cal King and King size Agility Mattresses, you will be required to pay $1299 for it. On the other hand, the Queen sizes goes for $1099. The twin, twin XL, and full sizes are sold at $799, $799, and $999 respectively. Once you order an Agility Mattress, it is delivered to your doorstep at no charge. Considering the great value of Agility Mattress, it is plausible to say that this sleeping product is absolutely worth its price.

You are sure to recover quickly when you sleep on Agility Mattress. It relieves the pressure from your hips, shoulders, and back depending on your sleeping position. It contours with your movement so that you can recover quickly after a physical activity. This makes Agility Mattress a great option for athletes and gym goers. On a scale of 1 to 10 for the measure of firmness, we would say that Agility Mattress has a firmness level of between 5 and 6. This makes it ideal for a wide range of sleepers. It is among the most comfortable mattresses in the market, allowing you to lie on it for as long as you want. Even after sleeping on it for hours, you will wake up relaxed and ready to start your day.


Are you looking for comfort, support, bounce, and all features that the best mattress can offer in one sleeping product? If you are, Agility Mattress is certainly a perfect choice for you. The above review reveals that Agility mattresses utilize advanced technologies to help you enjoy your sleep and ensure your body feels relaxed and rejuvenated when you get up. Have you ever used this mattress brand before? What are your thoughts about it based on our review? Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts, and queries regarding Agility Mattress or our article. Be sure to share the article with your networks too.

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