In an attempt to deliver maximum comfort in mattresses, an online startup created the Helix Sleep Mattress, which gives customers the chance to customize their mattresses through the company website.

Instead of going through the usual process of picking out readymade mattresses, Helix Sleep gives potential buyers a questionnaire that can be answered online to determine the best one that’s suitable for their needs. For couples, there is an option to customize the mattress on each side in case one prefers a different option than the other.

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Below is an in-depth Helix Sleep Mattress review to help you choose the best mattress you can afford. Continue reading to find out if a fully customized design is exactly what you need.

What difference does a Helix Mattress make?

Helix Sleep Mattress ReviewsTo cater to the needs of many people in achieving maximum comfort while resting or sleeping, the makers of the Helix Sleep Mattress conducted rigorous research on what a mattress should feature. Because each person has a unique preference, you wouldn’t expect one type of mattress to provide the best quality of sleep. It should be tailored according to one’s body type, sleeping style, and other variables that will guarantee maximum comfort.

Essentially, the Helix Sleep Mattress is no ordinary foam – what’s delivered to your doorstep is tailored to your specific sleeping needs. The questionnaire given to users was created by Ph.D. researchers who collected information on what contributes to a comfortable, full night’s rest including materials, posture of sleep, and the body type of the user.

The type of mattress you will receive will be based on four main characteristics taken from the online quiz, which are:

  • Point Elasticity – this feature will determine the pressure of the body weight according to how you sleep and how it affects the rest of the mattress.
  • Temperature Regulation – this refers to the most comfortable temperature you can sleep in, whether you want to feel warm the whole night or cool.
  • Support – this feature is primarily based on your sleeping position, your height, and weight.
  • Feel – this depends on you if you want your mattress to be extra soft, just right, or firm.

Construction and Composition

Once made, the Helix Sleep Mattress is ten inches thick and is composed of several layers including their patented Helix Dynamic Foam, micro coils, and polyfoam. The earlier versions of the product all had latex instead of the propriety foam which the company uses now. It still has latex in it, but the drawbacks have been eliminated as a result of extensive research.

As mentioned above, couples have the option of getting a mattress with a “Dual Comfort” feature, that is if you order one Queen-sized and up. When you choose the dual comfort option, you and your partner get to have individual questionnaires and your answers will be assessed to create one mattress but with two very different sides.

Mattresses on the market these days do not offer this kind of duality, which makes shopping more challenging and one would have to compromise. Helix addresses that situation with this innovative feature.

Another feature worth noting that couples may also want to consider is the “Blended Comfort” feature. While dual comfort creates a mattress that’s different on each side, the blended feature combines the couple’s answers and make it into one bed, with the specific features merged and distributed evenly.

Let’s take a look at what’s makes up the Helix Mattress, starting from the base.

Base Layer – made of thick and compact polyfoam, it serves as the foundation of the mattress. It provides support for the rest of the layers above it, and for the user as well.

Micro Coils – the micro coils are responsible for the foam’s springiness and ensure a seamless motion transfer depending on movement, and the shape of the user’s when lying down. The coils support the layers above, while at the same time provide cooling due to the improved internal airflow inside the mattress.

Transition Layer – for the micro coils to have another layer before the very top surface, the transition layer is added to the Helix Mattress. This layer adds coziness and warmth to the user and responds swiftly to pressure.

Top Layer – the very bouncy top layer is Helix’s propriety dynamic foam. It’s engineered to be springy, but you can actually sit on it without sinking. Users will be able to shift positions with ease without the feeling of being stuck on one part of the mattress.

Cover – to get the full feel of the mattress, the layer is made of light materials making it breathable.

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Helix Mattress Features

For easy shipping and unpacking, the mattress will arrive at you in a roll pack. You can use the mattress immediately after unpacking it, but as with most mattresses shipped inside a box, it will even better after three days when it’s fully decompressed.

All Helix mattresses are ten inches thick, whether you ordered California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin sizes. Should you decide on using the mattress immediately, you don’t have to worry about that distinctive new mattress smell that could last for days or an entire week even. The makers of Helix made sure that off-gassing is near zero to reduce the smell. Off-gassing usually happens with new products, from cars to mattresses to sneakers, as volatile organic compounds are released.

Because the Helix line of mattresses is customizable, users are able to take advantage of the temperature regulation feature. This means you won’t get too hot or too cold. To those who worry about getting hot while lying on a mattress (like most mattresses go), the mattress’ composition, as discussed above, allows effective airflow that gives sleepers the desired comfortable temperature.

Motion isolation or motion transfer is an easily overlooked aspect when buying a mattress, but it’s one important feature to look into when you want to sleep properly, unperturbed.

The Helix mattress does so much to counteract motion transfer. This means you’ll be able to fall asleep without the disturbance of motion – when your partner has to change position to get comfortable.

The Helix technology is able to achieve efficient motion isolation because of its micro coils, which are independently wrapped. Instead of working collectively, each can do its own part independent from everyone else. The coils are also more flexible and thinner, so any movement done while on the mattress is barely noticeable.

Helix Sleep Mattress Advantages

  • Ideal for couples with different sleeping tastes – you don’t only get to personalize the mattress as a whole – you can customize each day so you and your partner can be as comfortable as you desire.
  • You’re accustomed to latex – even though you can do personalize it to your liking, the mattress still retains its latex-like texture.
  • You believe that research is crucial – it may be just a mattress, but researchers have scoured every data on Earth available to give you a quality-made mattress.
  • You don’t believe in “one type fits all” – it’s convenient to buy a mattress that’s already made, but most people end up regretting their purchases after one night. With Helix’s one of a kind personalization feature, you get to have the mattress that you truly desire.
  • It’s a memory foam, but way better – the trend for mattresses these days is the memory foam brands. If you want to customize it though, Helix is your go-to mattress, and the price is fair too.
  • It’s valuable – mattresses by Helix are delivered to customers directly from the factory where it’s made. That’s why it cut the costs of the overall price, while still maintaining its premium quality.

A Helix Mattress may be not for you if…

  • You’re content with your old mattress – there is no point in buying if the one you have is still good, right?
  • You already have a mattress in mind – buying a new mattress entails one to read, research, and ask a lot of questions. If you finally found you think is “the one,” but then someone offers you the Helix Sleep, it may be difficult to convince you to make a switch.
  • You want to see and feel your mattress before buying it – although customizable, this product is only sold online, which means you won’t know what you’re getting until it’s delivered directly to you. However, the manufacturer offers a full refund should you decide to return the product, as long as it’s within the 100 days from purchase.

Helix Mattress Longevity/Durability

Helix Sleep prides itself as a “100% made in the USA” brand, meaning all materials and its components are manufactured and assembled in America. While a newcomer in the market, the Helix mattress has gone through rigid methods of assembling and maintains its usage of high-quality materials to ensure durability.

It has not been out long enough to know for sure how long it will last, but the average lifespan of mattresses is around six years, give or take. With Helix Sleep, however, a change in its base layer was implemented in early 2017, which could mean the product could last longer than most memory foam mattresses.

Of course, proper care and maintenance should be applied to ensure it will last longer, as with most products. Depending on the model of the mattress and its size, the manufacturer will provide specific care instructions, often found on the label.


The product comes with a warranty, so make sure you care for it properly to not damage it. When washing, never bleach, put chlorine, soak, or steam the mattress. This will render the warranty void. There’s no need to wash the mattress straight out of the box – it’s been through antimicrobial treatment before its distributed to ensure it’s free of parasites.

For added protection, you can use a lightweight mattress protector to prevent staining. As it’s already designed to provide you with maximum comfort, the need to add an extra mattress pad is eliminated.

Helix Sleep mattresses range from $600 to $2000. This depends on the price and the features included, which makes it a normal-priced mattress. Still, there are buying options offered to customers so you can pay it through terms of installment – ideal if you are on a tight budget.

You get a trial period for 100 nights, and if you’re not contented, they will refund you in full including your shipping fee. You don’t need to send it to them either; a representative from the company will pick it up.

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It’s a highly recommended product to those who are very particular of their sleeping needs. Most people are okay with a soft mattress, but Helix takes it to another level by maintaining the firmness of the mattress without giving you backache.

The customizable feature is what’s attractive the most, and gives customers the chance to incorporate their ideas into a product. It eliminates the company’s chore of having to constantly ask for customer feedback, albeit being fairly open to it.

Overall, the Helix Sleeping Mattress is one innovative product that deserves more years in the market.