There is a new wave of mattress companies that have opened up to sell directly to consumers, bypassing traditional mattress outlets. This new style of mattress can vary a lot in terms of materials, layers, and frankly in quality. That is why reviews of these brands are so important. Amore is one such brand. In this post, we will go over Amore and discuss how their mattresses are made and what sets them apart from the crowd.


Amore Beds Mattress ReviewThere are different possible primary materials for mattresses. Amore uses memory foam. Like other mattresses, the Amore is composed of layers. The top layer is a comfort layer that is two inches thick. The top inch is graphite and the bottom inch is wool. Next comes the poly foam. It is memory foam infused with graphite. This is in contrast to the latex foam that some mattresses have because it has a faster response and a longer memory. After that comes another four inch layer. This one is the primary support layer. It is composed of wrapped coils that provide upwards support and assist with better air flow for cooling. On the bottom of the mattress, the last layer is 2 inches thick. It is a high-density foam that delivers final support and shaping for the rest of the materials above it. It also has edge support to make it easier to get into and get out of bed. As an option, Amore offers a special add-on to the top layer in the form of a copper ion and bamboo fabric that provides a little more depth and has therapeutic properties.


Overall, the Amore is quite a comfortable mattress. When it comes to memory foam, a significant part of the comfort level comes down to weight. The more the sleeper weighs, the more they sink into the foam, so they are more likely to come closer to the springs. Some people find this uncomfortable. Another aspect of comfort is cooling. Here, the Amore does very well. The cells of the memory foam are open, allowing air to pass through. The wool also contributes to cooling, as does the copper layer if you choose that optional add-on.

Memory foam as a reputation of giving sleepers a sinking feeling or a “quicksand” feel. This can be an odd feeling for those who are not used to it and some users find it uncomfortable. While Amore does use memory foam, the slightly stiffer foam layer means that it does not feel as much like quicksand as other mattresses. This is especially true at the medium and firm settings.

Overall, the Amore tends to feel more comfortable than the average memory foam mattress. If you want a complete memory foam experience, then perhaps another mattress would be a better fit, because the Amore has a feel closer to a hybrid of memory foam and latex foam. It responds a little more slowly than typical memory foam, but not as slowly as latex does. The effect might not be obvious if you have not spent time with memory foam before, but as long as you are happy with how it feels then it is the right fit for you.


Amore Beds is a company based in Chicago that aims to serve customers through direct, customized orders for mattresses at an accessible price. They are not unique in this mission, of course. The past several years have seen a significant rise in the number of companies that sell mattresses online, especially ones that use memory foam. The proliferation in the market has made it difficult to tell what separates each brand. Amore Beds builds their mattresses in the US and sources their materials domestically as well. Additionally, they are Centi-PUR certified. Centi-PUR is a test set by the industry to evaluate how easily bacteria and other riders can thrive in a mattress. Getting the certification means that the mattress adheres to the highest standards for safety from chemicals, compounds, and synthetic materials. Passing this test means designing and building the mattress with safety in mind.

Amore has a similar process to most other manufacturers. You place an order online, it arrives in a box a few days later, and then you try the mattress for 100 nights. During that time you can decide whether or not you want to keep it. If not, then you can ship it back at no expense to you. Amore has clearly picked up on the conventions of the industry and is willing to go along with the standard practices that are in place. It is surprising how often some features like the free trial go overlooked in new mattress companies, so it’s a sign that Amore has done their homework.

Edge and Other Features

Edge support is a critical aspect of mattress design and feel. When the edge support is too weak, the mattress feels like it lacks shape and it becomes very hard to get out of it. When the support is too strong, then the sleepers are pushed towards the middle and the sides become noticeably harder than the center. The Amore strikes a good balance between the two. This isn’t always easy with memory foam but they manage a fair compromise by placing a lot of the edge support in the lower layers of the mattress.

In terms of other features, the most important and unique element from Amore Beds is the ability to split the mattress in half and give each half a different firmness. It is already rare to offer the full range of soft, medium, and firm. Many places offer firm and medium only. Amore adds soft and goes one step further by letting you customize the support level of each side. The system works well and there is no crossover between the two separate halves. It is not totally necessary to do this, but if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, then it might be something worth considering. Neither the edge support nor the quality of the firmness will be compromised.

Warranty and Shipping

The Amore stands out from the crowd in warranty. The industry standard is the initial trial period of 100 days to test out the mattress followed by some kind of long-term warranty if you decide to keep it. The most common length is ten years. This is the case among online retailers, brick and mortar shops, and just about anywhere else. However, Amore elected to offer a warranty with a length of 20 years. This essentially doubles the effective lifespan of the mattress, which means a large saving by not having to replace it as often. Most people will not need to use their warranty because they will want to switch out to a different mattress or will keep it past the limit date, but it is a sign of the confidence that Amore Beds has in their build quality. It is also inviting if you have had problems before with mattresses that did not last as long as you wanted them to. Once again, this is not a common issue but the double warranty certainly stands out in the mattress industry as being far more than its peers would offer.

The shipping process is straightforward. The mattress arrives in a light, but bulky package. Once you open the cardboard box, the mattress is inside, all rolled up in a plastic cover. Once you take it out and remove the cover, the mattress unrolls itself and you can position it onto the bedframe.


The final cost of the Amore Beds mattress depends more on your personal choices than with other mattresses. There are several determinants of the cost. The most important one is size. Larger mattresses cost more, of course, so make sure you have the right size selected. After that, you will choose firmness levels and whether it will be single or split firmness, which costs a little more. The Amore has one more option, which is the therapeutic copper incorporated into the top layer. If you choose to add this, it will cost approximately $50 more depending on what you selected for the other options. Shipping and return shipping are both free, so the cost of the mattress itself is the only thing that you need to pay for. You have the freedom to test out different configurations and see what makes the most sense for your budget and your needs. Don’t forget to explore the split option to see if it makes a difference, because it could be a serious improvement to your sleep as a couple if it is set up correctly.

Online Feedback

The Amore Beds mattress is fairly well-reviewed online although there are not that many reviews up yet due to how new the company is. The ordering and shipping experience is much like other companies. You also need to keep in mind the fact that there will be some outgassing as a result of the memory foam, so there could be a slightly odd smell for the first 24 hours. Other than that, reviewers had a smooth time acquiring the mattress and it shipped quickly. The 100 day free trial proved helpful in making a decision on whether to keep it or not, but so far no reviewers have decided to send it back. The low weight and ease of transportation was a major upside to help get it into place on the bed after it arrived at the home.

Point By Point

The Amore Beds mattress is for you if…

  • You want memory foam with strong edges
  • You and your partner have different firmness preferences
  • You want a longer warranty
  • You want an affordable memory foam mattress

The Amore Beds mattress might not be for you if…

  • You want a more fundamental, basic memory foam
  • You want a latex mattress
  • The firmness levels do not feel good to you

Final Word

The Amore Beds mattress is a new player on an already crowded market. However, several things enable the company to stand out. The most notable of these are the long warranty and the ability to split the firmness levels of the mattress. As far as memory foam mattresses go, the Amore is fairly good at a reasonable price. The only question that remains is how well Amore can maintain their fast ship times if the demand for their mattresses climbs. So far they are performing well, which is a good sign not only for their ability to get the mattress to your door but also their ability to fulfill warranties later on if necessary.