The author of the innovative and dynamic eBook, Easy Cellar, Tom Griffith, is a nuclear safeguards inspector who, at the age of 60, has valuable knowledge and insight about protecting you and your family during a local, regional or nationwide disaster. This intriguing yet highly practical book reveals a secret building technique from a wounded war veteran who lost one leg during military service. This unique method prepares anyone to construct a combination root cellar and safety bunker within the amazingly short time of just one week without spending a fortune or performing hard labor.

When your cellar is completed, you will have greater peace of mind knowing that you have created a secret fortress where you and your entire household can seek safety. As the author explains, you and your loved ones can be well sheltered if dangerous or life-threatening events occur, including local power outages and looting, tornadoes, hurricanes and even catastrophic nuclear blasts and fallout. Your cellar-bunker will be designed to keep your food supplies safe, unspoiled and ready for use, if needed, without the use of electricity.

Major Purpose of this Innovative Cellar Design and Method of Disaster Survival

This fascinating program for survival educates nationwide and global residents of towns and suburban or rural areas about what is needed to survive a major disaster, whether it is natural or man-made. As the author of this book and program, Tom has tested this survival method for effectiveness under the worst of conditions. Children can follow many of the instructions and practices in this book along with adults. Following the essential steps of this program may be a virtual lifesaver for you and your family if disastrous events should occur.

This ingenious plan gives readers the preparations needed to survive dangerous or life-threatening occurrences with a streamlined stock of resources. This informative guide reveals methods of preserving food and beverages throughout the year for use during unexpected emergencies. By comparing modern daily life to the lives of our ancestors, who survived dangerous conditions without the aid of advanced technology, Tom instructs us as his readers about how to use age-old practicality to get us through potentially disastrous events and conditions.

A step-by-step instructional video is included with this survival guide. The eBook guide offers 15 natural remedies for radiation exposure if a nuclear catastrophe should occur. Included in the book are the vital nutrients that are necessary for maintaining active bodily energy levels in emergency conditions. Once your cellar-bunker is built and stocked with survival foods, beverages and other supplies, you will be prepared to withstand life-endangering scenarios such as blizzards, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wars.

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, major flood or damaging storm will knock out electrical power. Yet once your secure cellar is completed and ready for use in your backyard, you will not need refrigeration or electric lights for survival in your cellar. Constructing your own cellar for shelter is also helpful for keeping stored fresh produce from spoiling, just as your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents made use of a root cellar for preserving foods.

Valuable Knowledge and Insights Offered by This Survival Guide

Especially since many countries have detonated nuclear devices with success during the last few decades, it is best to be prepared for any potentially dangerous and harmful events in the near future. This comprehensive yet simple, easy to follow guide will enable you to select the best location on your property to build your nuclear shelter and refuge from danger.

Essential information that you will gain from this valuable guide includes vital input on the following subjects:

  • Cost-efficient cellar building techniques without the need for professional experience.
  • Methods of shielding your cellar-bunker from blasts and fallout.
  • Ways to hide your safe survival haven from curious eyes.
  • Essential life support advice and information.
  • How to stock supplies in your bunker to live safely for three months or longer.
  • The secrets to using an age-old method of storing large amounts of water for long-term, safe and healthy use.
  • Fifteen natural treatments for radiation exposure for use in your underground bunker environment.

Essential Content of the Simple Cellar Building Guide

The essential content of this beneficial security cellar guide includes the following primary topics and advice:

Section 1: Choosing the Ideal Location. Finding the best place on your home property to build your cellar-bunker will provide you and your family with the highest levels of safety and protection during a natural or man-made disaster. It will also simplify the construction process for you. When planning your bunker construction, remember that you will also need to construct direct passages from your house to your bunker. These passages must also be skillfully designed and built to ensure their safety.

Section 2: Designing Your Shelter. After selecting your bunker location, the next step is to determine the size of your envisioned root cellar. You should start with a carefully decided layout for your cellar shelter. It should be spacious enough for your entire family or household to gather and comfortably remain for an indefinite period of time. All motorized, automatic or digital devices or equipment must be designed for powering or recharging by battery, including any heating, cooling, cooking or lighting equipment.

Section 3: Excavate the Shelter Hole. Unless you are an experienced builder, you will most likely need a building and excavating expert with the necessary heavy equipment to dig your bunker hole. If digging a hole for a small size cellar, you and several family members or friends may be able to perform the work with use of sturdy shovels. Digging the hole without hiring help will also be cost-effective. Remember that a shallow bunker will give you only limited protection from serious blasts and resulting radiation, so dig a deep, spacious hole.

Section 4: Installing the Roof. After the excavation of your cellar-bunker hole is completed, you must make plans for a strong, reliable roof that will last for long-term use, possibly under hazardous conditions. You and your builder, if you are working with a construction professional, must decide between the use of wooden or concrete roofing supports. This section discusses options for roof support designed to withstand the large-scale blast of a nuclear attack and the resulting life-threatening fallout.

Section 5: Constructing the Walls. You can choose from a variety of materials to construct your bunker walls, according to your preferences, needs and spending budget for the project. With the help of this guide’s advice, you will be prepared to select the best building materials to satisfy your needs for a sturdy, lasting cellar construction. You can avoid costly mistakes by heeding the advice in this section and selecting the ideal building supplies for a secure shelter structure.

Section 6: Finishing the Walls and Beginning the Roof. This part of the cellar construction process discusses various wall finishes. Your bunker walls must be as strong as possible to last over time and protect you and your household from any potential nuclear blast and its aftermath. This section also includes a clear, concise step-by-step plan for the DIY installation of a staircase for your underground shelter. It also offers further information about the installation of roof supports for your protective cellar.

Section 7: Designing and Building the Roof. This phase of the guide gives detailed information, advice and instructions for planning and constructing the bunker roof. By following these steps, you will select the ideal roofing materials and installation method to ensure a secure, protective roof over your head during any harsh tropical storm, hurricane, tornado, flood or potential nuclear blast and fallout.

Section 8: Constructing the Bathroom. To make your bunker a complete, healthy living environment, you need to include a well-constructed bathroom with a toilet, basin and bath or shower for use during both short and long-term stays in your bunker. Poor hygiene among bunker inhabitants can result in the development of infections and illnesses. This section discusses the simplest and most practical ways of building your underground bunker bathroom and maintaining good quality sanitation.

Section 9: Ensuring Adequate Ventilation. Adequate ventilation in an underground bunker is essential. Obviously, you cannot just open a door or window to admit fresh air from outside. Even if your bunker could safely include an opening to the outside world through a duct and piping in its roof, you and everyone in your shelter could be exposed to harmful toxic fumes or lethal radiation from fallout after a nuclear blast. This section will reveal special ways of ventilating your bunker without creating hazardous health conditions.

Sections 10: 11 and 12: In Section 10, you will learn the best uses for the large heap of soil that is left from excavating your underground shelter hole. Section 11 gives excellent advice for choosing your bunker supplies, including the recommended foods, water and emergency stock inventory needed for extended stays in your shelter. In Section 12, you will find valuable advice for surviving a natural disaster or long-term nuclear attack in your sturdy, protective cellar-bunker.

Main Advantages and Disadvantages of this Unique Cellar Construction Program for Homeowners

Pros and cons of using this innovative cellar-bunker shelter to protect your family or household members during a natural disaster or man-created catastrophe include the following:


  • This detailed guide for building a safe, sturdy, protective underground bunker to shield your family from the devastation of a natural disaster or nuclear blast and fallout is unique in its building methods and short building time required.
  • This disaster survival guide for the design and construction of a sturdy, safe underground bunker as a protective shelter for you and your household recommends the use of cost-effective materials for complying with any spending budget, and the guide itself is very reasonably priced.
  • This cellar construction guide is simply written and easy to follow, and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise with use of this program.


  • This unique guide for disaster survival shelter construction is only available online as a digital program for purchasing and downloading.

Conclusion: Purpose and Power of the Easy Cellar Program from Author Tom Griffith

The author wrote this eBook and program to provide homeowners today with the option of building a cost-efficient, old-style root cellar and modern bunker combined for use as a backyard underground shelter. This bunker is designed to protect the homeowner and family or household members from serious harm during the occurrence of a natural disaster or man-created catastrophe like a nuclear blast and the resulting radioactive fallout.

This innovative guide gives step-by-step advice and instructions for completing your cellar-bunker within one week after receiving the Easy Cellar program. As the program guide explains, after an EMP or solar storm, following a hurricane or tornado, or in the aftermath of a nuclear blast and resulting fallout, there will be no electric power. However, you will not need an electric stove and refrigerator or electric lighting system when you and your family are secure inside your protective bunker. In this simple structure, you will have basic battery-powered devices and everything needed to survive safely for many days and even weeks to come.