Starting conversations with perfect strangers can be a little intimidating. This is especially true if the reason you are starting it is due to physical attraction. If you aren’t quite comfortable with just sparking up any small talk, you may need some help here.

So, what do you say? How do you put yourself out there to possibly be blown off? Well, you know what they say- if you never try, you’ll never know. The Effortless Conversation System was created to help people who just need that extra boost of confidence to get the ball rolling.

Who is Jon Sinn?

Jon Sinn, otherwise known as Jonathan Lee, refers to himself as a PUA (Pick-Up Artist) instructor. He has made his living from teaching men the art of attracting beautiful women. He delves into the elements of how men interact with women to help them become more successful in their encounters.

This love guru originally became well-known for creating the Love Systems boot camps. Also, he wrote the Magic Bullets Handbook, which is an extensive guide on seduction techniques for men. He has made it his life mission to help men better understand and apply their knowledge of the opposite sex for spicier interactions.

All About Effortless Conversation

The main component of this course is called Effortless Conversation, which is an eBook available to you in digital format only. Although in each section, Jon has prepared a video with slides guiding you through each element, it is available in a transcript as well. This gives you the option to read or listen as you feel comfortable.

In total, there are 120 minutes of video training, teaching you how to implement a naturally flowing conversation into your casual encounters. The course discusses how and why men run out of things to say as well as viable ways to solve this issue in the future.

In this video training, Jon goes over all the reasons a conversation may turn sour or why they seem to run amuck. He goes over what you are saying that could be turning women the opposite way. It also teaches you how to create deep chemistry with a woman by giving technique examples.

Jon introduces this course by going over social dynamics between in a general sense before delving into the root of social dating or casual encounter interactions. This gives the course a solid foundation to start from so that you can gauge the concept of conversation from a neutral ground.

It is detailed and very easy to follow as Jon guides you from generalized comfort and conversation to taking you in a more sensual direction. This provides you with the concept of how people tend to relate to one another and how you can use this to your advantage with women.

During points of interest, he gives you tips on how to make a conversation flow organically. This is very important as far as first impressions go and how a woman perceives you. He provides examples of what not to say, giving a thorough explanation as to how things can go south. Instead, he offers better ways to transitional topics and statements when appropriate. This way, you aren’t stumbling over your words and blowing chances for yourself.

The Effortless conversation course is packed full of information and broken up into easily digestible sections so that you can firmly grasp the concepts. The more you can retain, the easier you can apply them to your next social contact.

Additional Features

In addition to the main Effortless Conversation course, Jon also provides three bonus courses to help with more individualized components. Each of these provides nearly as much information as the main course itself, so it proves to be very valuable indeed!

Each of the bonus sections go over separate components to dive a bit deeper into areas guys tend to struggle. It is broken up into three sections: Secrets of Sexual Attraction, How to Date Out of Your League and Turning Friends Into Lovers. They each clear up some questions, shed light on certain subjects, and explore more how-tos and what-not-to-dos.

Secrets of Sexual Attraction

In the duration of Jon’s career, he has taken his concepts and teachings from his real-life experience as well as the experiences of those around him. In the Secrets of Sexual Attraction course, it sheds light on these experiences and how you can use them for your benefit when trying to engage a woman sexually.

He aims this more so toward spicing up and existing relationships or toward women who are more confident in their sexuality. Whether you are trying to revamp the connection between you and your partner or trying to score a vixen, this is helpful stuff!

This is more geared towards more men who have a bit of intermediate experience dealing with women. If you are a beginner or seem to struggle with social confidence, you may not quite be ready for this element yet. It will take on a bit of assertion to reap the benefits here.

Since it requires a level of certain confidence, you can use your natural characteristics to acquire what you are trying to attract. He goes into sexual innuendos or gestures and how to make them appropriate. While you cannot see a visual image of these gestures, he does cover some of this material in his other courses as well.

All-in-all, this course is a nice refresher or informational guide if you are wanting to express yourself sexual to more receptive women. Again, due to the confidence needed, you will be able to gauge whether you are ready to apply them to your ‘game’.

How to Date Out of Your League

How to Date Out of Your League gives a fantastically realistic approach to what it means to do so. It gives a real slap-in-the-face feel, handing out the harsh reality of wanting to date outside of your current scope.

Jon explains that it isn’t impossible to date someone who is more financially set, more attractive, or better of in some way. It just deals out in a very straightforward manner the realism on the topic that every man needs. Point blank: it’s not easy.

But Jon does his best to give suitable tips here on how to make your best effort and what you need to be implementing as an individual to get the results you seek. He explains the hard work and determination you need for yourself before extending this invitation to someone else.

If the concept of social hierarchies as a bit fuzzy for you, this course goes into a great deal of explanation to help you better understand. This is also geared more towards long-term goals opposed to quick hookups encounters.

It also speaks of how to make long-lasting changes in yourself and your lifestyle choices as a means of attracting someone with higher status. If you, yourself, make necessary transitions into a more successful life, other aspects, such as your dating life, will follow suit.

It is a very good eye-opener and an informational piece for men who may be a little curious or confused on what it takes to land a lady who is not normally in your realm of possibility.

Turning Friends into Lovers

In the Turning Friends into Lovers course, it is roughly 15 minutes in duration, so rather quick! It goes over much of what it implies. If you have had your eye on a lady that you have built a strong friendship with over a course of time, it goes over how to become sexually appealing to her to turn the tables.

This one can be tricky. If you have spent a great deal of time with a woman and know her quite well, turning that friendship into something more can be a failure. It will greatly depend on how it is executed.

To guide you, Sinn provides a simple 3-step process on how to generate results romantically. He goes over ways you can stage a situation to get her to look at you in a different manner.

This is not geared towards a woman you found attractive sexually, tried to pursue, and were friend-zoned with no escape. This is for women you have built authentic friendships with, who you confide in, who you speak to regularly.

Do The Programs Work?

While each of these is geared at different experience levels, they do offer valuable information to help struggling men. In each section, it gives thorough details on what efforts you need to make and how to strategize them.

Whether its conversation, sex appeal or transitioning an existing friendship, this has a lot to offer any man in the dating scene.

This course is great to help you learn as a starting point and give you more information once you are more seasoned in the subject. It is easily broken up and there is a lot of bang for your buck!

At the very fair price of $5.95, there is a lot of information for a little bit of cash. So, it is definitely worth the money. Each of the additional three courses gives nearly as much information as the main course, so they will be valuable as well.

All points can be utilized and applied to your life in different circumstances and at different times. The outcomes can vary depending on your level of skill and the amount of direction take and apply.

Positives and Negatives

As with any product on the market, there are positives and negatives to anything. No product is right for every person or situation. If you are wanting a boost in the right direction to strike up a conversation and date the women you want, let’s look at what is good- and not-so-good.


  • It is very affordable
  • It is easy to follow
  • It is compacted into 4 courses
  • It is good for social enhancement, not just romantically
  • It is straightforward material
  • The bonus materials are very thorough


  • It is fully digital
  • All sections may not apply to all skill levels

The Verdict

For the price, it is pretty much unbeatable. You will get a lot of brush up skills for more experienced men. You will be provided easy to follow tips and strategies as a beginner. In any right, it is a lot of information that can be applied for just a small cost.

Also, because of Jon’s area of expertise, there are quite a few other products of his that you can purchase to bank off what this course teaches. Then, you can get even more teaching in line with what this product offers.