Daily Burn is a fitness streaming service that gives you access to workout video and audio that you can stream on your phone, computer, tablet, or wifi connected television. Daily Burn users have the option to follow a planned sequence of classes, or choose individual workouts based on their personal preferences.

The name “DailyBurn” reflects a unique feature of the service which is that there is a new class released every day of the year. Users can “tune in” for the class and since it is a first-time experience for everyone the comments section is an authentic social experience with all of the other DailyBurn users. The new daily class is just one of many that users can choose from.

The DailyBurn classes and programs include cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates, martial arts, and barre. There are options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels.

The fitness videos provide verbal instructions and a “group fitness” feel that allow you to watch the form and technique for each exercise and provide a sense of camaraderie. DailyBurn’s audio workouts are audio-only tracks that guide you through a workout like outdoor running, yoga, pilates, and meditation.

Social integrations provide some interaction with other users for a group fitness feel. There is also an active “Community” page where users can ask questions and get advice from other users. The daily workouts include a stream of comments from users that is very active.

You can sign up for the service online at dailyburn.com.

Daily Burn Pricing

DailyBurn offers a free 30-day trial for all new users. Then there are four different monthly or annual options to choose from after the trial period ends. The “Basic” subscription is either $14.95 per month or $125.95 per year. “Premium” subscription is either $19.95 per month or $149.95 per year. The annual option for either the “Basic” or “Premium” level is a total savings of $4.46 per month or $53.52 per year. Both subscriptions give access to all workout program sequences, a new class every day, nutritional support, and the DailyBurn community. The “Premium” plans also offer audio workouts, access to the full library of past daily workouts, and exclusive content.

DailyBurn vs. The Competition

DailyBurn competes with traditional gyms and other streaming services to help you get fit.

The average gym membership costs $54 a month. If you like the social aspect of a gym or use cardio or weightlifting equipment then there is really no comparison. When it comes to group fitness classes, however, you would be hard pressed to find a gym that offers as many options as DailyBurn.

There are other streaming fitness services that are under $10 a month like Amazon Channels or Gaia.

There is also YouTube which is free and has many options for streaming fitness instruction. The main drawback of YouTube is that there is not a structured program to follow and the classes are not curated for you like they are with a service like DailyBurn.

How to Get a Great Workout with DailyBurn

The key to achieving your fitness goals and/or maintaining a healthy body is consistency. The DailyBurn model is effective in that regard because it has easy-to-follow programs that show you progress and mix up your workouts so you do not get bored.

To actually see results with DailyBurn you should take some time to think about your fitness goals first. Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want more muscle or tone?

8 Reasons to Try DailyBurn Streaming Fitness

  1. You are tired of paying for a gym membership when you only ever do group fitness.
  2. You like the idea of a personal trainer without the high price tag.
  3. You need a fitness routine that works around your schedule.
  4. You travel but want the continuity of the same instructor or program.
  5. You think YouTube’s fitness videos are too random.
  6. You want a streaming fitness service that gives you lots of different types of workouts.
  7. You don’t really know where to start – total noob.
  8. You get bored easily and need lots of variety in your workouts.

The Upsides of DailyBurn

There are several “pros” of the DailyBurn platform that make it a preferred choice over some of its streaming competitors and traditional gyms.

  • It is affordable: At around $20 a month or less, DailyBurn is more affordable than most gyms. While it is more expensive than some of its streaming competitors, the quality and variety of the content does justify the cost.
  • You get to try out trendy fitness options: One thing that’s really great about DailyBurn is that they create programs around many of the hottest fitness trends so you can try them out. They offer things like HIIT classes, barre classes, and metabolic conditioning classes that are consistent with recent fitness trends and research. Best of all, you can get a month of unlimited these kinds of DailyBurn for less than the cost of one session or class at a boutique gym. There is even a class for pregnant women to stay active during their pregnancy.
  • You can have a comprehensive routine: A concept called the Performance Triad was developed to keep soldiers in peak physical and mental condition. It includes a prescribed routine of rest, physical activity, and nutrition to optimize health. The idea is that you have to have a holistic approach to get optimal physical results. DailyBurn offers that.There are workouts for developing physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and balance and flexibility so that your body looks and works its best.  There are also different styles of classes to deliver each result. For example, for strength training you have options ranging from “Tactical Bodyweight Training” which uses bodyweight-only movements, to “Inferno” where you use weights and challenge muscles to failure, to “Pilates Phase One” which executes precise calisthenic movements for targeted toning. The point being, it is not “one size fits all.” There is something for everyone. As for nutrition and rest, there are options with DailyBurn, too. Programs like “Daily Burn Mobility” and “Yoga Fundamentals” are perfect for improving flexibility and giving tired muscles and joints a break. DailyBurn’s nutritional guidance helps you understand how to plan and time your meals and has many whole food recipes targeted at providing a healthy macronutrient balance.
  • There is lots of customization.: One of the best features of DailyBurn is the ability to choose a specific workout based on 1) your fitness level, 2) the amount of time that you have for a workout, and 3) the type of workout you want to do. Under the “Workouts” tab you can toggle your settings for Duration, Difficulty, and Pace – even the instructors you like best – and DailyBurn will pull up the workout that fits in your parameters. It is a very nice feature to have that type of intelligent customization for you on-demand.
  • About that nutritional info…: One of the really great features of DailyBurn is a catalog of healthy recipes. Just like the customized class selection, you can toggle recipes based on the number of calories, dietary restrictions, ingredients, and prep time to quickly find a healthy recipe.

The Drawbacks of DailyBurn

DailyBurn is not for everyone. There are a few “cons” to consider.

  • There are cheaper streaming services.: DailyBurn is on the pricier side of today’ streaming services. If you are really pinching pennies there are plenty of alternatives that are less expensive or free.
  • You are working out alone.: This could be a pro or a con. The pro side of this is that because DailyBurn is a streaming service you can work out any time, anywhere. There is no limits on it so you have more flexibility to stick with a workout schedule. The drawback is that you do not have a place to go or people who know you when you show up to work out. This could be easily overcome by having a DailyBurn workout buddy that you meet up with to do the streaming workouts. That would give you the best of both worlds – flexibility and accountability.
  • Most of the workouts are high-impact.: If you have joint issues or need a low-impact workout for other reasons your options would be pretty limited with DailyBurn. If you know what you are doing you can modify most of the classes, but there is nothing specifically geared toward strength or cardio conditioning for people who need a low-impact workout and are not beginners.
  • The community is a virtual one.: If you prefer your community in 3-D then DailyBurn – or any streaming fitness service – is not going to do much for you. Go analog and get thee to a gym or boutique fitness class.

The Bottom Line

Overall, DailyBurn is a great platform that provides a diverse set of fitness programs. The streaming service is flexible by nature and lets you work your fitness routine around your schedule. Once you figure out which classes and instructors you like best, they are at your access 24/7. That kinds of accessibility is a nice perk that beats the gym’s group fitness schedule, and since the classes are sequential and program based it beats YouTube as well.

If you try DailyBurn use their prompts for your goals and preferences at signup to get pointed in the right direction. The system makes pretty intelligent recommendations with the information provided, but you are never locked into just one thing. If you try one program and don’t care for it after 2-3 classes you can easily switch over to another. You can also follow multiple programs at once, like a cardio, strength, and yoga sequence, so you can mix it up even more.

The variety of classes and functionality alone is well worth $20 a month in our estimation. The entire system is designed to help keep you on track and progressing through different programs so that your body is challenged and your mind is engaged. The upsides of not having to go to the gym or rush to a group fitness class at a certain time are also major benefits.

Fitness is all about consistency, and with a typical gym routine or even activities like jogging it is easy to get bored. DailyBurn’s program-based setup is nice because you get new/different workouts in a strategic order and you also get to observe your progress through a program. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can keep you motivated to keep going and looking forward to the next fitness challenge.