Brooklyn Bedding is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality mattresses. Unlike its competitors who use memory foam that sinks when slept on and tends to hug the body, Brooklyn uses proprietary latex and poly foam. This makes the mattress firm to provide the desired support. It is highly responsive and feels like a spring mattress with each bounce experienced. You will get an amazing experience when you order the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress.

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Brooklyn Bedding has introduced the following hybrid mattresses in the market

  • #bestmattressever
  • Bowery mattress
  • Aurora mattress

The newest mattress brand is referred to as Signature and it is not so different from the others. It is comfortable and provides a soft layer to lie on, since it is firm. They are available in three firmness levels with most users preferring to explore the medium one. These brands are strong and feature the high-density poly-foam while the Signature mattress uses the pocketed coil technology that you can rely on for pressure relief. This technology is more proficient over the high-density foam. Brooklyn Bedding have designed Signature mattress as an update of the previous #bestmattressever. This article will be reviewing the latest version of Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses.


Brooklyn Bedding Mattress ReviewSignature mattress provides 11.5 inches of absolute comfort thanks to the pocketed coil technology that is complemented by foam. The company focuses on the provision of a product with cooling qualities besides the bounce. It features the following layers:

Cover. Aside from quilting the mattress with foam, Brooklyn Bedding enhances Signature’s comfort by blending cotton and polyester. These materials give it a plush softness that caresses your body as you sleep. As you sink into the mattress, your pressure will be easily relieved, not forgetting the comfort you will experience.

Comfort layer. The mattress has a 2-inch comfort layer made of proprietary TitanFlex Foam. This proprietary material is like latex and is designed to be highly responsive to pressure. This layer gives the mattress a spring-like feel that gives you a bounce as you sleep. Who wouldn’t want to rest on Signature? This layer is fitted with TitaniumGel that gives you a nice, cool sleep.

Transition layer. To transition between the comfort layer and the pocketed coil system, Brooklyn Bedding has fitted the third layer with a firmer variation of TitanFlex Foam. This gives you maximum comfort and provides support to the entire body regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Foundation layer. Otherwise known as the base layer, this 6-inch section is made of a pocketed coil system. This innovative technology gives the mattress a fantastic bounce that keeps you comfortable and allows it to get back to shape once you are out of bed. For an enhanced coolness in your sleep, the coils have been designed to accommodate spaces for aeration between them. You will no longer have to worry about temperature regulation in your sleep. Since each coil is singly wrapped, the motion on the mattress is isolated.

You will fall for Brooklyn Bedding if:

You find latex-like material in a mattress appealing: It provides a good sleeping surface that is not only durable and breathable but also has a great bounce.

You are looking for quality from the best designers and manufacturers in the globe: Brooklyn Bedding is recognized and acknowledged in the industry for their premium products and services. While there are a variety of companies to choose from based on the quality of mattresses they make, Brooklyn Bedding assures you of a comfortable, cool sleep. When their experts constructed Signature mattress, they had your needs for support in mind.

You prefer great value: One thing you should know is that Brooklyn Bedding manufactures all its mattresses and will ship them to the specified location at a good cost. Unlike the other competing brands, you are guaranteed of better deals with Brooklyn Bedding.

You dislike sleeping under high temperatures: Signature mattress is designed with a comfort layer that has TitaniumGel to give you a cool sleep. To enhance this effect, Brooklyn Bedding have incorporated the pocketed coil system whose coils improve aeration. This airflow activity regulates temperatures in and on the mattress as you lie on it. Indeed, Signature mattress is here to fulfill your desire for a comfortable, refreshing sleep.

You rely on reviews to make a valid decision on the products to acquire. All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses have many reviews with fantastic ratings. Evidently, you should search for “Brooklyn Mattress” on reliable selling platforms like Amazon and see other customers’ reviews for yourself.

You dislike high-density polyfoam: Signature mattress is designed with pocketed coils that give it a great bounce, breathability, comfort, temperature regulation, and support. Although most of the mattresses with high-density polyfoam will give you similar results, the pocketed coil technology works much better.

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You are not going to love Brooklyn Bedding if:

You find memory foam mattresses more comfortable. Memory foam mattresses are made to hug your full body as you sleep. Signature mattress is not designed with memory foam, implying that it is probably going to disappoint you. All we can advise you is, go for what your heart desires. Reading Signature’s reviews, however, will end up convincing you otherwise and you might find yourself trying this innovative brand.

You are looking for a mattress with features like whistles, bells etc. Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are creatively designed. They will not only look stylish on your bed but will provide comfort, softness, and support. What they do not have are whistles, bells, and other related attributes. If such attributes are important to you, you should consider other brands that will fulfill your need.

You prefer testing the features of the mattress before paying for it. Brooklyn Bedding sells its mattresses online only. As such, you will have to get the mattress delivered to your place to try it out. Before the shipping process, however, you will have to purchase the mattress first. Take it easy though, the company gives a 120-days trial period where you can return the mattress if it does not meet your standards. Once this is done, you are guaranteed of a full refund of the amount you paid.


Are you looking for a supportive mattress that gives you a fantastic feel while you sleep? With 10 representing the firmest, Signature mattresses score an 8.5 thanks to their utilization of pocketed coil technology. You can rely on this amazingly structured mattress to sleep on any side or position comfortably. In fact, you should check out the pressure map of Signature mattress for a visual representation of the real deal. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, back, or side, you are sorted.

Signature mattresses give you that foam comfort and an innerspring for a good bounce. This gives Signature a higher merit over the other brands designed with high-density foam of spring. For better regulation of temperatures and great responsiveness, Brooklyn Bedding features TitanFlex™, which is a variant of latex but is more elastic. The cover layer is made of soft material that makes the mattress gentler on your skin. The firmness of this latex variant gives the mattress pressure relief properties for all sleeping positions. This makes the mattress a great option for combination sleepers because they can comfortably change their sleeping positions.

The TitanFlex™ ensures proper contouring, which is excellent for your lumbar region and the coiling gives a spring feel that provides adequate support to your spine area. The pelvic girdle, shoulders, and stifles are considered the most heavy body parts. The Signature mattress will provide enough support as well as pressure relief for them. The pocketed coils and latex-like material will be ideal for stomach sleepers too. One could say that Brooklyn Bedding takes into account all the preferences of heavy sleepers.

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Transfer of motion

You may find a heavy sleeper sharing a bed with a light sleeper. This brings about the topic of motion transfer since the latter tends to change his or her sleeping positions more than the former. With Signature mattress, you will not have to worry about feeling the movement on the mattress even if you have a big pet that is on and off the bed as you sleep. Although the coiling system gives it a great bounce, the foam surrounding them in conjunction with the TitanFlex™ will absorb this shock. This gives the Brooklyn Bedding mattress a reduced motion transfer.

Unlike the conventional coiling systems, Signature mattress has all its coils separately wrapped. This means that any movement on one side of the mattress will not ricochet to the other side.

Factors to consider when buying Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

Edge support. Do you find yourself sleeping or constantly sitting on the edge of your bed? If you are, your concerns for edge support should not worry you any longer. This is because Signature mattress is fitted with an edge-to-edge pocketed coil technology. This system ensures that adequate support is provided by the foundation layer despite the compression being visible on the upper layers.

Firmness alternatives. Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are all obtainable in three alternatives: soft, medium, and hard. This means that you can purchase the mattress with the firmness you desire. In any case, if you find the version you bought too soft or too hard for your needs, the company gives you a chance to exchange it for the one you find better. This process is free of charge but you are advised to at least spend 30 nights on the mattress before making such a decision.

Alternatively, if Brooklyn Signature is not satisfactory, you can opt for a different brand from either Aurora or Bowery. After changing the brand, the firm’s representative will help you work out the difference in price. If you exchange a costlier mattress for a cheaper one, you will receive the extra money and vice versa.

If by chance you prefer the firmest mattress, you need to know that its thickness will reduce from 11.5 inches to about 10.5 inches.

Trial period allowed. Brooklyn Bedding provides you with a 120-night trial period to help you make a sound decision on whether you bought the right product or would like to change it.

Warranty. All mattress manufacturers today are forced to assure the quality and premium value of their products for the longest time possible. Brooklyn Bedding gives a 10-year warranty for all its mattresses.

Shipping. If you live in United States and would like the mattress delivered to you, the process will be done at no charge. However, if you reside in other countries like Canada, Australia etc., you can get the mattresses shipped to your doorstep at an extra charge.

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What mattress have you used from Brooklyn Bedding among the three alternatives available? What are your thoughts about its construction, firmness, and motion transfer? Feel free to share your thoughts about Brooklyn Signature Mattresses. If you like the article, please share it with your friends to keep them informed too!