Mattress manufacturers are today relying on technological innovations to help provide mattresses that are comfortable and healthy to sleep on. Bear mattress is the most noticeable brand as it features one of the most innovative designs in the memory foam market. Its unique features are modeled with athletes and other active individuals in mind. This is because it gives you a cool sleep and helps you recover fast from back and neck pains. You can get the mattress directly from the manufacturer at a low price and enjoy its quality.

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You will love the Bear Mattress if:

1) You live an active lifestyle: The mattress is designed specifically for active people like athletes with celliant included to help you recover quickly.

2) You are looking for a quality sleep: The mattress’ multiple layers will improve the comfort of your bed and the quality of your sleep.

3) You like sleeping on memory foam for support: Bear Mattress comes with a firmness and softness that provides unmatched support to your spine.

You may NOT like Bear Mattress if:

1) You prefer exceedingly soft or firm mattresses: Bear Mattress is designed to accommodate both firmness and softness; if you prefer one of the qualities more, then this is not the right brand for you.

2) You love spring mattresses: If you love sleeping on spring mattresses, the Bear mattress might not impress you as it is made from memory foam.

3) You want to spend more money on a mattress: The Bear Mattress is perceived as a brand for the average consumer. If you want to spend more on a mattress, other more expensive brands could be more appealing to you.

Bear Mattress Structure

Bear Mattress ReviewsIf you live an active lifestyle, a bear mattress should be on your must-have list. Its design features a high-density memory foam that includes three layers in addition to the special cover.

First layer: This is the top layer of the mattress and is made of 1-inch memory foam that comes filled with graphite gel. It is designed to be breathable and odorless to give you a peaceful sleep. It allows about 95 percent ventilation thanks to its open-cell polymer structure. This results into a more comfortable and refreshing sleep since the heat is not retained in the mattress’ surface.

According to Bear, the graphite gel infused in this layer makes the mattress seven times cooler than other brands of foam mattresses. Besides being refreshingly cool, the graphite gel infused memory foam can be relied on to relieve pressure. Since there is no motion transfer during sleep, your spine will be aligned properly.

Second layer: This is the layer that gives the Bear mattress its polymer structure, which is characterized by a quick response foam. Its responsiveness has qualified it as a perfect pressure reliever, since it provides support to where you apply pressure. This attribute also facilitates a proper airflow that reduces the amount of heat retained. It is 1.5 inches thick to guarantee a comfortable sleep.

Third layer: The third layer is also composed of quick response foam but it is 1 inch thick. It complements the role of the second layer by allowing less heat retention, providing further support as you sleep, and giving the Bear mattress a bounce.

Forth layer: This is the foundation layer and it is made of 6.5 inches of high-density central support memory foam. This responsive layer maintains the shape of the Bear mattress while providing additional support and pressure relief.

Cover layer: This layer forms part of where you sleep on and helps hold the other layers in place as you enjoy your sleep. Although the other layers are crucial in defining the structure of the Bear mattress, the cover layer can be said to be the most important. It is made of two materials:

  • Polyester.This material makes the Bear mattress durable and makes the cover soft for a tender contact with your body.
  • Celliant. This material makes the Bear mattress unique due to its innovative features and benefits to your health and wellness. Celliant is made from thermo-reactive minerals that enable it to convert the heat emitted from your body into infrared light. This light produced helps to cool the mattress to make your sleep comfortable.

In addition to cooling the mattress, the infrared light also increases blood oxygenation, a factor that helps regulate body temperatures. This works to reduce your muscle pain and increase your cellular regeneration, which benefits your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

These two cover materials have helped create an extraordinary foam mattress since this layer can return to the shape of the mattress even after being pulled for a while. If you are concerned about it looks, you should rest easy because the cover is white with a special design that runs to halfway down the sides. The rest of the cover is grey. This perfect blend of hues makes the Bear mattress stylish and classy.

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Benefits of a Bear Mattress

The design of the Bear mattress is a result of high-level innovation that gives it numerous advantages. Its demand in the market has increased due to its cooling abilities and the support it provides to the spine as you sleep. It is made to suit a variety of body shapes and sleepers. Some of the benefits of acquiring a Bear mattress are:

Fast recovery: The Bear Mattress features the FDA approved Infrared Yarn Technology to make part of the mattress’ layers with Celliant. This material captures all your heat as you sleep to accelerate your recovery. You need not worry about the physical fatigue you experience after a fitness session. A Bear mattress will help you recover to enhance your overall wellness.

Cooling: Bear Mattress manufacturer cares about the quality of your sleep. This is why the mattress comes fitted with the foam technology alongside an efficient textile to keep your nights cool and comfortable. Your sleeping environment will be regulated as you desire.

Eco-friendly: The foam used to make this mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified and is free from chemicals. This makes it conducive for both the environment and your health. The mattress comes with a neutral odor and is made from nonvolatile materials. Meeting these standards makes the Bear mattress the best mattress even for people with various sensitivities.

Unique value: Bear mattress features an extraordinary design and is made of high quality materials. Regardless of its unique quality, this mattress costs just a fraction of what its comparable alternatives go for. This makes the mattress worth its price.

Benevolence: A certain percent of all the Bear Mattress sales made is contributed as charity to Good Sport. The organization is devoted towards helping kids live a healthy lifestyle through sports and other physical activities.

Factors that impact the quality of Bear Mattress

Our aim of developing this review is to make detailed information available to you to help you make a clear decision when buying the Bear mattress. Below are some of the factors to take into account when determining the quality of the mattress.

Support and ability to relieve pain

Bear Mattress is designed specifically to aid in pain relief as well as provide support to your spine as you sleep. It is made with a Celliant cover that helps distribute pressure such that you do not sink into the mattress when lying on it. The cover also regulates your temperature by converting it into infrared light. The light leads to increased blood oxygenation that consequently results into physical pain relief.


The best mattress to sleep on for comfort is one with slight firmness and is soft enough for you. Bear mattress can be said to attain a score of 6.5 when it comes to its firmness, with 1 and 10 being the softest and firmest respectively. The softness of Bear Mattress is enhanced by the polyester cover and the graphite-infused memory foam in the top layer. The other three layers are designed to make the mattress firm enough for quality sleep.


Most mattresses made of foam emit certain odors especially when they are new. This usually happens because of the chemicals used to make them. When it comes to Bear mattress, however, it is chemical free, implying that the off-gassing is unnoticeable. This notwithstanding, you could leave the Bear mattress in a well-ventilated room for gas dissipation.


The cover and top layers of Bear mattress are designed with soft, cushioning materials that allow you to sleep comfortably as it hugs your body. The rest of the layers are made from increasingly responsive memory foam whose firmness adjusts with each turn and position you take. Therefore, instead of sinking into the mattress, it will bounce back for proper balance.

The Bear mattress is also suitable for people sharing a bed, since it minimizes motion transfer. You will get quality sleep by lying on this mattress since you will not feel the movement of the person beside you.

Heat Retention

Reducing heat retention by regulating your body temperature is what Bear mattress is designed for. The graphite infused memory foam works alongside the Celliant to enable the mattress cover to distribute body heat. This keeps the mattress cool throughout the night for quality sleep. You will not be worried about feeling hot in your sleep no matter how long you lay on it. Your sleep times will help you rejuvenate as you enjoy the mattress’ cool cushioning.

Things you will love about Bear Mattress

Besides its unique qualities and extraordinarily low price, Bear Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty, however, only applies if the mattress is not functional due to a manufacturing error. To make the deal even more enticing, the high-density foam mattress is sold with a trial period of 100 nights. During this time, you are supposed to sleep on the mattress and determine whether you are fully satisfied with its quality. If you find that it does not give the support or comfort you anticipated during your sleep, the manufacturer guarantees a full refund of what you spent on it.

Based on our research, we can guarantee that Bear mattress will add a great value to the quality of your sleep because it is highly responsive, firm, has an excellent bounce, and it provides adequate support and coolness during sleep. It, therefore, will be a great choice for you if you are looking to improve your well being after undertaking various physical fitness activities.

The main drawback associated with Bear mattress is that you could find other brands in the market with a better score based on consumer reports. In additional to that, the brand is still new, implying that little is known about it in the consumer market.


Undoubtedly, Bear mattress is one of the best brands of high-density foam in the market today. Its design features materials and a technology that ensures firmness, bounce, and appropriate body contouring. These features provide enough support to your entire body and assure you of a restful sleep.

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Bear Mattress is made to reduce heat retention during sleep by transferring your body energy to the Celliant used to make its cover. The heat is then converted to infrared light, which enhances a higher blood oxygenation. An improved blood oxygenation lowers your body temperature and relieves muscle pain. Interestingly, it also helps in the regeneration of your old and worn out cells. All the features of the mattress aim towards your rejuvenation during sleep, since it is vital for an active lifestyle.

In our opinion, Bear Mattress fulfills what it was intended to do using its innovations and unique features. It is designed specifically for athletes, people who are active in life, and those who love a cool, comfortable time during the night. This brand of American Mattresses is sold directly to the users, eliminating the additional middlemen charges.