Today’s computer age can be rather expensive. Most people end up spending a great deal of money on things to keep their peripheral devices running smoothly. This statement could not be even truer about printer cartridges. Keeping ink flowing through a printer can be extremely expensive, especially when much printing needs to be done in a home or office setting. Regardless of the printing volume, though, saving money on ink is still highly important. Here we provide an Coupon and Review to help with lowering those printing costs to as few pennies as possible per page.

Finding the Right Ink

Looking for the right ink for a printer sounds rather easy. After all, most printers come with information on what type or brand of the cartridge to purchase. These suggestions are what works the best in the printer being used. However, there is often more cost effective options than the ones that are suggested by the printer’s mother company.

Sometimes, understanding the options available can be just as daunting as understanding the printer’s suggestions for the best cartridge. The whole process can be a little convoluted. This situation mostly arises because there are a few, big names in printing, and those companies seem to control everything on the printing market. However, just because they are the big names in this field, that does not mean they know everything there is when it comes to printer cartridges.

The best thing to do is to become familiar with a particular company that only handles ink cartridges of different kinds as their specialty. Shops such as have that particular focus, and they aim to provide the best customer service possible to people in need of keeping their printers running.

Quality of Ink with

One of the first things to look for in a company that focuses on ink cartridges as their form of business is to understand the quality of their products. Some of the facets of this website focus on making sure quality ink cartridges are made available to customers. This availability does not come at a high price, either.

It is important to note that this company just does not focus on one brand option, either. Certainly, there are many common brand names like Canon, Epson, HP, and Xerox available. This wide variety is a good thing as the website offers cartridges for all types of printers. There are other brands available, too, but they stand up to the same quality as the name brands. Hence, the company has a wide range of printer cartridges available, meaning there is not any such thing as an obscure printer type. Coupon Code

The goal of this company is to make certain that printer owners can keep printing with quality products. Their offerings also make certain that the cost to print per page remains as low as possible. Because operates as a website, ink can be purchased anywhere and at any time, which gives it a great advantage of storefront company models. Additionally, customers can browse their offerings with ease, ensuring that the right purchase will be made in the long run.

Familiar Names and Top Brands

While the company offers generic brands, that does not mean the product is subpar. All of the generic brands still belong to a top name company. Making thousands of products available to customers is one of the ways this company can keep up with their competitors. Like any other office supply store, they operate to make sure that any printing product is available. Even supplies for older printer models can be found.

Some of the brands this company focuses on are Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Okidata, and Samsung. All of these name brands have become synonymous with printing in the last 20 years. Therefore, makes sure products are available for these brands’ products to keep them printing for years to come. Even finding ink for an older printer is possible.

Working with Different Types of Printers

Inkjet printers are not the only type for which this company supplies ink. Everything from all-in-one models to a black and white or color laser printer can be supplied with this company. There are even cartridges available for some copiers that also function as printers.

Cartridges are not the only thing this company offers. They also offer parts for various printers, too. They make certain to keep all of these products in stock and on sale at all times.

Working in Partnerships with Other Companies

There is only one way under which can offer this level of service. They partner with other companies and government agencies to make certain their prices are more than reasonable. For example, a school can partner with this company to keep their printers and copiers well stocked with ink. This aspect is essential for such institutions because they just simply print at a higher volume than most people. Schools in low-income areas can especially benefit from these programs because their students are at a higher need for having reliable access to a well-working printer.

Even colleges can pair with this company to keep their printers going. It is a little-known fact that college students require access to a working printer almost doubly so than a typical, public school student. Therefore, many universities can take part in the school partnership program to keep their computer labs and libraries stocked for providing printing services to students at a relatively cheap cost.

Much the same can be said for public libraries. These institutions need to keep their printers going for more than just helping students. Many people who cannot afford a printer go to public libraries for access to printing and making copies, especially when they are trying to apply for a job. Therefore, libraries can join in a partnership program, too.

Many of these programs have been in place for decades. For example, the program for working with schools has been in place since 1999. Therefore, has a long history of partnering with these institutions to keep their printers flowing with quality ink. As mentioned before, they also provide parts for printers to these institutions at a fair cost, so repairs can be made without breaking the bank, too.

Keeping Customers Happy and Coming Back

One of the founding principles upheld by is the focus on customer support and service. In all instances, employees providing this service focus on making certain that all customers find the best value for their situation possible. Phone calls to customer support are handled professionally and in a manner that shows how much this company values their customers and their needs.

Customers keep coming back to use this company’s services because they know their experience is going to be a good one. Should any questions need to be asked, an answer is always found efficiently and effectively. In situations where a customer might not be happy, the customer service professionals find ways to work with the customer to solve the issue. In cases where a defective product has been purchased, these specialists will make certain a refund or replacement is made promptly and without conflict.

Making Returns is Easy

As mentioned previously, this company makes sure that customers can receive a refund or a replacement for defective products. Overall, the return policy from this company is more than exceptional. Even though refunds might take a few days to process between the company’s bank and the customer’s financial institution, they are guaranteed to come through. In short, this business does not hide anything from their customers and aims to help them become satisfied with their purchasing experience at all costs.

Defects and broken products are not the only reason why customers can make returns. If a cartridge does not live up to a customer’s expectations in any way, a refund will be made. Making returns are easy, and it can be done with a simple phone call to customer support. This return policy is possible because all generic products are backed by a two-year warranty that starts from the date of purchase. If any troubles during that two-year period are experienced, then the product can be returned with ease.

Returns are not the only option, though. Customers can simply make an exchange if they want to keep with the same product that might have been received broken or with a defect. Instances where a customer might have purchased the wrong product or who do not use the product as they thought they would also make an exchange.

The only stipulation is the product needs to be returned unopened for an exchange. For people who have already opened and used the product a few times, even for the sake of testing the product out, still might be able to qualify for a refund. The product will be inspected upon return to ascertain which method of either exchange or refund is the best option.

In most cases, other printing companies will not offer this same level of customer service. Only offers such a policy, and it will be hard to find another one like it elsewhere.

Coupons are Available

This company just does not simply focus on affordability with their products. They also keep coupons available through multiple sites to make certain people can take advantage of their fair prices. These coupons are not just made for the sake of gaining customer interest in the company. They can be used by any customer at any point in time so that they can be used on reoccurring purchases, too.


Finding the right printing supply service can be difficult. However, finding the right situation does not have to be impossible. Working with is a great way to keep any printer working for years to come.