FreedomVoice Review

When you have your own business, regardless of the size, you need to be sure that you have all of the elements that will set you up for success. No matter the type of field you are in, it will be crucial that you have a toll free number as well as quality, reliable toll free services to go along with it so that you can get the best possible results.

If you are a small business or you are based out of your home, it is going to be equally important to think about how your customers are going to perceive you. When you seem too small to your potential customers, the chances are very good that they will end up heading over to get their goods and services from the larger competitors that are out there simply because they sound like they are more reliable.

However, the various enterprise telephone systems that are used by some of the competition on a larger scale might be out of reach for any small business or home-based entity, which is where the FreedomVoice solution comes in.

With these toll-free number services as a solution to the problem, you can get business phone solutions that are very effective, cost efficient and just right for streamlining your processes. This is a service for small businesses that will allow you to get the same incredible first impression as customers perceive with the larger companies out there that have the much larger, more expensive phone systems. However, you will be able to enjoy the same quality services while spending just a fraction of the cost that they pay.

What Is FreedomVoice?

FreedomVoice was one of the very first providers of virtual phone services that had been established back in 1996. They offered service solutions and toll-free numbers to companies all across the United States at affordable prices. Today the company has grown rapidly to offer businesses all of the cutting edge features and the various technologies that they need to enhance not only their professional image but also to improve upon connectivity, create a good deal of efficiency.

Free 30 Day Trial! Try FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service with the No Activation Fee.

All of the technical support offered is managed by highly trained, in-house certified professionals from the networking field. These experts work closely with the developers that work on the creation and maintenance of the services that are provided to small businesses.

FreedomVoice Features

The Pros:

Auto Attendant – This is where the callers are greeted by way of an auto attendant, or virtual receptionist that will introduce your business. The virtual receptionist will then tell your caller to press a certain button for the person or the department that he or she wishes to connect with. You also have the ability to change up your message or update it at any time.

This is a great way for you to have the convenience of keeping your customers apprised of promotions, specials, store hours, new locations, and any other important information or news that you would like to get out there about your business.

WebLINK – WebLINK is an online control panel that allows you to manage your whole phone system via any internet connection. You can quickly check your messages, make any necessary changes or add new users. The additional users are given a unique, secure login identification for accessing their voicemail or to update settings. You select just how much power each user will have and whether or not they have privileges as an administrator, checking all voice mailboxes, updating billing information and generating call reports.

Call Forwarding – Any calls can be forwarded to single or multiple phone numbers with ease. The virtual system will work to try all of the different numbers that you have put in while trying to make a connection. Within a set number of rings, if nobody can be reached, the caller will then be directed to the voice mail system.

If you would like, you can set up a queue for an extra $10 each month. The callers are put on hold while listening to hold music playing until somebody is available to take their phone call in a timely fashion.

You have the ability to change up your call forwarding settings or update them whenever you wish through WebLINK. This is also where you can put more features into play, such as the days and specific times of forwarding, or to create your own ACD or automated call distribution. Such a feature will allow you to easily select the group that the call is going to be forwarded to, such as technical support or sales, then choose how your calls are going to be sent. This can include a rotation to give your employees an equal amount of calls to answer each day, which will be good for commissioned sales staff, or you can have it ring simultaneously to all of the designated numbers that have been put on your forwarding list.

Internet Faxes – This is a system that can also double as your dedicated internet faxing service. Your business can seamlessly send and receive their faxes via WebLINK. The fax just gets sent to your toll-free number and then gets automatically detected before getting stored online in the form of a PDF file that you can access at any time through your WebLINK portal, or you can forward it to your physical fax machine or email inbox.

The faxes can be sent using any computer from your WebLINK control panel. You also have the option of adding your own cover letter, and you can then send the fax to up to five numbers at one time.

Free 30 Day Trial! Try FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service with the No Activation Fee.

The Cons:

Long Hold Times – While FreedomVoice offers online tutorials, email support and a good FAQ section, if you need to call the company directly for support, you can end up stuck in a queue with a long wait time. There are many users who have said that when calling at different times during the week from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm they end up having to wait for quite some time, with some waiting for as long as 30 minutes before getting to talk to someone.

Per Minute Charges – Many companies will find that there can be issues with the minutes. Even the minutes that are included in the plan tend to get used up very quickly. When going with the largest plan for 2,500 minutes and 100 employees, it means that every employee will only be allowed 25 minutes to use up each month. While paying 3.9 cents per minute may not sound like it can be all that much by itself, if you do the math and multiply that by 10 minutes you have nearly $4. The per minute charge is steep for just a 10-minute phone conversation.

FreedomVoice Rates

You have different options available to you for pricing and plans for your business. Each of the plans that are available also come with a 30-day trial free of charge.

The FreedomStart plan is just $9.95 per month, and it is just right for small businesses and entrepreneurs that have less than 10 people on staff. It includes:

  • 300 minutes each month with 3.9 cents per additional minute
  • 10 mailboxes
  • A local or toll-free number
  • Follow-Me or call forwarding
  • Auto attendant
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Internet fax
  • Email message delivery
  • WebLINK control panel

The FreedomEdge plan is just $24.95 per month and is designed for a business with up to 25 people on staff. It includes all of the elements available with the FreedomStart plan, plus:

  • 25 mailboxes
  • 1000 minutes each month with 3.9 cents per each additional minute

The FreedomSuite plan is just $59.95 per month and is best for larger businesses with 100 or more people on staff. It includes all of the features of the other plans, plus:

  • 100 mailboxes
  • 2,500 minutes are included with 3.9 cents per each additional minute
  • Local number or toll-free vanity number
  • Professional auto attended along with a dial by name directory

Free 30 Day Trial! Try FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service with the No Activation Fee.


While looking into FreedomVoice, you will see that this is an option that will afford you many great features for your business. Not only will you be able to appear more professional to all of your potential and current customers, but you will also have the ability to function much more efficiently.

Customers have the ability to fully customize the features of their plan and service to meet their needs both on a personal and business level. You have the added flexibility that is not offered by many of the other companies out there today that are providing virtual phone services.

However, there are some customers that may end up turned off by getting hit with the high overage charges after exceeding their minutes. Without keeping close tabs on the minutes that the company staff is using up, there could be a big bill coming your way at the end of the month. When you bring this in with the limited ability to catch up with customer service over the telephone, and you may want to try to find another provider that has the options that will better suit your needs.

Either way, you can easily take advantage of a FreedomVoice free trial for 30 days so that you can see for yourself if this is a good option for you and your business. Depending on your needs and how your company is structured, you could find that this is an option that will offer you the perfect solution to all of your virtual phone system needs.

Overall, FreedomVoice is best for any company that wants the ability to easily customize features with the flexibility they are looking for to provide a professional advantage.

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