You love your cat, but you don’t love the peeing and spraying your cat does outside the litter box. Cat pee belongs in a litter box—not on your carpets, floors, bed, clothes, or anywhere else in your home! However, getting a cat to pee in her litter box and only in her litter box can be a nightmare for some cat lovers. You love your cat, but all this willy-nilly peeing and spraying must stop. It’s not healthy for you and your family, and it can cost a fortune in time and money to keep cleaning up the mess and purchasing new items that have been ruined by cat pee. That’s why we’re reviewing ‘Cat Spraying No More’ by veterinary technician Sarah Richards. Let’s see if this book will help you.

About the Author

Sarah Richards is an author, but first and foremost she is an accredited veterinary technician. Since 2009, Ms. Richards has been working as a vet tech for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). As a veterinary technician, she prepares animals for surgery and works to ensure their post-operative recovery. Having worked in this field for over 10 years, particularly with the SPCA, she has seen potentially thousands of abused, mistreated, and malnourished animals. One of those animals was an abandoned tabby she named ‘Timmy.’

Why Did Sarah Richards Write ‘Cat Spraying No More’?

Timmy is Sarah Richards’ healthy, happy, and very well-loved cat. He’s contented and well-behaved. He doesn’t pee outside his litter box, and he hasn’t done so a long time. But he wasn’t always so healthy and loved. And he wasn’t always so well-behaved. In fact, Timmy was abandoned when Sarah met him–and he would pee anywhere and everywhere.

Ms. Richards tells the story of how, in 2011, a colleague brought seven cats to her attention. All of these unfortunate little kitties had been abandoned in a house where the owners had been foreclosed on due to missed payments—and they left their cats behind to fend for themselves. With no food and no way to care for themselves, these loving little animals were finally discovered by the realtor—severely malnourished, and, of course, they had been peeing and pooping all over the house. And so Timmy had no sense whatsoever of peeing in a litter box.

Sarah fell in love with the runt of the group. This little guy was so scrawny and emaciated that nearly everyone believed he would die before morning—everyone except Sarah. Her bosses agreed to allow her to adopt him, and when he was well enough to go, he went home with her and she named him ‘Timmy.’

But now Vet Tech Sarah Richards had a long, arduous road ahead of her, especially when it came to training her new little pal to pee in his litter box. Timmy was used to doing his business wherever he pleased, and so getting this little cat to pee in the litter box was a difficult task. But getting him to pee only in his litter box seemed nearly impossible. He was peeing and pooping all over Sarah’s house. She describes him peeing in corners of the house, on furniture, and even on her bed and on her clothes! In fact, it seemed he would pee anywhere except in the litter box. Month after month, her home was a disaster, as she was constantly cleaning up after her new little buddy and buying new items to replace those the cat had ruined. But she loved Timmy, and she wasn’t going to give up on him.

Then it happened…

Sarah describes that a cat-behavior specialist named Laura told her of a ‘weird but unbelievably effective trick’ that encouraged Timmy to pee in the litter box. Sarah tried it, and it worked! Apparently, this trick was so simple that Sarah was amazed at how well it worked—but work it did. This effective method had not only gotten Timmy to pee in the litter box; it had stopped him from peeing anywhere else!

Sarah was so thrilled at her new clean and pee-free life with Timmy that she decided she had to share the success of this trick with cat lovers everywhere. That’s why she wrote, and now offers, ‘Cat Spraying No More’ to all cat owners.

What Cat Lovers Will Learn With This Book

Author Sarah Richards outlines what you, as a cat lover and cat owner, will learn and be able to put into practice from her book, including:

Discover why your cat is peeing outside its litter box: Just because cats aren’t people doesn’t mean each one isn’t an individual, with likes, dislikes, preferences, and individual behaviors. This book boasts being able to help you work out why your cat pees outside his litter box in the first place. Once you know the why, the how becomes much simpler. It will also help you to decide if your cat peeing outside the litter box is simply a behavioral issue, or if there may be something more serious going on, perhaps requiring a vet visit.

Save money on cleaning supplies: Cats peeing outside their litter boxes can be expensive! The cost of purchasing endless cleaning supplies and replacing ruined items is so high that some people decide cat ownership just isn’t worth it.

Reduce the stress you and your family are experiencing: You try to create a happy home for you and your family, but a cat that pees anywhere can cause huge amounts of stress. When your cat finally learns to pee only in her litter box, those stress levels decrease; they can even be eliminated altogether. You can finally leave your house without having to worry about what your cat is doing while you’re gone.

Create safe and effective herbal remedies to stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box: You’ll learn a special mix of herbs that work as a repellent to stop your cat from peeing in unwanted areas of your home.

#1 rule cat owners need to know: This book provides information regarding the ‘#1 rule’ you need to know when setting up your cat’s litter box.

What not to do: It’s not only important to know what to do; it’s important to know what not to do when dealing with your cat peeing all over your house.

And, finally, the bottom line—time-tested methods to get your cat to use her litter box: Learn to stop your cat from spraying and peeing outside her litter box once and for all with a ‘professionally created, proven system’ that works no matter how long the problem has been going on or how bad it has become.

Does it Really work?

Let’s see what cat owners who’ve used its techniques are saying about ‘Cat Spraying No More.’

Barbara from the UK says, “I tried everything to try to encourage him to wee in the litter tray but nothing I did worked – until a friend showed me your website! I am so grateful for the work you have put in here, Sarah. Your techniques have worked amazingly well. My cat hasn’t weed outside the litter box for weeks now. Long may it continue!”

Shelley from Florida writes that the horrible smell caused by her cat constantly peeing and spraying throughout the house made her parents decide it was time to give away her beloved cat. Then Shelley found Sarah’s website. She informed her mom, who told her if it didn’t work the cat was going. Thankfully, Sarah’s methods were effective. Shelley goes on to say that the methods were easy enough to implement, and just a couple months later her cat isn’t going outside the litter box at all.

Beverley from New Jersey states that she had received all sorts of counsel from experts regarding what to do about her cat’s constant peeing outside his litter box, but nothing worked until she tried Sarah’s proven methods that were ‘cheap and easy to implement.’

Is There Anything Else Included?

The author also offers several bonuses with her book, including:

  • Cat Training Bible: A comprehensive eBook that contains all you need to know to train your cat
  • Pet Medical Recorder Software: Software that will help you keep track of your cat’s important treatment and medical records
  • 101 Recipes for a Healthy Cat: A collection of recipes for those cat owners who enjoy pampering their pets with homemade meals and goodies
  • The Cat Care Blueprint: Includes expert guidance on such topics as visiting the vet, grooming, cat vaccinations, and more.

About The Guarantee

Apparently, the author is so confident that her techniques will work for you and your kitty that she is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. If ‘Cat Spraying No More’ does not work on your cat, you pay nothing. If you’re not 100% satisfied, or even if you just change your mind—for any reason—“every single penny” will be refunded to you. There’s no financial risk for you to test the techniques in this product on your beloved kitty-cat.

Is There Anything Negative About This Book?

The bad news is this—yes, there are negatives to ‘Cat Spraying No More.’ The good news is that they can all be overcome—some very easily, others not as easily.

  • Patience: Let’s get the biggest ‘con’ out of the way first. The most negative component of ‘Cat Spraying No More’ is that you must have patience. Like training a dog, training your cat takes time and it takes patience. The great news here is that with a little effort, a little more patience, and a lot of love, you and your cat can achieve exactly what this book promises to deliver—a home free of cat spraying anywhere except in the litter box. Of course, you’ve already got the ‘lots of love’ part down, right?
  • Online only: This ‘negative’ about this product is easily overcome because it is readily available online.

Our Conclusions

In reviewing ‘Cat Spraying No More,’ it has become clear that this product works—but only if you work it. It’s like going to the gym; if you do it consistently, you’ll lose weight and get in shape, but you have to do the work. Thankfully, this product is not cost prohibitive, especially considering all the bonuses included and the guarantee offered by the author. But the best news is that many cat owners who have used the techniques in the book tout that they work—their homes are now free of cat pee everywhere but in the litter box.