Kidney disease is a perniciously common disorder that affects 200,000 Americans every year. The condition refers to the kidneys’ inability to filter blood properly, leading to greater precedence of kidney failure. Often, patients have to make recurring visits to the hospital in order to receive dialysis treatment, hopeful that they will one day receive a donation after getting off a lengthy wait list.

If you’re someone who suffers from this condition, it can seem hopeless to try and live a meaningful life. Whether you experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or fatigue, kidney problems can easily impact every other area of your life in a negative way. Many sufferers are predisposed to anxiety, depression, and other chronic mental and physical health conditions as their condition progresses.

Considering just how expensive frequent treatments at the doctors are, many have turned to all-natural solutions in order to maintain and restore the functionality of their kidneys.

Recently, many sufferers have turned to the health program touted in All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program, authored by Dr. Robert Galarowicz. This program is known for being one of the top online kidney health programs that may teach sufferers how to improve kidney function naturally over time.

Who Is Dr. Robert Galarowicz?

Not much is known about Dr. Galarowicz or his qualifications concerning kidney health. According to some sources, he is a nutritionist, naturopath, and hypnosis counselor who was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease several years ago.

After years of witnessing his own deteriorating health condition and decreasing the ability to function normally, Robert knew he had to make a change. At first, he was devastated when he was formally diagnosed – part of the reason he put off going to a physician for so long was so that he could avoid the painful, frustrating experience of dialysis.

With little hope for receiving a transplant, Robert began his journey combining insights from personal and professional knowledge. Robert claims that he has found and crafted an all-natural health program and rehabilitate diseased kidneys, which completely removed the need for him to seek out regular dialysis or hoping for organ donors.

It must be noted that readers should always visit a trained health care professional to ask for advice before beginning an all-natural health path. Not much is known about Robert’s qualifications to be giving health advice as he has not been forth-coming with his professional medical experience.

Despite his potential lack of formal education, Robert boasts that his treatment regiment has brought him and over 5,000 sufferers relief from persistent pain brought on by poor kidney condition. Many unaffiliated reviewers have stated that his regiment has been helpful for their condition.

What is the Program All About?

All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program is a comprehensive program that provides health remedies based on third-party validated scientific research. According to Dr. Galarowicz, the online manual explains “everything you need to know to improve your kidney health, avoid dialysis, and live a better quality life”.

The guide takes time to, first, educate kidney disease sufferers about what is actually occurring in their bodies. Afterward, the book dives into a detailed and intuitive plan for reversing the negative physical effects of continued kidney degradation. Dr. Galarowicz boasts that this program can minimize the need for external, expensive medical treatments.

The Steps to Kidney Health

Many readers want to know an outline of what the guide contains that other kidney health programs don’t. After all, what “secret” has Robert managed to find that other online materials and medical aids neglect to mention?

The first part of the guide is dedicated to explaining the causes, symptoms, and irritants that worsen the kidney condition slowly over time. Dr. Galarowicz explains how diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and urinary tract obstructions can all lead to this pernicious condition over time. He also explains how to test effectively for poor kidney condition in order to give the reader all the information they need to be aware of their disease.

After this outline, Dr. Galarowicz explores the essential steps of the program that have been proven to improve the conditions of the kidneys. The guide contains information related to: Stage 4 and 5 Kidney disease, steps to avoid dialysis, core lifestyle changes, unsafe medication interactions, health supplements, and how to configure homeopathic remedies into pre-existing doctor visits.

The second step of the program discusses in-depth the different supplements and dietary changes required to improve kidney disease. Unlike typical visits with the doctor, using supplements helps to make the kidneys healthier rather than just preserving their existing function.

Dr. Galarowicz dives into managing anemia, depression, and fatigue through configuring common low-risk minerals into your diet, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The guide comes with a Grocery Shopping List and Tracking Sheet to make it easier than ever to enact common-sense diet changes.

The guidebook is broken up into five separate electronic books that take a deep look into kidney health, disease, and the supplements needed in order to incorporate long-lasting life changes.

Positive Aspects of the Program

Many reviewers have raved about the benefits of Dr. Galarowicz’s influence over their kidney health and longevity. Some claim that they have reversed the trend of worsening kidney health, allowing them to fully dive back into their work, family, and passions with more energy than before starting the program.

With that said, one of the largest advantages of this program is that is based on external, third-party verified scientific studies. It is likely that Dr. Galarowicz’s information is more trustworthy and robustly tested than other health guidebooks offered online. According to some reviewers, all of the supplements and dietary treatments recommended by the author have been verified through other websites and experts on kidney health.

Additionally, customers who find themselves unsatisfied with the program can secure a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if it doesn’t work out. This is the appropriate amount of time for followers of the guidebook to see if there has been any appreciable effect on their health. With extra pamphlets, grocery shopping lists and tracking sheets, this guidebook comes chock full of practical tools that make lifestyle changes much easier.

Many also prefer that the guidebook is digital, meaning they can easily pull it up on any electronic device at any time of day. This makes it easier than ever to make sure you’re sticking with the treatment program in a way that supports your kidney health.

Negative Aspects of the Program

Ultimately, the thing that worries most readers and potentially interested clients in the program is the lack of specification surrounding Dr. Galarowicz’s qualifications. Although we know he is a naturopath, there has been no transparency regarding his higher level education or any additional qualifications he may hold. Many are worried that his advice could be harmful, untested, or unsafe.

Despite many of the glowing reviews left by satisfied program participants, it can be exhausting to back up all his claims with academic and peer-reviewed information or check into his specific sources.

For these skeptics, it is always best to first consult with a trained physician and ask advice about the practical tips found in the book. Ultimately, your doctor will know more about managing different concentrations of uric acid, potassium, and other materials in your blood. Ask your doctor if it is safe to diminish dialysis by making the dietary changes that the author recommends.

Despite this ambiguity about the authors’ qualifications, the guidebook has referenced an extensive set of medically recommended sources for almost every health recommendation. If you are considering this program, continue visiting the doctor until you have a better sense of how the guidebook will configure into your existing health regiment.

One small annoyance that some users have is the lack of an audio book portion. Since the e-books are so full of material, it would be convenient for many to listen to the guidebook when performing chores. However, the only option to get the information is through reading it, which can be an extensive time-sucking pursuit.

What Do Customers Say?

Many customers of the guidebook program have found it to be an effective, safe, and robust toolset that they can use to continue improving their kidney health. There are dozens of verified reviewers who state that they’ve achieved great success by pairing the guidebook with traditional medical treatments.

Lien Nguyen, who has suffered from poor kidneys for most of her adult life due to Type I Diabetes, stated: “This remedy is effective for people who want to get health kidneys naturally.”

Lien purchased the full guidebook, which came included with five separate e-books, tracking sheets, grocery shopping lists, and more. While she was skeptical at first, she found that her health continued to improve by following Dr. Galarowicz’s advice.

However, she continued to make regular doctor visits in order to see that the concentrations of supplements in her bloodstream were within a healthy, normal range. She states that, since the kidneys are already less able to filter out deposits in the blood, it’s important to be cognizant of every supplement that goes into the body. Some supplements recommended by Dr. Galarowicz, which are not water-soluble, could result in dangerous concentrations of minerals in the blood over time. Lien believes that this program works well as long as sufferers pair it with traditional treatment regimes and blood tests.

Another man, Steve Horowitz for, stated that he also achieved great success from faithfully following the guidebook’s advice. Through his own extensive research into the topic of kidney health, he believes that the supplements, minerals, and advice offered are well-tolerated in the body by most guidebook followers. Steve believes wholeheartedly that the guidebooks’ common sense dietary recommendations allowed him to reduce the need for regular dialysis treatments.

As always, it’s important to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Most reviewers have stated that the advice provided needs to be well-balanced with the recommendations offered by primary care physicians who have actual medical experience.

That said, it does seem that many kidney disease sufferers have experienced positive, appreciable health benefits from following Dr. Galarowicz’s advice. Many reviewers state that they have been able to achieve a better quality of life that is less hampered down by routine doctors’ visits, chronic pain, fatigue, and strict medical regiments.

In Summation

The All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program is a comprehensive, all in one guidebook that is meant to improve the life and reduce the need for regular dialysis of kidney disease sufferers. By recommending gentle supplements and dietary changes, many patients have managed to reduce their need for extensive and invasive medical treatments.

As always, this all-natural, homeopathic guidebook is best paired with the advice of medical professionals specialized to treat conditions like kidney disease. Many reviewers have found sustainable ways to improve their quality of life by following the advice of Dr. Robert Galarowicz, who is himself a sufferer of Stage 5 Kidney Disease.