Lloyd Lester is the author of Ejaculation by Command. He is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and respected sex experts in the world. For the last fifteen years, he has studied and researched everything he could find to improve the sex lives of men. He uses proven techniques to take orgasms and lovemaking to the next level.

Lloyd Lester has written books about sexual pleasure, lovemaking and sexual health for men. This includes his best selling online programs for sexual health in addition to Erection by Command and Ejaculation by Command. He has achieved the status of a top-selling author.

The Premise of Ejaculation by Command

There is a surprising amount of information contained in this book. Ejaculation by Command begins by explaining the fundamentals. If you have an issue with premature ejaculation you want to be able to overcome permanently and naturally, this book may be exactly what you need. The author explains the reasons why sex is both an embarrassing and short-lived activity for so many men.

The first portion of the book reveals the lies, misconceptions and myths surrounding the issue. This makes it much more difficult for men to get past premature ejaculation for a better, more confident and longer-lasting sexual experience. Once you understand the reasons behind the issue, it becomes much easier to resolve. This leads to an improvement in your sexual performance.

During the second portion of the book, the author focuses on the techniques and tips necessary for you to start re-wiring and re-training your body and mind. This will enable you to enjoy sex for a longer period of time while learning how to delay your ejaculation. You will be taught how to provide your partner with an experience so erotic she never even dreamed it was possible.

The techniques in this book are completely natural. You will not have to spend any money purchasing expensive alternatives such as pills, lotions and creams. None of these will offer you a permanent solution for premature ejaculation. According to the author, the key to success is a lot of practice. This is because sexual stamina is similar to any self-improvement activity.

The only way to ensure improvement for activities such as losing weight, building muscle or endurance training is with the correct conditioning methods and training. Your sexual stamina is no different. The reason this book is unlike the extremely wide assortment of eBooks on this subject is the knowledge of the author. Llyod Lester understands the critical importance of mastering your inner mind.

Once you have mastered your inner mind, your sexual confidence will increase. You will be able to lower the threshold of your partner to have an orgasm. To be able to last longer, you must understand and use the learning techniques provided in the book. Building up your sexual competence is one of the most important factors for increasing your sexual confidence.

This is the reason the author has spent an entire chapter discussing enhancing your sexual competency. The other concepts discussed include raunchy sex secrets, unstoppable stamina, sex tips, boosting your ejaculation control and mastering the female orgasm. All of this will increase your potency in bed. If you are interested in finding a solution overnight, this book is not for you.

The techniques taught by the author will provide a permanent, completely natural solution for improving your sexual stamina for the future. In order to overcome premature ejaculation, you will have to practice. This is the key to your success. This will require your effort, commitment and time. Just like all of the other self-improvement activities, your end result is worth it.

You can easily download this book immediately after your purchase. The author will teach you the best possible techniques for overcoming your issues. Lloyd Lester is an extremely popular sexual advisor. Numerous men have posted reviews and testimonials on a wide variety of blogs and websites. These men have said this book not only saved their sexual encounters but their marriages as well.

There are several facts regarding premature ejaculation discussed by the author in this book. This includes the ideal treatment you most likely have not realized is the only effective solution for this issue. The main focus of the author is learning how to control your ejaculations during sex. It is important to understand the command center for everything that happens in your body is your brain.

This means the timing for your ejaculations is actually controlled by your brain. Once you have learned how to take control of your thinking processes and your mind, controlling your ejaculations becomes possible. Having sex is exciting. You need to learn how to control the excitement being sent by the stimulation to your brain. This will enable you to ejaculate whenever you desire.

You can learn how to last longer during sex if this is what you really want. Although the concept appears to be easy, the process is rather complicated. You will be taught three simple steps for controlling your brain so you can control your ejaculation. All of the secrets to pleasing both yourself and your partner are explained by the author. According to Lloyd Lester, this will completely recharge your sex life.

The Most Critical Topics of the Program

The guide for Ejaculation by Command focuses on specific topics. All of them are defined below.

1) Psychological Control: Your thoughts are incredibly important and effective. These thoughts have a critical role in preventing premature ejaculation through endurance. Having psychological regulation is necessary for enabling you to last longer during sex. The thoughts in your mind while you are having intercourse have a tremendous impact on both your level of arousal and your emotions.

Understanding you have the ability to control your mind and thoughts is significant. This is what will let you last longer during sex while enjoying the excitement of making love. This subject is thoroughly covered in the book because this information is critical for permanently conquering premature ejaculation.

2) Hormone and Chemical Balance: Your body creates two different hormones when you are having sex. These hormones have a vital and immediate impact on your ability to last for a longer period of time during intercourse. Your stamina for lasting longer while having sex decreases due to high dopamine levels. Premature ejection is biologically prevented when your levels of serotonin are high.

According to the author, the approach offered for controlling your hormones and using them for you best advantage is both smart and safe. Another section of the book discusses exercises to achieve physical regulation.

3) Physical Control Exercises: Just like all of the other muscles in your body, your ejaculatory system can be trained. Ejaculation by Command discusses the importance of knowing which muscles will enable you to last for a longer period in bed. These are the only muscles you should exercise and train. If you train the wrong muscles, you can make your issue even worse.

There are extremely useful tips for increasing your sexual stamina. This will provide your partner with excellent sexual experience every time. One of the most common issues is too much stimulation. Your penis glands receive a lot of friction while you are having sex. This is one of the key reasons men ejaculate too soon. There are ways to overcome this issue.

The author recommends experimenting using different positions while having sex. This can eliminate a little of the intensity on your penis to help prevent you from ejaculating too soon. A good example is a passive male position. This will enable you to relax and increase your staying power.

4) Man Enhancement Exercises: This type of workout routine has become acceptable because of the painless, intense and effective nature. The majority of exercises are focused on changing the size of your penis while erect. This includes Kegels and pc contractions. You may not realize these types of exercises are also good for increasing your control over your ejaculation.

Unfortunately, numerous men are paying sex therapists a lot of money to learn all of these strategies. With this book, you can learn these exercises and practice them in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Ejaculation by Command is one of the most affordable online solutions you will find for this particular issue. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who believe the only answer is expensive medications and pills.

There are numerous commercial gimmicks created to make you believe they are the only way to control premature ejaculation. This is simply not true. This book offers you a far less expensive, viable and permanent solution. Once you have overcome this issue, you will become a better lover from that moment on. Your partner will be unable to resist the hot, smoldering sex you will be able to provide.

The author provides you with step by step instructions to help you permanently conquer your premature ejaculation.

The Sexual Benefits of the Program

Using the techniques in this book will enable you to enjoy lengthy sex with confidence and passion. Once you follow these easy steps, you will last for a longer period of time, become more relaxed, passionate and confident, be in charge of your sexual encounters and satisfy your partner extremely well. The book contains all of the details for enjoying longer-lasting sexual encounters.

Ejaculation by Command effectively explains the mental and physical control mechanism responsible for premature ejaculation. The scientific term for this issue is synergism. All of the potential techniques for overcoming this issue have been fully explained by Lloyd Lester in this book. The eBook is 52 pages in length. A long period of time is not necessary for reading this entire book.

The information contained in the book is unique. You can get past your issues concerning premature ejaculation by using the detailed techniques and information available in this book. Ejaculation by Command will work for men of every age as long as they follow the steps explained by the author. The methods are powerful, simple and easy to master. This eBook is a powerful resource.

This is one of the most comprehensive books of all time written for using conditioning and training to control premature ejaculation. You should not have any difficulty reading and understanding this book because everything is described in detail. The author explains all of the exercises, techniques and tips you can perform at home to help ensure you improve your sexual confidence and last longer during sex.

Ejaculation by Command is still a good resource if you are not affected by premature ejaculation. You can add minutes to your sexual encounters by using the techniques in this book. The author does not just discuss premature ejaculation in traditional terms. He uses a holistic viewpoint to discuss the issue. He also offers good tips for enhancing the arousal of the women to bring her to orgasm.

The number one advantage of the book is it promises to help you resolve your premature ejaculation issue. The book provides a wide variety of benefits. These are defined below.

  • The exercises provided by Ejaculation by Command are completely natural. This eliminates any concerns regarding the side effects of surgery, supplements or pills.
  • You will be taught simple and easy to follow techniques. This will provide you with a practical and real solution for your premature ejaculation issue.
  • You will be taught different sexual positions you can use with your partner to improve the quality of sex for both of you while improving your sensation.
  • You will learn more about foreplay and oral sex. This will enable you to pleasure your lady before having sex. This will make sex last longer and increase your satisfaction level.
  • Once you have conquered your issue, you and your partner will regain your excitement for sex. This will put the spark back in your sexual encounters.
  • The information you will receive will boost your confidence in bed. In addition to making you happier, your confidence level in the other areas of your life will also improve.
  • If you are currently involved in a relationship, a more satisfying sexual experience will most likely improve your relationship. This will ensure you and your partner are both happier.
  • You will learn you have the ability to control your arousal by having the correct mindset during sex. You will be taught numerous methods to achieve this state including relaxation modes and breathing methods.
  • You will be shown how strengthening your body’s core muscles can impact your orgasm. Letting these muscles go or squeezing them will enable you to control your orgasm.
  • The author will teach you the right way to enrich your diet. You will know which foods to consume to positively affect how long you are able to last during sex.
  • You will be taught the correct techniques for enhancing your skills in bed. You will learn how to use better foreplay, improved techniques and new positions to ensure your partners remains satisfied.
  • You will be taught which sexual positions need to be avoided. These positions will result in your climaxing too fast.
  • The author will teach you the right way to handle everything if you do climax too fast. Not only will this make your partner feel good, but your embarrassment will also be decreased.

The Excellent Bonus Materials

You will receive a bonus mini-book of emergency tactics. This book is filled with tips you can use immediately. There are some unique ideas you may never have heard of such as placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth. The quick start guide is both practical and useful. All of the training exercises contained in the main book are summarized. You can read this book all at once or simply use it for reference later.

You will also receive a bonus audio companion. If listening is an easier learning method for you, simply download the entire book and listen whenever you want. If you are not interested in downloading the book in its entirety, you can download the individual sections. You will also receive several sex guides. These may help you or you may view them as an unnecessary distraction.

The Final Conclusion

Ejaculation by Command provides you with a lot of good information including the steps you need to take to increase your endurance in bed. There are numerous suggestions and ideas to make your sexual encounters extraordinary. You will be able to naturally control your ejaculation to keep your partner fulfilled sexually. This is a good guide for controlling your ejaculations whether you are in a relationship or single.

The techniques can be effectively practiced while you are alone or when you are with your partner. You will be taught how to improve your control. There is an excellent quick start guide that summarizes the entire book for quick reference. You will also receive an emergency tactics book. This contains suggestions not requiring practice in addition to the most important adjustments you can make during sex.