Josh Houghton once had a problem with his weight. He wanted to share the practical solution he discovered and his experience with others. He believed he could use his motivation and experience to help others succeed even though they had lost patience with so many of the programs available on the market. This was when he created Flat Belly Detox with Derek Wahler.

Derek Wahler is an experienced fat loss expert. He understands how difficult it is to live a healthy life. He also had problems related to weight loss. Since Josh Houghton was basically in the same situation, the two teamed up to create Flat Belly Detox. They have both tested the program. They have proven they can remain fit and healthy by using this method.

All About Flat Belly Detox

The program was created to detox your body while burning fat within 21 days. You will not only be able to flush the harmful toxins out of your body but lose weight in a healthy manner as well. The guide contains 39 pages filled with recipes, tips, effective workout videos and more. You will learn about your metabolism window and the importance of this concept.

The authors show you how the production of your fat-burning hormone can be effectively increased. As you read each section of the book, you will understand a lot more about the way your body functions. You will then be shown how to optimize your body for your overall health and well being. You will use this weight loss program to create new habits for your diet and exercise routines.

Since there are only 39 pages, there is no fluff or filler content included. The authors went right to the point. During a period of 21 days, you will be taught how to flush fat directly from your body using several detox and diet tricks. You will clean out your system by thinning your digestive juices. There are three steps you need to complete every day. Each night you will write down how many steps you completed.

The Steps for Success

Step One: You will need to skip breakfast for the first step. Instead, you will be making substitutions using simple items you will only need a few minutes to prepare. According to Derek Wahler, your body will burn additional fat when you fast in the morning. He will teach you how to make a substitute for breakfast he refers to as an instant energy recipe.

Derek Wahler additionally recommends using specific exercises. Each one incorporates different moves. You can perform all of these workouts in your own home. You will be using the weight of your own body for resistance for all of them so there is no need to purchase any special equipment. You must have an empty stomach when you perform these workouts. This is because your belly fat will be used for fuel.

The workouts were created to enhance your fat-burning hormones. This means you will be burning fat throughout your day. Since all of the workouts only require a few minutes of your time, they will work extremely well if you have a busy schedule. A video is provided for each exercise to ensure you understand how to perform the metabolic enhancing exercises perfectly.

Step Two: You will be shown how to prepare lunches that are both satisfying and promote weight loss. There are three food groups contained in each lunch. There are different amounts of important nutrients in each food group. You will choose one item from each of the three food groups. The first group is protein foods, the second fruits and vegetables and the third are healthy fats.

Step Three: This step is all about soups. The recipes include vegetable soups and meat soups. The authors recommend having soup for dinner. All of the soups are very easy to make. One of the easiest recipes is for vegetable soup. This recipe is also both satisfying and delicious. Some of the other soups recipes included with Flat Belly Detox are:

  • Lemony chicken soup
  • Soup Mexicana
  • Italian sausage soup
  • French lentil soup

According to the team who created the book, if you follow the program diligently for a period of 21 days, you will lose as much fat as you desire. The authors also show you tricks to get your metabolism to burn more fat. As the body ages, the metabolism begins to slow down and change. This is the reason why boosting your metabolism when you are very young is unnecessary.

There are a lot of adults constantly fighting extra weight. This can easily sneak up on you as your body starts aging. The tricks in the book have been guaranteed to burn twenty percent more belly fat. You will also receive tasty recipes for revving up your metabolism and nutrition plans. You want to give these recipes a try because not only are they nutritious but they are also satisfying and delicious meals.

When you reach the end of the eBook, you will discover a list of foods known to burn fat. These can be incorporated into all of your snacks and meals.

Everything Included with Flat Belly Detox

Flat Belly Detox is a simple program for losing weight. The authors have included a lot to help ensure you reach your goals. This includes:

The Table of Contents

• Motivational Guides: When you are trying to lose weight and not seeing any results, it is easy to lose hope. This guide will make you realize you are far from alone. The authors will help you remain motivated and confident so you are able to overcome, proceed and succeed.

• The Downloadable Recipe Booklet: This booklet will show you the right way to balance your weight loss goals with your diet. You will learn depriving your body is the wrong way to remain healthy and physically fit. Several recipes are recommended by the authors to help you make the positive changes you are looking for in your diet plan.

• The Exercise Videos: You will not have to perform any strenuous exercises with this program. These types of exercises can be difficult because they require a lot of time. The video teaches you exercises that do not require an intense workout. The guide is filled with easy and simple techniques to help you achieve a slimmer physique.

• The Downloadable Detox Manual: This includes proven and tested techniques based on the experience of the authors. These strategies are recommended if you want to achieve the same results as the authors.

• Video Chat Recording: If you are struggling to lose weight, receiving inspiration from someone who has been through the same experience is priceless. Nobody who has not experienced the same issues and situations will be able to fully understand your dilemma. The authors will engage with you personally until you have found your way.

The Flat Belly Detox contains 39 pages and there are fifteen pages in the Bedtime Belly Detox. The five fruits to avoid video runs for 4:46, the quicks start guide for 6:40 and the ten exercise videos are between four and six minutes each.

The Benefits of the Program

The numerous benefits of Flat Belly Detox include:

• Higher Energy Levels: Higher levels of energy for your entire day are encouraged by weight loss strategies including low impact movements and delicious and healthy recipes. Individuals who are obese or overweight often have either high or low blood sugar levels. Through the correct diet and physical activity, you can control your blood sugar. This increases your energy levels and your safety.

The Drug-Free Solution: You do not have to take any kind of diet pill to lose excess weight. Even though some diet pills work in the beginning, they can eventually cause severe or minor side effects as time passes.

The Brief and Doable Workouts: All that is required to perform every exercise in the program is four minutes each day. If you do not have much in the way of free time or are simply too busy for an exercise routine, Flat Belly Detox is the ideal solution.

The Medical Benefits: You will be promoting more regular bowel movements, helping to clear your skin, improving your overall wellness and health and enabling your digestive system to operate much more efficiently.

Age is Irrelevant: The program is appropriate for losing stubborn belly fat regardless of your age.

No Side Effects: Since the techniques in the program are all-natural, no side effects have been reported.

Improving Your Mood: In addition to keeping you sexy and healthy, the program will help to improve your mood. Insecurity and depression often result from obesity. This program will help you avoid anxiety by lifting your mood. According to WebMD, obese or overweight individuals have a greater risk for mood disorders and anxiety than those at their correct weight.

The Full Money-Back Guarantee: After you have purchased Flat Belly Detox, you will have a full two months to go through the entire program and try out the exercises and recipes. If you are not happy for any reason, all you have to do is email one of the authors to have your purchase price refunded. This means you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying the program.

No Complaints: Despite the large number of programs purchased, there is not a single complaint or dissatisfied review at this time.

The Digital Product: The program comes in a digital format using videos and PDF files. This means you can start using everything you have purchased the second your download is complete. There are no exorbitant fees for postage or long waits to receive your package. All you need to begin is a stable internet connection and a computer or smart device such as a tablet or cell phone.

The Positive Results: All you need to achieve positive results is some discipline and patience. Once you have reached the 21-day mark, you should be seeing your results. This will make it very easy to continue using the program. You may even begin to notice your results sooner. Following the program is all that is necessary for you to see significant results.

If you do not have enough discipline to follow the program completely or enough patience to wait for your results, this is not the program for you. If you do adhere to the program for the full 21 days, the chances are good the last thing you will want is a refund.

The Final Word

If you are lazy, have no intention of following Flat Belly Detox for the required period of time or are looking for a nonexistent miracle fix, you will not be happy with this program. If you are honestly interested in an effective, all-natural program, are tired of paying for expensive gym memberships and really want to lose weight, this is an exceptional opportunity.

There is no risk because you have a money-back guarantee. Try the program for sixty days and see the results for yourself. If you do not believe the program was effective, you can get your money back.