BroadVoice (PhonePower) Reviews

What is BroadVoice?

BroadVoice is a top provider of high-quality phone services to consumers and businesses. They deliver telecommunications services to the continental United States and Canada from an award-winning customer support that is based in the United States. BroadVoice provides phone services to anyone from a single-line residential customer all the way up to a major company. They have plans that meet everyone’s needs regardless of how big or small. Using internet connections, customers can make or receive video and voice communications to or from any telephone number in the United States and internationally. The company is a secondary of Convergent Networks that was founded in December of 2003 in Lowell, MA and since 2008 has been headquartered in Billerica, MA.

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Is the system reliable?

The BroadVoice website reported that they use a nationwide fault-tolerant network so that they can deliver with a 99.99% yearly uptime as an important frontrunner in telecommunications. Arnold T. on said that the system has great customer service, is dependable and has proven itself to be profitable. However, not all users feel the same. FrankESP on was unhappy with the dependability and stated that the connection was lost often and the service went down several times. The overall review of BroadVoice, in terms of reliability, was fairly average. Most reviewers on of the sites said that the trustworthiness of the call connection depended on their location. This is one of the disadvantages of working with an internet connective service.

What are some reasons to choose BroadVoice?

The BroadVoice website states that they are an industry groundbreaker in Business Phone technology and that they can save customers up to 70% on phone service in comparison to other rival companies. Many clients agree that it is a flawless service. Jfrench said that here is no noticeable change in the call quality or consistency compared to a traditional phone service, and that the monetary savings are huge. Some other customers were less-than impressed with the service. Carol on ConsumerAffairs stated that BroadVoice is a service that does not work and has bad customer service. Customers should always research into the service and make sure that their expectations can be met before choosing to switch.

Will making or receiving calls be any different than on an old network?

Since BroadVoice is a relatively new, innovative technology that uses an internet connection to make calls, many interested buyers have questions about how calls will be different. The BroadVoice says that there will not be any difference at all and that most people forget they have switched until they get their smaller bill. VIOPReview reviewer tclarkson777 said that they have no complaints because the feature set does everything necessary. While another reviewer stated that all of their calls drops mid conversation, there is often static on the lines and that the lines lit up a lot of times when they were not in use and so they were typically not serviceable. Whether or not making and receiving calls will be any different for clients really depends on the service they had before. Using an internet connection can be different, but is often financially rewarding.

What are some of the features of the BroadVoice system?

BroadVoice offers many features including 3-way calling, E911, Fax to Email, International Virtual Numbers, Music on Hold, plus iPhone and Android Mobile Apps to name a few. The 3-way calling feature allows business to add another party to their conversation mid-call whether that person is inside or out of the office. The E911 feature is very similar to dialing 911 on any other network, but this feature has enhanced safety. It has the ability to automatically send vital information, like geographical location, during a crisis.

The Fax to Email feature is an excellent way for a fax to be collected and seen on a portable device. The fax can then be printed, if necessary. International Virtual Numbers is a feature that allows clients around the world to make local calls to a business to lower international call costs. The Music on Hold feature allows customers calling in to listen to music for a more enjoyable experience while they wait for an available line. The service offers iPhone and Android Mobile Apps so that businesses can make and receive calls on a mobile phone, or check voicemails on the go. All of the extravagant features are reasons why customers switch to BroadVoice every single day.

Necessary Hardware

Most of the equipment used with BroadVoice is something that customers already have or can easily gain access to. The phones used with this system are both modern and trailblazing plus, they make businesses more productive. This hardware can transform an ancient office into a modern facility with very few improvements. All of the necessary hardware can be leased to own, and upgraded when a newer model is available. The majority of the equipment comes with a general warranty and is backed up by a dedicated business support staff, with selections perfect for any size business.

BroadVoice Services

Cloud PBX—BroadVoice Cloud PBX has innovated the phone industry. With this system, there is no need for more than one sellers, phone providers or a long-distance provider. There is no need to buy a bunch of hardware that will be outdated in a short period of time. The system gathers all of the hardware in the cloud. With everything that the cloud has to offer, such as saving money and making any phone system hi-tech, any business or individual can be revolutionized.

SIP Trunking—BroadVoice SIP Trunks can offer noteworthy cost savings for any size business. With the new VoIP technology, people can use their current Internet or internal communication arrangement to access the internet and outside phone lines so that traditional phone lines are no longer necessary. As an alternative, vocal sound data is collective over a solitary circuit.

Unified Communications—The full potential of any business can be opened with BroadVoice’s Unified Communications Suite. This is the only system to bring forth a full accommodated Unified Communication response that includes email, messaging and voice communications with a complete PSTN connectivity. The total package can be acquired or only the select services that the business requests. This system makes it cost conscious and effortless to authorize any team with immeasurable opportunities.

Contact Center—BroadVoice Cloud Contact Center is a powerful system that empowers businesses to surpass a customer hopes with an accurately combined and reasonably priced multi-channel contact center. This permits business representatives to deliver superior experiences to customers. Plus, each communication can be done through the clients preferred method; regardless, if it is inbound or outbound voice, live chat or email clients deserve the finest involvement, and business employees warrant the top paraphernalia to offer it to them. Unlimited calling packages can be taken advantage of to guarantee foreseeable monthly invoices without any shocking discoveries.

Network & Security—Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technology that has established the traditional average for linking more than one location, across any city or across the United States. BroadVoice vMPLS, or Virtual MPLS, is the new technology for MPLS that utilizes the cloud and allows industries of all magnitudes to appreciate the dependability of MPLS, for a lesser amount of money. This system has the option to pick-and-choose different speeds, transporters and technologies. It offers additional features not found in traditional MPLS. It has no required contracts to circuits or any extra hardware. One flat monthly rate is given per location, and the system is supervised and managed all of the time by valued sales engineers.

With the new and improved service, many resource-intensive jobs such as monitoring, administering and responding to threats are skillfully dealt with by a devoted crew of security experts. The system’s engineers have direct access to the firewall with a cutting-edge cloud-based supervision organization. This permits the engineers to accumulate diagnostic data and to empower specific troubleshooting, leading to a decrease in any lost time.

Most corporations do not understand that their internet connection leaves open access all the time. Many businesses have some sort of firewall protection, but only a few have the knowledge of how to manage and lock the firewalls appropriately. BroadVoice has recently begun to offer the BroadVoice Managed Firewall Service so that corporate owners can concentrate on building their corporation and not agonize on keeping it protected at all times.

Some of the features that BroadVoice Managed Firewall Service offers include management and monitoring all the time, continual upgrades to keep all defense systems up to date, firewall management by expert engineers that includes diagnostic data collection and troubleshooting, no out-of-pocket costs for expensive firewall and networking equipment and effortless firewall administration.

Cyber Security is another BroadVoice benefit. This is a way to continually add a modernized sheet of protection to a business’s network. A firewall often appears durable, but criminals can find their way through one in no time at all. The only way to battle the threat of persistent crooks is to evolve an even more stellar security system. The BroadVoice Cyber Security service is an excellent defense. This system features outbreak anticipation and deterrence, computerized diffusion checks, immediate safety updates and an all-inclusive collection of HIPAA and PCI agreements and reports.

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BroadVoice is a telephone service provider that permits customers to make or receive voice or video communications by using an internet connection. This is a modern, innovated technology that includes numerous features such as Music on Hold, E911, Online Call Management and more. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Billerica, MA, the BroadVoice service has been exceeding expectations for years.

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