As millions of people end up having to learn the hard way, paying with blood and often their lives, most of our streets are no longer safe. While one could spend their days longing for bygone eras before violent street criminals roamed around, smart individuals realize that the world has changed, and they take steps to guard themselves against that criminal element.

This is where John Black’s Combat Fighter system comes into play. Man or woman, young or old, skilled or inexperienced, this is a combat fighting system that aims to train individuals how to not only engage in combat, but to actually win.

Of course, we all know that every program out there claims that it works and that it can teach you how to do anything. So before anyone decides to pony up the money necessary to purchase such a program, the first step is to decide if it works. So let’s go over Combat Fighter to see what’s what.

What is Combat Fighter?

The name of the program in question is Combat Fighter, created by John Black. With years of combat and fighting experience, Black decided to teach his techniques in order to train people to protect themselves. This is not a martial arts program. The program is geared entirely toward street hand-to-hand combat, and it utilizes points on the body that can cause partial or permanent paralysis.

In other words, this is a program that aims to teach individuals how to cripple and debilitate opponents during a street encounter. Combat Fighter does emphasize, however, that this is strictly for self-defense. It is not a program that’s sold to teach people how to be bullies or instigators; it’s all about having the tools necessary to defend yourself should you be placed in a life or death situation in real life.

Tens of thousands of people are injured and killed in the United States of America alone because they were attacked unprovoked in the streets by a perpetrator or a group of people trying to predate on them. To steal money, gang initiations, and just random acts of violence are incidents that are happening all over the place, and Combat Fighter aims to give you the tools to protect yourself against such violence.

What Combat Fighter Teaches

Combat Fighter is all about teaching techniques that work to render opponents incapacitated regardless of size or stature. Users are encouraged to hit the gym and build mass, however, if only for strength and stamina. Learning combat techniques, John Black emphasizes, is for life threatening situations. In such situations, being physically and mentally fit is key to survival.

This also is not a boxing program, or any sort of hand-to-hand, pugilist fighting techniques. The author really emphasizes the concept of pain here. So if you can picture a scenario where you’re accosted by street thugs, you’re not being taught to fight better than they fight. You’re not being taught how to win a fight by punching your opponents more. You’re being taught to apply physical pain to your opponents and to cause paralysis in their bodies, which will incapacitate them and allow you to escape.

You’re not being taught to maim, to kill, or even to “beat up” your opponents, so to speak. You’re being taught to survive a street encounter by debilitating your opponent(s). To that end, Combat Fighter teaches you techniques such as:

  • Central Line Strike: A technique to defeat an opponent quickly during an attack.
  • Blitz Blast: A destructive ability that will shock an opponent quickly.
  • Force Hijack: A balanced technique, using an opponent’s own weight against them.
  • Surgical Attack: An offensive maneuver that incapacitates your opponent.
  • One on Drone: A simplistic technique designed to give you the upper hand in a fight.
  • Sharpening Point: Tilting points that can be utilized to debilitate your opponent.
  • Third Eye: Developing the awareness of your opponent(s) to stay on guard.
  • Advanced Situational Awareness (bonus): Learn awareness for every situation.
  • The Alpha Survival Manual (bonus): How to survive in the modern world.
  • The Alpha Nation (bonus): Access to an online coaching community for survival.

Combat Fighter teaches a wide range of techniques. Understand, however, that these methods all range in skill level. For instance, while some of these methods work well for people who are just beginning the program, others will require you to work a lot harder to develop the skills necessary to put into action the methods that you learn.

One of the best things about this program is that you also get a few free gifts with it. The Advanced Situational Awareness bonus is great for understanding your surroundings at all times, while the Alpha Survival Manual can help you carry yourself better and actually avoid conflict. However, the most invaluable gift you can receive is the Alpha Nation online community, where you can get coaching to help you better advance at the program.

Does Combat Fighter Work?

One thing you have to realize about the Combat Fighter system is that it’s an online system. So before you purchase it thinking that you’re going to get sets of DVDs and other materials, the fact is that you’re only going to be able to use it via an Internet connection. However, this does have its advantages, especially in today’s high-tech world. This means you can stream it on your mobile device to take it with you anywhere, like the gym; or you can use it at home by streaming on your television.

That being said, the effectiveness of a program like this is typically proportional to the effort the user is willing to put in. In other words, this isn’t some book of incantations that is going to magically teach you how to win a fight by just reading a few sentences. Like anything of this nature, it’s all about studying, training and repetition.

So to get the true effectiveness out of this program, what you want to do is read and study about a particular move, and put that into practice, again and again, until you master it. With a program of this nature, you cannot simply learn about one technique and move on to the next. In a similar vein to a lifestyle diet program, this is about changing for the long term, so you’re going to want to practice repeatedly on each move until you master it.

Users who follow the program the way it was intended to be used seem to be very thrilled with the results. The Internet is full of real testimonials from real people whose lives have been saved, and fights have been won, using this program.

The Intended Audience of Combat Fighter

Combat Fighter is a unisex program that’s great for anyone who’s an adult. If you’re out of shape, the great thing about this program is that you can actually use it as an exercise routine that packs in a few more benefits than just simply helping you to get into shape. As we mentioned, this is much more like a lifestyle-changing program that you’re going to be using for a long time, not just a quick study course.

Though, more to the point, if you live in a dangerous city, if you have to walk alone at night, if you keep valuables on you, etc, the sad truth is that you’re a potential target of violence. With this program, you can effectively learn how to turn the tables on your opponent and quickly win in a street brawl.

The idea also is not to simply out-punch your opponents. If someone happens to mess with you on the street, in an alley, etc, you will learn how to use certain moves and techniques to entirely incapacitate your opponents. You can strike them in a certain way that will cause momentarily paralysis. The idea here, of course, is to get the upper hand and stop the attack, not to beat your opponent silly for daring to attempt to assault you.

This is one of the things that makes the program so good. It’s not a martial art. It’s not MMA training. It’s not about going through some belt system in a karate class. It’s about learning moves that will render your attackers motionless, so you can subdue them and wait for the police, or escape from the situation with your life. Therefore, this is great for anyone to use, to have these tips handy, but especially helpful for people who live a sort of at-risk lifestyle when they’re out in public.

Pros and Cons of Combat Fighter

Like any program, even the best in history, there are positive aspects and negative aspects. Luckily for everyone thinking about checking out the Combat Fighter system, the positive benefits do seem to outweigh the negatives, which is a good thing.

So here are some pros and cons of the program.


  • Developed by real-life action and people who have used these techniques
  • All users get an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee on the program
  • A comprehensive program that really helps you learn and explore myriad techniques
  • Simple to begin acquiring the life-saving moves to put into action
  • A lot of evidence that this is a practical program that truly works


  • You’d have to incorporate this into a real training routine to get the best results
  • It takes a lot of repetition to master the moves
  • Only available online, not offline

Combat Fighter: Conclusion

One of the biggest takeaways from Combat Fighter is that it’s really nothing at all like those other self-defense programs on the market. While this markets itself as a survival strategy guide, keep in mind that this program doesn’t make those lofty promises that convince you that you’ll be fighting like Bruce Lee in weeks and defeating every opponent.

Instead, Combat Fighter takes more of an approach of necessity. In other words, this isn’t a program that teaches people how to roam the streets and win fights. Rather, it’s a program that teaches you how to be aware of your surroundings, to spot trouble, and to properly defend your life if and when the situation dictates that.

Not only is this approach more practical for people in everyday life, but it’s also more moral than other systems. Knowing how to incapacitate your opponents and to render them motionless are techniques used to save your life, not to take theirs, so it’s not an offensive guide to helping you be a tougher fighter.

To that end, you’ll learn a lot of different defense techniques with Combat Fighter, along with learning about pressure points that will cause partial paralysis. You’ll also pick up free gifts with this program, one of which gives you access to online forums that you can utilize to speak with real people who also use the program, and coaches of the program who can help you better learn the techniques.

Overall, this seems to be one of the more effective self-defense combat programs available on the market today.