Meeting and dating beautiful women has got to be every man’s dream, but it’s not always easy to do. Whether you’re a little older or you’re someone who isn’t the hottest guy in the room, it can be difficult to attract beautiful women if you don’t know how to reel them in. Women in general are already tough to speak to if you aren’t prepared for light banter and fun conversations. This is why Dating Expert, Brent Smith, created this powerful new program to help guys like you get beautiful women with his program, Attract Hotter Women.

Brent Smith is a professional dating and relationship coach who has been featured across a multitude of media news outlets. His product has been featured on sources like Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, LifeHacker, The New York Times, CNN, Business Week, and The Huffington Post, among many others. Brent understands the struggle most guys have dealt with as he has worked with over hundreds of guys get with beautiful women. He has seen all kinds of shy guys, socially anxious guys, and those who simply struggle with approaching women to overcome their fears and gain the right confidence that attracts women.

In 2006, he started the company, Absolute Power Dating. This company he owns has been responsible for creating a variety of dating programs for men. Holiday Hookups, How To Get A Girlfriend in 10 Days Or Less, and Your Perfect Girlfriend are just a few that he created. Over the years, the brand has evolved and turned into Brent Smith Lifestyle with the main goal of helping men simply live a better life.

What is Attract Hotter Women?

Attract Hotter Women is an online program created by Brent Smith, and it includes the information you’ve been looking for to be able to attract the women you’ve always wanted to go out with. Whether you want to date someone incredibly attractive or get laid for the night, this program is going to dive in on the most critical aspects of when you first meet a woman.

Let’s face it, the biggest struggle most guys have at the club or any party is being able to approach the hot girl, snag her number, and know how to grab her attention from across the room. It’s difficult to keep the conversation going even after you have made the initial introduction, so that’s another common struggle. Brent Smith understands what every guy struggles with regarding women and keeping them interested throughout the night. This program will give you a solid blueprint to follow that explains how to create powerful eye contact, get the girl to speak to you, find courage to approach any woman with confidence, and several conversation starters that work.

Brent dives in to some of the most important key components that can help you get the girl to stay interested in you for whatever it is that you want. Whether you want to be kissed that night, get laid, or maybe even get married down the road, this guy has got you covered. Seduction is a key component that leads to more with a woman, and Smith provides unique ways to approach every possible situation you may be in.

What Is Included In The Attract Hotter Women Program?

You receive a top of the line PDF file delivered straight to you the moment you buy it. The main source has all the info you need to succeed. The countless insider secrets in this main program will get you ready to meet any woman. You get his complete blueprint filled with powerful tactics and fun tricks that guarantee you succeed.

  • Find out where to go at night so you can have a good time and meet new people.
  • How to get the girl to ask for YOUR number so you don’t have to ask.
  • You’ll learn about the best ways to respond to any text message so you can build something special with any woman.
  • How to build that confidence so you develop a care-free attitude that women fall for.
  • Discover the exact blueprint that can lead to either a meaningful relationship or even a one-way ticket to getting laid that night.

This is just a few of the things you’ll learn in the main program. There are also several videos that are included to help educate you even more. There is also an additional program, “How to Psyche Yourself Up.” This one goes deep into how to give yourself that jolt of energy and courage to speak to any woman. Even if you may already know what to say and how to say it, being able to be your biggest hype man and encourage yourself when you need it the most is the key to succeeding every time.

You also receive the “Quick Startup Guide” that outlines a very simple and easy to follow approach that you can use right now. It’s a very straight-forward and concise program to start you up quickly with quick tips that you can breeze through and start using tonight. If you want to get out there as soon as today, this guide will give you some strategies to use right now for more success.

“Mr. Right Now” is your go-to source for being able to dive right in to getting laid the day you meet a woman. It’s not uncommon for most women to want to wait at least 5-7 days before they get physical, but this guide will help you get what you want sooner than that. This program has simple tips and ways to increase how you are to women so that they just feel the need to have sex with you and give you what you want. It’s not a random strategy that manipulates women. It’s about enforcing your powerful personality so that they are drawn to who you truly are. Be ready to showcase the “care-free” and confident guy you are who is ready to have some fun with no strings attached.

You will also receive several bonuses like Small Talk Tactics by Bobby Rio, Teasing and Banter Lines “Cheat Sheets”, and Social Magnetism. All of them provide you with proven strategies for different things that catapult you into creating serious rapport with women instantly. Whether it’s techniques on flirting or reprogramming how your mind operates, there is something in this to guide you on everything.

What Are People Saying?

– Brent Comes Off Likable And Easy To Learn From

Most guys have noted how much they love how Brent comes off as simply a genuine guy. Most male dating coaches are either arrogant or strangely annoying. They come off almost not believing what they have to say that they feel the need to throw it down your throats what they believe. Guys are enjoying how Brent is an easy guy to learn from considering he has his own story to share.

– User-Friendly With Different Approaches

Brent gives you a variety of approaches for different situations. The way you meet someone isn’t always going to be the same, so this program dives in to how to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Users are loving how there is no set script to follow. Brent teaches you a powerful way of being the best version of yourself, and it works because you will simply be yourself.

– New Age Approach

Brent really follows a very new-age approach to dealing with your confidence. Most products go straight to forcing guys to be, “confident.” In reality, simply saying it is not going to make a difference. Brent gives you a very modern way of approaching your self-esteem issues.

– Subconscious Reprogramming

If you struggle with confidence and you have a low self esteem, Brent is going to give you a solid system to follow that works on your subconscious mind. Everything from affirmations to internal changes you can make so you have more courage and self belief is included to guide you and work from within. He deals with your inner issues and subconscious so you can truly meet women with a strong confident head on your shoulders.

– Easy To Follow Guide

Attract Hotter Women is a very easy to follow guide. It doesn’t require much work to digest the information. Brent decided to use some very simple language throughout the guide so that guys have an easy time understanding all of his concepts and ideas. You get step by step information so that you build confidence and courage to work up towards meeting women anywhere. Whether it’s at the club or the local national park, approaching women operates in a similar way.

Are There Any Cons of Attract Hotter Women?

The only problem most guys realize is that this program is just a program; not a magic pill. It’s not a potion you can buy that means every girl you speak to is going to fall for you. Depending on your skill level and how far you go with the techniques inside, you may have to go through some trial and error to truly learn how to speak to women. It’s vital that you go through the training and work on yourself first above anything.

Most users believe that Attract Hotter Women sometimes can make fun of other types of courses on this same subject. Brent may make comments about why other methods don’t work, but the truth is that every strategy is different. When you purchase this guide, take it all with a grain of salt with what he says about other products. He just loves to make sure you know his product is one of the best on the market, and it definitely does deliver results.

The information may also be easy to read which can be a problem for some people because it can come off as too casual. The product in itself still gives you solid information that gives you all the knowledge you need, so this shouldn’t be a problem if you want an easy read.

The Verdict

If you want a product that delivers solid results and will educate you on the best ways to attract women, this product can give you the information you need. Brent Smith knows his stuff when it comes down to women. Approaching them with confidence, starting conversations, developing mindset, and everything in between will be taught to you in an easy format. You will gain access to a multitude of different guides in Attract Hotter Women. There’s even a guide that focuses primarily on getting laid so that you can have the fun you want to have.

The verdict is in. Attract Hotter Women is definitely worth the investment for any guy. You will gain the best insight that can enable you to create effortless conversations that can lead to deeper conversation, dates, hooking up, and potentially marriage. Of the multiple products that Brent Smith has created over the last decade, there is no doubt this specific product stands out as one of the best that he has created.