There are many options for the best mattress thanks to a proliferation of materials and companies. Eco Terra is a newer brand that has recently arrived on the scene and is ready to make their mark through online sales. Like many other companies, Eco Terra sells just one kind of mattress and they use latex as their primary material, but we will get into that later. This post will provide a complete review of the Eco Terra mattress.

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As mentioned above, Eco Terra has chosen to use latex. Inside the latex are many fabric-encased coils for springiness and response. The coils are deep enough that they cannot be felt individually, but when combined they will create a mattress feel that is medium or medium-firm depending on what you order. The latex is 100 percent natural. Please note that if you have a latex allergy, then you should consider a different mattress.

Eco Terra Mattress Review

The fabric itself is organic cotton. It uses a pinstripe weave for some visual flair. On top is an upper layer of foam that provides insulation and a soft surface, although this is not memory foam. This foam contains polyurethane. It is possible to order a unit without the foam if you prefer to avoid polyurethane, but this will lead to a mattress that does not feel as soft and does not conform to your body as well. The coils inside the cotton wrapping are powerful enough to mute the waves of motion that come when one partner gets into or out of the bed while the other is still sleeping. If you get the medium version, the coils are 16 gauge. They are 15 gauge in the medium-firm version.


The two levels of firmness available are medium and medium-firm. The primary difference is in the tightness of the coils inside the mattress. The two levels of softness are noticeably different. In general, a firm mattress is usually associated with better back health. Moreover, it is possible to get the medium-firm version and then get a soft mattress pad later on if you discover that it is too firm. You can make a mattress softer with a pad, but you cannot make it more firm.

There are some quizzes and tip guides to help you discover the ideal level of firmness or softness for your needs, but the best way to find out is experience. Try out different mattresses to see which level feels the best. This does not apply to Eco Terra, but some companies offer a free trial of their mattress, which you can use to test the firmness.

Once you know how firm you want the mattress to be, you can decide which Eco Terra to get. Their listed firmness levels are the same as other mattress manufacturers, so it is easy to compare the amounts of firmness from one company to another.

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The Eco Terra line of mattresses has a few important features. Like other latex models, it has a defined edge and good support that responds quickly to any kind of pressure. The internal super soft foam on the top lining is proprietary, but it is not memory foam. It is a different kind that responds more quickly and does not sink down as much. Additionally, the foam layer is thinner than on a memory foam mattress, so it is less impactful.

The Eco Terra has no odor and there is no outgassing stage after you unpack it from its shipping box and remove the plastic covering. The cotton mattress cover is certified organic and free of dyes or other substances that cause a reaction. The coils will last up to 26 percent longer than memory foam of the equivalent size of mattress under normal use. The latex resists dust mites and it is a natural antimicrobial substance. It is also hypoallergenic. The latex is meant to help you relieve pressure on your back and joints without the feeling of sinking into the mattress.

The weight of the Eco Terra depends on its size. The largest one weighs about 126 pounds and the smallest is 59 pounds, so the top end will take two people to safely move it. Each size from twin to California King comes in both medium and medium-firm.

Latex vs Memory Foam

There is a significant debate in the mattress world about memory foam and its comparisons with other materials, like latex. Memory foam was very popular when it first became mainstream, but since then some people have become unhappy with what they call the quicksand effect. This is the feeling of sinking deeply into the mattress. It is common in memory foam because a foam mattress lacks edge support, so sleepers tend to sink down and towards the middle. It can be hard to get up due to this effect.

Latex has many of the same properties as memory foam, such as the ability to mute the movements of one partner so they do not affect the other. However, it is more defined edges and therefore does not have the quicksand property. It also responds more quickly to pressure than memory foam, which is another factor that contributes to the feeling of being in quicksand. There is no objective reason to choose one over the other because it comes down to comfort and personal preference. Keep in mind that latex is a potentially allergy-inducing substance, so check for a latex allergy before ordering a mattress made of it. The latex is inside the mattress, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergies, especially unanticipated ones.


The cost of the Eco Terra depends on its size and whether or not it is on sale. For example, the list price of the medium King is $1300. However, its retail price online is about $850. The same size in a medium-firm configuration costs $900. Having the right model in stock and the demand for the different sizes and types has an effect on the pricing. In addition, the more competition there is among mattresses, the less expensive the Eco Terra will be.

It is worth noting that latex mattresses usually sell for less than memory foam ones because memory foam has powerful marketing and name value. This is despite the fact that latex and foam layers are more durable than memory foam. The most expensive Eco Terra is the $1000 Cal King model. The smallest model, the Twin, costs $450 for each style. Basic shipping is generally free, with expedited shipping costing more. You can also email the company if you have requests to make, such as removing the internal foam, although these can sometimes add to the final price.

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Eco Terra operates solely online, so there is no overhead for the cost of running a physical store and paying staff to work there. This advantage is a big part of the price difference between Eco Terra and mainstream mattress brands.


Setting up and using an Eco Terra mattress is fairly simple. Eco Terra does not have any physical brick and mortar stores. Instead, you order a mattress online after configuring it to your choosing. It will ship in a large, rectangular box. When it arrives, you can open the box to see that it is rolled up into a cylinder. Open one end of the box and pull out the mattress. Do this as close to the bed as you can. Carefully remove any protective coverings or packaging. Then unroll the mattress. It should be easy to tell the difference between the top and the bottom. Arrange the mattress on the bed. It may need some time to expand out to its full shape because it was sealed tightly in that rounded shape while it was in transit.

Once it has fully expanded, you can start to prepare the mattress as usual with sheets and blankets. It is now ready for use. Read the included instructions for information about cleaning the mattress and making sure that it stays in good shape. Those tips will help you maximize the life of your Eco Terra so that you get the most out of your money.

Online Feedback

Eco Terra is very popular online, with the vast majority of online reviews being positive. It earned praise for the combination of comfort and price. Many people switched away from memory foam and wound up with the Eco Terra as they were looking for something else to try. The positive reviews extended across a variety of different ages and body types. Many of them decided to try out the Eco Terra for value because it seemed to be less of an investment than big brands and were happy to see that the performance on Eco Terra was just as good, if not better. People with joint pain or issues with their pressure points often preferred the latex of the Eco Terra to memory foam because it provided better support and reacted faster when they lay down.

Final Word

Eco Terra is one of many new companies that have popped up in recent years to sell mattresses online directly to customers. Their particular mix of affordability and quality of materials has made Eco Terra a highly accessible mattress model that still manages to provide a positive sleeping experience for many users. If it has a flaw, it is that Eco Terra does not offer a 100-day trial like many other mattress companies do, so it is harder to make returns or test out which type of firmness level you want. This is a fairly small flaw and has more to do with the company’s business model than the actual design and construction of the mattress.

If you find that the mattress feels too firm, then the best solution is a topper. These add an additional soft layer on top that might push the Eco Terra in the right direction. This is less expensive than buying a new mattress. You can always contact the company directly if you have questions about how firm your mattress should be or anything else related to the mattress.

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Most of the people who buy an Eco Terra report back with better sleep and more comfort. It comes in kid sizes as well as adult ones. The Twin XL size also happens to line up with the size of bed frame at many college dorms. All of this means that the potential audience for Eco Terra is quite large and they are committed to reaching as much of that audience as they can with their pricing and service.