Your overall health and well-being at least partially depends on getting a good night’s sleep. A full night of sleep lets you recover from your active, busy lifestyle and makes you ready to get back at it tomorrow. To help you do this, Hyphen has manufactured a mattress that can aid you in significantly enhancing your overall sleep experience. The following review will give you a good idea of exactly what this mattress has to offer in features, sizes and price.

The Manufacturer

As a subsidiary of Diamond Mattress, Hyphen has been operated by a single family since 1946. And with more than seven decades of mattress design experience, Hyphen is one of the most established companies in the entire bed-in-a-box industry. It’s also notable that Hyphen actually owns its factory – which is rather uncommon for bed-in-a-box manufacturers. This has the advantage of allowing them to directly shipped to their customers, significantly reducing costs.

Mattress Construction

Hyphen Mattress ReviewIn designing and constructing this particular product, Hyphen seems to have aimed for creating a mattress that can handle a wider range of body weights and types – as well as sleeping positions. The Hyphen mattress is 10 inches high and comprised of three layers of foam. As indicated above, this product is a medium firmness mattress, appealing to a broad range of consumers.

When it comes to temperature regulation – always a concern with foam mattresses – the Hyphen foam mattresses are aerated, meaning they have a series of holes punched into them that increases the airflow in the mattress for greater breathability. The manufacturer has also infused the mattress surface with copper to aid in drawing heat away from you. In hot and humid climates, this particular feature comes in handy.

The Cover

The Hyphen’s cover uses a polyester/spandex blend that stretches fairly well. This is demonstrated by the fact that when it is pulled on it quickly snaps back into place. This means that you don’t have to be concerned that the cover will bunch up when you change position during the night. And while the cover is very soft, it’s not excessively thin. Also, the cover does allow airflow to get through to aid with cooling.

The Three Layers

The Hyphen mattress employs three separate layers in its construction, with each layer listed below providing separate advantages and features for the discerning consumer:

Upper Comfort Layer: The upper layer in the Hyphen is made of 2 full inches of proprietary foam. This soft foam has 3.5 pounds of density, which effectively relieves pressure and allows at least some contouring around the body of the sleeper or sleepers. It also seems to respond much faster to pressure than does memory foam, meaning you won’t find yourself stuck in a single position during the night.

Transition Layer: Below the upper layer is a middle 2 inch thick layer made of polyfoam. This layer has 1.5 pounds of density and acts as a transition between the solid base layer underneath and the upper layer. This middle layer is fairly springy in order to offer a bit of bounce in the mattress. This makes it easier to change your position on the Hyphen mattress when you feel the need.

Base Layer: The base layer of the Hyphen mattress is 6 inches high and uses a polyfoam with 1.8 pounds of density. This is a fairly standard layer for most foam mattresses, offering relatively solid support for the layers above it. This layer helps to prevent too much compression in the mattress. It also adds long-lasting durability, something which is very important when making this kind of investment.

Mattress Firmness

One of the best ways to get an idea about the firmness of a mattress is to press it down in several locations with your hand. When carrying out this test, I found that the Hyphen mattress’s top layer was extremely soft and contoured itself nicely to my hand in a way that would alleviate any pressure on my body. This mattress also provides a good deal of bounce and regains its shape quickly following compression. This feature makes it much easier to change positions at night.

It is important to note that when it comes to firmness, the feeling that individuals get will vary depending on body type, size and weight. When this mattress was tested, it was found to have a firmness ranging from 4.5-6.5, which places it roughly between a medium firmness mattress and a softer mattress. In other words, as long as your sleeping requirements aren’t too far outside the norm, this mattress should work well for your needs and preferences.

Transfer of Motion

If you share your bed with someone else, one of your big concerns will be how this mattress feels when someone next to you is getting in or out of bed or turns over in the night. Tests carried out on the mattress helped to clarify this point. When a four-inch steel ball is dropped from varying heights onto a mattress, this can reveal the degree of disturbance the person on the other side of the mattress would feel. When such a test was conducted on the Hyphen mattress, it shows that this product does a fine job of limiting low-level motion transfer of the kind you might experience when someone rolls over. So your spouse won’t be generating tidal waves while you are trying to sleep

Perhaps not surprisingly, the same ball dropped from a greater height above the bed reveals greater motion transfer – such as might happen when a person gets in or out of bed. Compared to other mattresses of the same kind, such tests indicate that the Hyphen mattress also does quite well. This is particularly useful when your partner makes lots of trips to the bathroom during the night.

Mattress Sinkage

One of the primary concerns that many people have when they are purchasing a new mattress is whether it will give them the sensation that they are actually lying on the mattress or are gradually sinking down into it. This kind of sinkage can be a very annoying problem in a mattress and can easily lead to a poor night’s sleep.

Tests carried out with balls of varying weights – 6 pounds to 50 pounds – and different sizes demonstrate that the Hyphen mattress performs well when it comes to sinkage. Positioning the weights to duplicate various body positions on the mattress shows a range of sinkage anywhere between 1 inch to 4 inches, which is perfectly acceptable and even better than average.

Edge Support

When a couple is sharing a bed, unless they happen to be unusually small, it is generally the case that the whole surface of the mattress will have to be used. This makes the issue of edge support extremely important. The last thing you want to find yourself doing is simply rolling off your bed onto the floor. Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress, this particular problem is one that foam mattresses often have a lot of trouble with.

A test of edge compression in the Hyphen mattress shows that when someone is lying on the edge of this mattress they can expect to feel uniformly supported all the way from the sides of the mattress to the center. This helps eliminate any sense that you’re about to slide out of your bed. In the testing, I also found that it was relatively easy to change position or roll around. While it is true that when I leaned off the mattress a bit I did feel the top layer compressing somewhat, the supporting layer underneath kept me from feeling as though I was about to roll out onto the floor.

As for sitting on the edge of the bed – like when you’re putting on shoes in the morning or going to bed at the end of the day, there is a good deal more compression. Obviously, this position is concentrating your weight in a much smaller area. This is fairly common for any foam mattress. Obviously, this characteristic isn’t necessarily the most significant point when choosing a mattress, but it nicely demonstrates that the edge of any foam mattress will go down a bit if you put enough pressure on a single spot.

Customer Service

The level of customer service you get when purchasing the Hyphen mattress is largely the same as you would expect from any similar bed-in-a-box mattress manufacturer, with the following points being relevant:

  • 100 Day Sleep Trial
  • 20 Year Warranty on Any Irregular Indents or Manufacturing Defects
  • Free Shipping, with the Mattress Arriving Compressed inside a Box

Pricing and Size Information

The Hyphen mattress obviously comes in a full range of standard sizes for customers, and the pricing is not unreasonable for a mattress of this quality. For instance, the queen size Hyphen mattress is available for $950. Overall, the price for this mattress runs as follows:

  • Twin $575
  • Twin XL $675
  • Full $800
  • Queen $950
  • King $1095
  • Cal King $1095

Mattress Summary

So after all of these tests and evaluations, just what are the most important points about the Hyphen mattress and who is it best suited for?

As pointed out above, the firmness test indicated that this mattress fits nicely in a mid-range of mattresses you might purchase when evaluating the general feel of the mattress when you are lying down on it. In short, if you don’t have specific or rather unusual needs when it comes to sleeping, the Hyphen mattress could be exactly what you’re looking for.

And thanks to the proprietary foam the manufacturer employs in the upper layer, they have been able to provide a comfortable mattress that response somewhat more quickly to any pressure than a mattress using memory foam for the top layer would be able to. The middle poly foam layer also offers a good deal of springiness that lets you shift your position at night with relative ease.

For side sleepers, the issue of relieving pressure at important points along the body is very significant, since sleeping on one side concentrates more weight at certain spots. Tests of the Hyphen mattress have shown there is only a tiny increase in the amount of pressure put on the shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side, which makes getting a good night’s sleep much easier.

Part of the reason that the Hyphen mattress is such a good value for money is that this company actually owns its own factory. This means they can ship directly to their customers, cutting out any middleman and allowing them to offer their mattress at a significantly lower price than many of their comparable competitors.