Most disasters happen when you least expect them and when you’re not prepared. Mother Nature is constantly throwing hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes at people, and rarely are people ready to tackle these situations. But what if there’s a larger disaster coming? What if we end up facing a disaster of Biblical proportions?

Christianity is the world’s most popular religion, and over two billion people believe in a version of the Bible. Some people take the Bible very seriously and very literally, and they believe that we’re about to face a true end-times crisis, predicted by Holy Canon, that people must be prepared for.

In Alexander Cain’s top-selling survival book “Alive After the Fall,” the author touches on how today’s geopolitical events align perfectly with some dire predictions in the Bible. From there, he paints a picture that is, to put it lightly, very dire and glum for people on this planet.

Whether the Bible predicted the end-time, doomsday scenario about which Cain speaks, or whether it will just be a series of circumstances that leads to an inevitable outcome, most experts in the field do agree that a global economic collapse is imminent. Destabilization in the Middle East, western nations ripping each other apart with politics, etc, are all factors working to create the perfect storm.

So if it all does hit the fan, one is going to need some sound advice, like one might find with Alexander Cain’s Alive After the Fall survival guide.

What is Alive After the Fall?

Alexander Cain is a professor of theology and has decades of experience as a theologian. He’s based in Arkansas, United States, and has been interpreting Biblical prophecies for a very long time. A few years ago, he became convinced that the geopolitical situation in the world, with the rise of Donald Trump in the USA, and the Palestine/Israel divide in the Middle East, matched up perfectly with Biblical canon predicting the fall of civilization.

His ensuing work, Alive After the Fall, has been heralded as one of the most comprehensive pieces of prophetic literature in the past few decades. Not only does Cain spell out why the fall is an inevitability for our society; he also goes on to tell people how they can actually survive it, along with their families, and continue their lives after the dust settles.

For many people, this may seem contradictory. After all, the Bible predicts Armageddon, which implies that no one survives and everyone is judged. To be clear, Cain’s prediction is not Armageddon; it is not the return of Jesus. It is just a societal collapse, and he’s certain that people can survive it with the right survival guide. Alive After the Fall steps in to act as that survival guide. Once “Babylon America” falls, Cain teaches people how they can keep going.

Can Biblical Prophecies be Taken Seriously?

Biblical prophecies are tricky, iffy things. For the past two thousand years, there has always been someone out there predicting the end times. For example, there have been dozens of ministers and preachers famous for predicting the world’s end date, only to all be wrong. So, can we take Alexander Cain any more seriously than all the others who were wrong before?

The first thing you have to understand when seeking to answer this question is that Cain is not predicting the end of the world here. He’s not predicting Armageddon or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He’s simply using real-world evidence, along with clues from the Bible, to predict the fall of society, namely America.

Cain first predicted the fall of America to come in 2017. Since then, he has looked up more clues, using different nations, to predict that America’s fall will result from things like a conflict with Russia and a weapon they have called an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse).

The point here: Even if you take these dire predictions with a grain of salt, Alexander Cain does not simply suggest you kneel down and pray for survival. He actually maps out a plethora of survival strategies that you and your family can use to survive, and even thrive, no matter what befalls civilization, be it something Biblical or something Mother Nature throws at you, or even another world war.

What Alive After the Fall Offers

As mentioned above, even if you don’t subscribe to the idea that the Bible predicted our fall, the fact is that all societies, throughout all of history, have fallen. Most all geopolitical experts agree that first-world societies are right on the cusp today, which means none of us are going to have an easy time before much longer. Therefore, it stands to reason that someone has a thorough survival guide to help them navigate a broken society.

Here are a few unique, helpful survival strategies and techniques that Alive After the Fall offers to its users.

  • EMP Protection: Learn not only what an EMP is and how to block it, but how to also protect all of your devices, the starter on your automobiles, etc, from falling prey to an EMP attack. This guide teaches you precisely how to shield yourself away so that people using this sort of weapon of war cannot affect you with it. Having access to certain electronics may save your life in a fallout situation.
  • Nuclear Fallout: Of all the scenarios one might imagine, this is the most real possibility. Israel, the USA, Russia, China, and other nations all have nukes. Obviously, anyone in the direct blast zone doesn’t have much of a chance, but what about the rest of us with the nuclear fallout? This guide teaches you how to avoid radiation, particularly how to block gamma radiation, and how to keep your food and water safe from radiation during such an event.
  • Home Defense Strategies: It’s impractical and dangerous to live on the move constantly in a situation where society has broken down, so it stands to reason that you actually want to make a stand and have a home. Learn how to defend it against looters, bandits and others who mean you harm. Learn all about early-warning alarms, traps, and other defense strategies that are safe for you and your loved ones, but not those who intend to take from you in any way. These strategies are great for any situation, as they work to keep your home safe.
  • Increasing the Shelf Life of Perishables: Food, water and medicine are mostly all perishable items that have a limited shelf life. Not everyone can afford to go stock up on a year’s supply or MREs. So it’s pretty obvious that people would want to extend the shelf life of foods they already have, and foods they can more easily access. This survival guide teaches you how to do this, especially with foods and medicines, so your items will last years.
  • How to Properly Cook: In a fallout situation, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to find any sort of electric range, and maybe not even a gas range. Alive After the Fall teaches people how to properly cook without the need for a gas or electric range, so that they can still kill harmful bacteria in food while getting the most nutritional value out of it.
  • Chemical Attack Survival: As we’ve seen a few times in as many years, nations have no qualms about attacking their own citizens with chemicals. Alexander Cain has an entire lengthy report in his book about how to survive a chemical attack, how to protect your skin and food, and much more. The end goal is to help you stay safe during any sort of chemical attack.

Who Alive After the Fall is Intended For

Just because you might not believe in Biblical prophecies does not mean that you cannot benefit from a survival guide. Because we have seen them firsthand, very recently, we know that governments in some nations deploy weapons like EMPs and chemical attacks. Historically, we know the havoc that nukes bring, the sheer level of devastation. So it’s not as if anything here is hypothetical. We know these things happen.

Alive After the Fall is a great survival guide that teaches people how to survive these sorts of attacks and their fallout. From EMPs and chemical attacks to monetary collapses and outright nuclear strikes, if you do happen to be one of the lucky ones to avoid the initial disaster area, Cain’s survival guide is ideal for teaching people how to survive indefinitely after the collapse of society as we know it.

There’s even a lot of information in the report about how to spot the signs of collapse. Of course, a lot of this is tied up deeply in the Christian religion, as Cain is a theologian, so if you don’t share the same religion, then you might interpret the signs differently.

Though despite your religious leanings, the information about surviving is a-religious, in that it deals in science and logic, and so it doesn’t matter if you have faith in the predictions or not. It’s all about practicality.

Pros and Cons of Alive After the Fall

Everything has pros and cons. Even drinking water, or fresh roses in bloom. The same holds true for Alive After the Fall. So, let’s go over some of the positives and negatives associated with this popular survival guide.


  • Provides a guide to survive a litany of potential disasters
  • Easy and practical tips to implement to safe-guard against tragedy
  • The information is very useful, even if you’re not the religious type
  • Two bonuses with the main book, helping you deal with more potential attacks
  • Guaranteed 60-day money back policy if you’re not satisfied


  • Not a physical book; only in eBook format
  • Nonreligious people, or people who disagree, might find fault with the prophecy aspect
  • Doesn’t provide enough detail on how to obtain clean drinking water

Alive After the Fall: Conclusion

For everything this book is, one thing it isn’t is a gospel that tries to convince people to believe in any particular religion. The thing about Alive After the Fall is that, even though it uses Biblical prophecy to predict societal collapse, it still covers a very wide range of potential disasters and helps to walk people through them, so that they can survive.

Along with a comprehensive survival guide, you also get two free bonuses that help you to expand your knowledge. The important thing to remember is that societal collapse is inevitable. If we’re lucky, it won’t be in our lifetimes, but all we need to do is look back throughout history to understand that every civilization to ever exist has experienced collapse. Wouldn’t you want to be one of the lucky ones to survive a collapse? Alive After the Fall might just be a great guide to help you make it.