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Home Square is a Canada-based online furniture retailer. It was founded in 2004 by Arash Fasihi. In its earlier days, the firm was focused on selling TV stands but has since grown to include more than 250,000 products. Annually, the company brings in over $100 million in revenue.

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Home Square serves customers in Canada and the USA. It has been acknowledged by Internet Retailer Magazine as one of the top 200 online based retailers in the world.

Should you Buy Furniture from Home Square?

To decide whether or not you should shop at Home Square, you need to know the pros and cons of the company.


  • It is an established and recognized brand. This is important, especially when shopping on the internet. To avoid working with scammers, you need to buy from a reputable company.
  • Their furniture is easy to assemble. In the case of larger or top level brands, your purchase may include off-loading, unpacking and assembling.
  • Customer service is quite helpful. However, you might have to wait in a long phone queue before they attend to you.
  • Their products can cover all your furniture needs. Home Square is a one-stop shop for all home and office furniture.
  • Their site is simple and easy to navigate. Shopping on a complex website is never a good experience.
  • Your orders will be processed fast, and shipping will be done promptly. When checking out, the site will give you an estimate of the shipping time. In the case of delays, you will receive an email notifying you of the same.
  • All their furniture comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The company only sells furniture from big brands, and this means you can get generous guarantees. Their products are also new.
  • Home Square offers some of the best prices for furniture. Also, they ship the products for free in the USA.


  • The company does not pay for transportation of any returns. You will have to cater for the extra cost.
  • The images displayed on their website do not match the actual products. This only occurs in a few cases. Even the product descriptions may not be accurate.
  • The website is not optimized for mobile phones and tablets. It is advisable to do your shopping on your PC.
  • Many customers have also experienced poor services from the company. Refunds and returns are processed very slowly. It also takes some time to get through to customer service.
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Making Orders on Home Square

You can order products from Home Square using their shopping cart. Their website is well-designed and is easy to navigate. It features a minimalist design with very little use of bright colors. The shades used are also calm and offer you a peaceful shopping time. Being an e-retailer, Home Square sells products from other top-rated companies.

Once you place an order on their site, you will receive an email confirmation. You will also get an estimate of the amount of time the order will take.

If you have trouble going through their website, you can choose to make a call instead. The company reps will take your phone order.

What Payment Options does Home Square Offer?

Home Square aims at providing the best customer experience. This is why they have integrated multiple payment gateways with their site. You can pay for your goods using Paypal, Wire Transfers, and Gift Cards.

Also, the company accepts Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Members of Amazon can pay for their furniture using Amazon Payment. Wire Transfer payments are only available for large orders. If you intend to use this payment method, you should call the company first for confirmation. The website is also integrated with Affirm Financing. Through this service, you can pay for your orders in monthly installments over a certain period.

For faster processing of your orders, you should consider using Paypal or credit cards to pay for your products.

Many people buy from Home Square because of their low prices. To get even better offers, you can use their promotional codes. These are accessible to people who are on the Home Square email list. With the promotional codes, you will be able to get significant discounts.

Quick Delivery

Another reason why people love Home Square is their fast delivery. The company uses three different shipping methods to get products to their buyers. These are Ground Shipping, White Glove, and Back of Truck shipping services.

Usually, the company will decide what shipping method to use for your products. If you purchase goods from different manufacturers, they may arrive on different days because they are shipped from varying locations and are transported by diverse means.

In some cases, the company will give you a choice between two or all of the shipping options. In case you upgrade to a more expensive option, the cost of your products may increase to cover shipping costs. Before placing an order or paying for your purchases, it is important to confirm whether the merchant ships to your state or location. You also need to consider whether or not you will have to pay sales tax on your goods. For some states, you don’t have to pay sales tax.

Ground shipping is used for the delivery of smaller products. The items can be delivered to your home or office, but never to a P.O. Box address. Usually, this shipping method will take you a maximum of 9 days. In cases where the shipping requires a signature, you may receive a call to schedule the delivery. You have to be home to sign the delivery for this method to work. All office deliveries must be signed. Business deliveries are only made on official days and during working hours.

Truck Freight or Back of Truck shipping is used in the case of larger products. As you might have guessed, these ordered are delivered from the back of a truck and are always returned if you are not home. In such cases, the order will be held for a couple more days, and you will have to pay a fee for the inconvenience. Because of the size, you might need assistance to offload the items and even move them into your house. The company can allow you to use their equipment for these purposes, although you will have to pay an extra fee. Before making your order, you can call the company to discuss these costs so that you can have a good estimate of the total cost of their products and services.

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For large deliveries, the company will call you to inform you of the arrival of the products. Truck freight deliveries are made on weekdays and only during business hours. The deliveries take anything from 1 to 7 days.

White Glove shipping is offered for high-end purchases. It covers transport, assembly, and unpacking of your orders. The service usually takes 5 to 17 days to arrive at the intended location. For normal large goods, you can request for Glove Shipping to reduce the stress involved in setting up the furniture. You can call their customer service reps to enquire about this possibility before making your purchase.

For all deliveries, the appointments will have a four-hour window. If you are not able to pick up your products and sign, they will be delivered again within the week or the following week, depending on your location. If and when this happens, you will have to pay an extra fee for the storage of the items during the period. In case you cannot be reached, the products may be shipped back to the manufacturer for a refund.

Home Square Free Shipping

In addition to their very low prices, Home Square ships the products free of charge. This is, however, not available to customers in Canada.

If you live in areas that are considered remote, the extra shipping cost may be added to your total purchase price. This cost is referred to as beyond fees. You will be able to see the exact amount charged for this service at checkout and can accept or drop your list altogether. Beyond fees cannot be reduced through negotiation.

What do Customers think about Home Square?

Many people have made purchases from Home Square. The company was started in 2004, and there have been more than enough users to inform you of what to expect from their service.

Most customers have been attracted to Home Square by the low furniture prices. The free shipping for US-based customers also influenced many buyers. User experiences range from very good to very bad.

Happy customers loved the quick service offered by the company. Apparently, their shipping is very fast. They also appreciated the customer support. Although the customer service is slow, they are very helpful to shoppers. Customers also love the fact that they could do all their furniture shopping on the Home Square website. All home and office furniture you may need are included in their list of products.

Unhappy customers noted that the product descriptions and the pictures were inaccurate representations of the actual items shipped. They also had poor experiences with the customer service representatives.

Bottom Line

Home Square serves areas in the USA and Canada, although shipping cannot be done to certain regions in these countries. It is a large and recognized e-retailer that specializes in home and office furniture. Like all other companies and services, Home Square has its pros and cons. Its biggest advantage is the low prices offered for the goods. To reduce your costs further, the company does not charge you for shipping your purchases. They also offer many payment gateways, most of which are very popular. Depending on the size of your products, you may need to pay for their unpacking, off-loading, and moving services.

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