FlexiSpot Standing Desk Reviews

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk is a desktop workstation that enables users to quickly transition from a sitting to a standing position throughout their workday. These desks provide ample space for a work surface and a comfortable size keyboard tray.

When the desk is completely un-lifted, it rests just a couple inches above the desk surface. This height is comfortable to work from a standard size chair and convenient enough to do so without any height adjustments to the seat.

There are numerous characteristics that make the FlexiSpot desk stand out among the competition. Here, I will provide a review of the product and highlights its key features as well as what other users are saying about this product.

Why are Standing Desks Desirable?

Sitting down all day can cause a person to feel sluggish and may even slow down their work production. Giving workers the ability to stand up and move around helps them remain focused throughout the day. Individuals find that they work better and feel more energetic throughout their work day when they are able to stand up instead of having to sit down all day.

Your body burns more calories in the standing position and users found that standing up relieves neck and back pain from improper posture. Standing up while working also reduces the risk of individuals developing heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain.

Product Description

The FlexiSpot standing desk is placed upon any standard table or desk surface, allowing users to use the gas spring mechanism to quickly transition from a sitting to standing position. This desk provides twelve different height levels, so users can smoothly and quickly place the desk into the height that best works for them. This product contains ergonomic monitor mounts that ensure the desk is stable upon any surface while moving directly up and down.

Shipping and Receiving

This desk weighs around 50-pounds and comes with a pre-assembled surface, a separate keyboard tray, two support arms, and the endcaps for the lifting mechanism. Additionally, the instructions and all fasteners are included in the tightly packaged styrofoam filled box. This product can be assembled easily by a single person, but some users find it much easier to maneuver assembly when two people are involved.

The FlexiSpot desk comes with cable ties that contain adhesive mounts used for securing cables beneath the work surface. Although not required, these are ideally used to keep cables neat and in place during lifting and lowering of the desk surface.

You will need a screwdriver to assemble this desk, but the entire process from unpacking to setting it in place requires about 30-minutes. The process is quick, easy, and pretty straightforward from start to finish.

Product Options and Specifications

The FlexiSpot desk comes in either a black or white wood finish. Additionally, there are two sizes available to choose from. The M2B and M2W models have a 35-inch wide surface that is 31.5-inches deep. The keyboard tray on each of these models measures 35-inches wide and 12.2-inches deep. The M1B ad M1W models have a 26.4-inch wide by 31.1-inch deep work surface and a 26.4-inch wide by 12.2-inch deep keyboard tray surface.

The large keyboard tray size provides ample room for a large keyboard and mouse, as well as an area for a tablet or smartphone. The rear side of the tray is curved so items are help securely on the shelf during operation and movement.

Pros and Cons of Using the FlexiSpot Standing Desk

Like any other product, the FlexiSpot has features that are extremely desirable as well as features that customers view negatively. Here are some of the pros and cons of using this product.


  • The desk is very solid and stable.
  • This product uses dual gas springs that move the surface quickly into place without disrupting objects on the surface.
  • Numerous height levels to choose from allow users to find the perfect height without problems.
  • This product frame is composed with some top-quality metal materials.
  • This desk has a large work surface and keyboard tray.
  • This desk works well to improve blood circulation in users.
  • Having the ability to stand throughout the workday helps users relieve back and neck pain.
  • This desk moves straight up and down by rising and folding into position so it does not require any special spatial accommodations.
  • Comes in two different sizes so you can best find the one that fits for your area.
  • Works extremely well for large tables and desk surfaces
  • Is extremely affordable, especially when compared to other brands and models.


  • Some users experience problems mounting the keyboard tray due to the fastening brackets.
  • Some customers were displeased that this product was not made in the USA.
  • The keyboard tray is made out of particle board, which some users do not like.
  • Keyboard tray does not move in and out.
  • No part of the entire structure can move side to side, which does not allow users to spin the screen around or move side-to-side if needed.
  • This unit is not ideal for small desks.
  • Load limit is pretty low.
  • Desk is not particularly asthetically pleasing.

Things to Consider

There are certain things that aren’t considered cons, but just qualities or characteristics to consider when purchasing this particular desk. Users have found that some mouses have problems tracking on the surface finish. In order to deal with this situation, users can switch to a different type of mouse or simply use a mouse pad on the surface underneath the mouse.

Opting for a mouse pad will also decrease wear on the surface from the mouse, which will actually benefit you in the long run. The work surface, when un-lifted, places the monitor around 6-inches above the surface. This isn’t particularly uncomfortable but may prompt some neck adjustments during working throughout the day.

Before lowering the desk surface, check to make sure no items rolled beneath it. Items that fall under the lift system may be mashed when lowering.

The structure in itself is quite bulky. If you have a standard size desk, this system will cover the majority of the desk surface. The structure is stable and will function properly as a normal desktop, so this is not typically an issue for users.

What Other Users are Saying

Hundreds of customers choose the FlexiSpot desk to get up and active throughout their workday. Numerous customers report that they are completely satisfied with the product and especially appreciate that the desk moves straight up and down without compromising balance or work space. Although no two users have the same exact review of the product, they all provide that the desk works extremely well and meets or exceeds their expectations of strength, reliability, and comfort. Some users have left online reviews detailing what they appreciate most about the product.

One user reports that their first week with the FlexiSpot has been a great experience. This individual had the ability to personally compare the use of this product with the VariDesk, finding that the FlexiSpot outperformed the competition. This product has a pneumatic assist, which allows users to adjust the height without any jerking or sudden movements. Additionally, this individual is extremely pleased with the amount of surface space available for small desk tools and objects like paperwork, monitors, and laptops.

Another satisfied customer reports that this is the best desk available and it is found at a highly competitive price. This individual did a lot of research before purchasing, ultimately choosing the FlexiSpot due to its different height adjustments, the large work surface, and the adjustment handle position. This customer found that the front handle makes moving a lot smoother and easier to do. The desk is extremely easy to transition from sitting to standing position without disrupting things on the surface.


This product is extremely reliable. Anyone who is looking for a solid work surface that provides stand-up and sit-down capability would benefit greatly from this desk. This is an exceptionally well-built product that is great for offices with single monitor use. Although the surface is large enough to accompany photos, pencil holders, and small paper file holder, the loads must remain under 35-pounds, which is a bit of a downside for individuals working in a large office with multiple screens and systems.

Customers often choose the FlexiSpot desk for the same reason — they want to have the ability to stand up while working, without disrupting their normal work flow. This desk definitely delivers as a comfortable product that it easy to move in an instant. The different levels ensure the desk is the perfect height for any user and they can freely adjust it to work with multiple users throughout the day if necessary.

Now that you know all the health benefits standing up throughout the day provides, it is time to take a stand. Standing up periodically throughout your work day can greatly improve your metabolic, physical, and mental health. The FlexiSpot desk is a reliable option for workers who want to have the freedom to stand up and sit down as they please while they work.

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