The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is a mattress that boasts the use of premium, quality materials and a state of the art design. It promises to be an incredible sleep and a good long-term investment. But does the DreamCloud live up to the hype? In order to understand what makes the DreamCloud unique, one must first understand how the hybrid mattress compares to other mattresses.

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What is a Hybrid Mattress?

DreamCloud Mattress ReviewsAs the name suggests, a hybrid is a mattress that fuses the good qualities of other types of mattresses. Usually, this means a combination of the coils in innerspring mattresses and the materials used in springless mattresses, such as memory foam or natural latex.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a hybrid because it combines several key elements of both styles of mattress. Spring coils help give the mattress its shape and keep it sturdy while also providing solid body contouring support and a desirable amount of bounciness. The memory foam, on the other hand, provides comfort for the sleeper by cradling and enveloping the body all night long. In addition to memory foam, the DreamCloud mattress also utilizes natural latex in its design.

DreamCloud Mattress would be a good fit for you if:

You need temperature control – DreamCloud is designed to reduce heat retention and keep you cool through the night.

You need a lot of support – DreamCloud’s numerous layers of reinforced support are ideal for anyone with chronic pain or long-term injuries.

You like to be all natural – The DreamCloud features a plethora of all natural materials, including cashmere and natural latex.

DreamCloud Mattress would not be suitable for you if:

You don’t support animal products – The cashmere in the DreamCloud’s top layer comes from the wool of goats.

You are on a budget – While the DreamCloud is more affordable than other luxury mattresses, it still holds a considerable price tag.

You like a soft or firm mattress – The DreamCloud falls as a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium firmness mattress.

The Structure of the DreamCloud

To understand what makes the DreamCloud mattress unique, the structure of the mattress must be looked at carefully. How is the model built and what about it is different from other hybrid mattresses? The Dreamcloud mattress is made of eight distinct layers each with a different purpose.

Top Layer – The top layer of the DreamCloud mattress is a two-inch thick, hand-tufted layer of cashmere. Hand-tufted mattresses are often superior to their counterparts as tufting the mattress by hand makes them firmer and more supportive of the sleeper. In addition, hand-tufting makes the mattress more stable and helps it hold up to wear over time. The cashmere material is a natural fiber material that is considered incredibly luxurious due to the uniquely soft feel. The use of cashmere in bed mattresses is beneficial because it’s natural, breathable, and resistant to bed bugs.

Layer 2 – The next layer of the DreamCloud mattress is made of Gel Infused Memory Foam, about half an inch thick. Memory foam is a popular material for mattresses for a few reasons. First, it’s firm and supportive, which helps to reduce sleeplessness and morning aches and pains. Second, the memory foam material prevents motion transfer when one partner shifts around on the bed or gets out of it.

The downside of the traditional memory foam material, however, is that the dense foam often retains and stores heat, making the sleeper too hot over the course of the night. Gel-infused memory foam, on the other hand, is the solution for this problem. Gel-infused memory foam is exactly what the name suggests, a layer of memory foam that has been mixed with some sort of gel. The benefits of memory foam are retained while the gel keeps the mattress from becoming hot and, in fact, usually has a cooling effect.

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Layer 3 – Almost two inches of quilted memory foam makes up the third layer and the second comfort layer. The quilted design of the memory foam in this layer is unique to DreamCloud and is designed to support the body and reduce pressure.

Layer 4 – This layer is compromised of half an inch of natural latex. Natural latex, which is hypoallergenic, is used in mattresses for many reasons. Latex is an incredibly supportive material that conforms to the body and keeps the spine aligned throughout the night while cushioning many areas of the body that create pressure points. It also provides a good amount of bounce, making it easier for the sleeper to shift and move around on the bed comfortably. In addition, natural latex is resistant to mold, mildew, and mites.

Layer 5 – The fifth layer is the last comfort layer before the support layers take over. A quarter inch of high-density memory foam helps to give the mattress another touch of body contouring to keep the body supported and comfortable throughout the night.

Layer 6 – Next, half an inch of an even denser memory foam acts as a transition layer between the top, comfort portion of the mattress and the bottom support portion. It also acts as a buffer for the coils that make up the body of the mattress.

Layer 7 – The second to last layer of the mattress is the thickest layer and the most important. This layer makes up the body of the mattress in the form of eight inches of microcoil springs. Microcoil springs are significantly smaller and lighter than the average coils in a spring mattress. While the typical innerspring coils are at least six inches tall, microcoils can range from one inch to four. The smaller coils make the bed more comfortable as the lighter material is softer and smoother. The microcoils in the DreamCloud mattress are packed into five different zones for targeted body support and sealed inside casings made of foam, which makes the coils difficult to detect when the sleeper lays on them.

Layer 8 – The final layer is used to bolster the coils and give the mattress its stability. The one and a half inch thick foundation of the DreamCloud mattress is made of high-density foam which cradles the body, helps keep the spine aligned, and supports the sleeper in any position.

What Makes the DreamCloud Luxurious?

Cashmere – Cashmere is considered one of the most luxurious materials available today. The use of cashmere in mattresses is considered highly luxurious due to the expense and rarity of the material. DreamCloud features cashmere in its design not just because of its softness, but also because it is breathable and strong and naturally resistant to bed bugs.

Natural Latex – The natural latex used in mattresses is a completely natural material that is cultivated from rubber trees. Similarly to cashmere, natural latex is considered a luxury item because of the quality of the material and the rarity of it due to how its harvested and processed. In addition, it is a completely natural material which carries a higher price tag as a result.

Workmanship – By far, the most luxurious aspect of the DreamCloud mattress is the quality of the workmanship that goes into it. The design of the mattress is unique and the attention to detail greatly improves the condition. Hand-tufting the uppermost cashmere layer ensures that the mattress is strong and stable for years to come. Similarly, the reinforced edges on the sides of the mattress may seem like a minor bonus, but they help the mattress to keep its shape over repeated uses. In addition, the novel five-zone layout of the microcoils solves many of the traditional problems that come with using springs.

A Note on Off-Gassing

Many people who are looking to buy either true memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses are concerned with off-gassing. Off-gassing often occurs in mattresses containing memory foam because chemicals are sometimes added to the foam during processing. These chemicals break down in the form of gas, releasing a distinct odor. Off-gassing can be both annoying and harmful to a person’s health.

The DreamCloud mattress, however, is Certi-Pur verified, meaning they are made without the added chemicals that result in off-gassing. This means that while the DreamCloud does feature memory foam, it produces little to no off-gassing.

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Additional Perks

Trial Period – Purchasing the DreamCloud mattress comes with a free 365-night sleep trial. During the year-long trial period, dissatisfied customers can return the mattress or exchange it in the event of damage during the shipping process. If the DreamCloud is being returned, the company will send someone to remove the mattress from the customer’s home. The cost of shipping and handling will also be covered by the company if the return takes place in the 365 night trial period. Comparatively, similar luxury models offer no free trial while most non-luxury models offer an average trial period of 100 nights.

Warranty – While most mattresses in the luxury market come with warranties that last only 10 years, each DreamCloud mattress comes with a warranty guaranteed to last a lifetime. With the warranty, a damaged or defective DreamCloud mattress can be returned to the company to either be repaired or replaced with a new mattress.

During the first 10 years of the warranty, the company will waive the shipping and handling fees required to send the mattress back. After 10 years, the company will charge a flat shipping fee of $100. That money will be returned, however, if the mattress is found to be defective. Defects included in the warranty are one and a half inch or deeper sagging in the surface of the mattress and any physical flaw that causes any of the mattress materials to split open or crack.

If the DreamCloud is repaired or replaced, the new mattress will fall under the same warranty and will be subject to the same terms.

Price – The DreamCloud mattress is a much more affordable option than many of the other luxury hybrid mattresses on the market. A queen-sized DreamCloud mattress retails for $1,599 ($1399 with the SHOP200 $200 off discount). Other luxury hybrid mattresses with the same thickness, fifteen inches, and similar materials, retail anywhere from $3,500 to over $6,000. The price of the DreamCloud mattress is closer to that of a non-luxury hybrid with a much smaller thickness, eleven to thirteen inches, and cheaper, artificial materials.

Shipping – Shipping for the DreamCloud is convenient. The mattress is compressed and shipped directly to the customer’s home through FedEx. The average customer will receive their mattress within five business days of purchase. Because the DreamCloud mattress can be heavy, with larger models weighing as much as 109 pounds, DreamCloud offers a service called White Glove delivery. With White Glove delivery, employees from the company will come to the customer’s home to assemble the mattress for a fee of $169. The service also includes removal and disposal of packaging waste and shipping materials. White Glove services are also provided in the event that the mattress needs to be replaced or removed.

The Bottom Line

Everything about the design of the DreamCloud seems to indicate that it will be a comfortable and long-lasting mattress that will benefit the sleeper for years to come, and for a fraction of the price of most luxury mattresses. The use of quality, natural materials makes it a top choice when it comes to purchasing a mattress that will be good for the sleeper’s health. The DreamCloud mattress really is the height of luxury hybrid mattresses.

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