KAYA Mattress Review

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The KAYA Mattress is a product of the company KAYA Sleep, one of the most exciting startups to have emerged last year. The brand aims to provide people with a mattress that’s highly comfortable, while at the same time making sure it’s durable enough to last long.

Made of eco-friendly materials, KAYA brings high-quality density foam layers to the table, integrated with a backed-by-research coil system to produce premium mattresses and meet the requirements and needs of the majority of sleepers.

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What to Expect from the KAYA Mattress

The company behind the KAYA mattress claims to provide users with an unparalleled comfort level, pressure relief, good bounce, and solid support. It is luxury hybrid mattress embedded with five layers to accommodate different positions of sleeping, regardless of one’s weight and size.

The company prides its ThermoGel-infused mattresses, wherein sleepers will have cool nights instead of hot ones, which is the tendency for most mattresses.


  • Extra comfy
  • Cooler than other competing mattresses
  • Affordable
  • Low odor; minimal off-gassing
  • Low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Free of phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and mercury
  • Approved by CertiPUR-US®
  • The sheets stay put on the mattress
  • Thicker than most mattress
  • Firmness that’s just right
  • Free of latex
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping and has a warranty of 20 years


  • May need a box spring
  • Clunky and heavy (as most mattresses are)

Construction and Materials

KAYA Mattress ReviewKAYA is getting a lot of praises for its transparency. The company believes that being straightforward is the only way to gain the full trust and confidence of consumers. KAYA Sleep fully discloses product specifications for buyers to draw comparisons easily without bias. The materials used in its mattresses are out for the public to see if the company’s high-density memory foams are indeed superior and offer comfort like no other.

At 11 inches thick, the KAYA mattress has five different layers:

  1. The base layer is composed of the pocketed coil system and the transitional layer. It is the foundation of the mattress that is responsible for edge support, bounce, and good overall support.
  2. The fourth layer holds more than a thousand pocketed coils made of premium grade steel. Each coil is six inches high and is positioned in between two layers of foams to provide stability.
  3. The third layer is about an inch thick, which is acts the transition layer between the pocketed coil system and the memory foam layer. It’s also the one responsible for providing comfort and support.
  4. The second layer is a 2-inch thick and dense quality foam layer. Users will benefit from this because pressure points are “massaged,” giving the best layer of comfort.
  5. The topmost layer of the KAYA mattress offers little-to-no motion transfer. It will adjust based on the weight and body shape of the sleeper, as well as one’s sleeping position.

The mattress is also integrated with full edge to edge steel technology for the mattress to be stable and durable. Motion transference is all limited especially for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by slight movement.

Users won’t also have to worry of uncomfortable hotness while asleep, as the topmost layer is covered with ThermoGel, a state of the art cooling technology that eases off heat.

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There’s only one firmness option for the KAYA Sleep mattress – medium firm – which can be rated as 5-6, ten being the firmest.

Medium firm is the safest comfort level in mattresses and is mostly the most preferred option for buyers. It is neither too soft nor too hard, allowing back and stomach sleeping comfortable because it provides the right amount of pressure relief and support.

However, some may not feel comfortable with medium firm as some sleepers may want to have a mattress that “swallows” them – plusher and fluffier.

With medium firm, one’s comfort also depends on weight, sleeping position, and physical condition. People with injuries may need something softer, as well those with fibromyalgia and arthritis. A heavier person will also sink more than someone who is lighter. In the end, it’s all about the person’s preference.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

When it comes to absorbing movement, the KAYA mattress does it easily. Proven by consumer tests, the mattress will not disrupt your partner even with sudden movements. Its sinkage and level of bounce is also very minimal and adjusts fast to the weight, contour, and sleeping position of the user.

You will not feel “trapped” when lying day, thanks to its pocketed coil system that provides ample support according to a person’s weight. It can even support your weight even when you’re at the edge of the bed, which means it’s wide enough to accommodate you if you’re the type of sleeper who moves around a bit.

Foundation Requirements

Whatever base you have, the KAYA Sleep mattress will provide you with comfort regardless. It is compatible with any form of foundation as long as it is sturdy and flat.

It’s suitable for basic frames, traditional box spring, bunkie boards, or even directly on the floor. The KAYA mattress should work fine as long as the surface is not prone to moisture. If exposed to wetness for a long period, the mattress will be damaged eventually.

Comfort Guarantee and Warranty

The company’s determination in proving its product’s quality is well served with its 30-day trial, wherein buyers can assess if their body acclimates well to the KAYA mattress.

This is offered to customers because of the body’s tendency to adjust once exposed to a new sleeping environment, especially if you’ve been sleeping in an old and worn-out mattress for a while now.

Once you’ve finished the 30-day trial, the company will give you a maximum of three months to decide whether you want to keep it or return it. As long as it’s within the 120-day range, your refund will be full without any questions.

KAYA Sleep also offers free maintenance, repair, or replacement during the first ten years. The replacement, however, will depend on the company and will be scrutinized by a qualified representative. As for shipping fees and handling charges, it will be shouldered by the customer.

During the second 10 years, repairs and maintenance will depend upon the discretion of the company and prorated rates will apply. Shipping fees and handling charges will be shouldered by the customer as well.

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Size and Shipping

Standard US mattress dimensions apply on the different sizes of KAYA mattresses. These are California King size, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin sizes.

All 50 states in the U.S. get to enjoy free shipping. Currently, the company does not ship off the country.

It should be noted that all mattresses are made to order. This means that it will take two to three days – the estimated time in which the mattress is constructed. For delivery, it will take about a week max, but it could be earlier, depending on where you’re from.

The package will arrive at you in a cardboard box where the mattress is compressed. Simply unbox the package, and place it on your chosen platform. The moment you cut the plastic wrapping open, the mattress will decompress on its own. Wait for it to take its full form, which will take about 24 hours.

Off-gassing won’t be a problem with the KAYA mattress. It does not have that distinct smell that’s common among newly opened products. The way the layers of foam are constructed is what minimizes the odor.

Buy the Kaya Mattress if you:

  • Want more than just a 10-inch mattress – most mattresses that come out on the market these days are a standard 10-inch, but the KAYA mattress is 11-inch long, easily making it a standout.
  • Want cooler nights – with the KAYA mattress’ ThermoGel technology on the topmost cover, heat won’t be a problem. The coil system also contributes to its cooling capabilities, because of increased airflow within the layers of the mattress.
  • Are used to medium comfort mattresses – it’s the safest comfort level in any mattress and works well for many sleepers.

You may want to choose something else if you:

  • Prefer an extra soft mattress – if you like the feeling of being swallowed by a mattress, don’t expect the KAYA to do so.
  • Want a foam mattress – the KAYA mattress has pocket coils inside, so if you want that even foam feel, you have to look somewhere else.

Other than those stated above, the KAYA mattress should work perfectly for you.

Basic Care

It doesn’t take much to maintain the KAYA Sleep mattress. Besides, you have a 20-year warranty, and that should take care of repairs if it’s needed. However, it’s important to keep your mattress in good condition.

To do so, it’s important not to soak your KAYA mattress. It will take forever to dry as if it will stay wet forever. You can vacuum it, however, which should keep dust and dirt at bay.

Preventing stains also comes easy. You can use the mattress as it is, but for added protection, you can buy a protector or mattress pad. Make sure that the protector is washable too. KAYA mattresses are antimicrobial as they are hypoallergic, but the extra covers will make sure they stay spotless.

The KAYA mattress is heavier than most mattresses, mainly because it’s over an inch thick than the standard mattresses. With a little, however, you can rotate the mattress end to end to distribute wear. Do this once in a while so that the surface of the foam stays even.

Upon arrival, your KAYA mattress will have a warranty and care tag with it. It’s best not to remove it. Read the care tag to ensure longevity, and the warranty tag will serve you right when it’s time for repairs, or you need to replace it. Leave the tag attached to the bed to keep its validity.

Final Verdict

KAYA Sleep mattresses offer the best of what a foam mattress and a hybrid coal have to offer. Its feel is a great balance of memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses, too.

As for its firmness, being not too soft or hard, most sleepers will find it comfortable. Support is great in any sleeping position, and its response and bounciness are just right as well. Sinkage is very minimal, and edge support is terrific, providing ample enough of space to sleep.

Another noteworthy feature is the ThermoGel to take care of hot nights or days if you sleep while the sun is up. It makes sure heat won’t disturb your sleep.

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Overall, it’s a terrific hybrid mattress that comes with a great and budget-friendly price. The manufacturers are even offering a discount as of writing. It’ll take a while for you to receive your own KAYA mattress because it’s made to order, but when it arrives and once you use it, you’ll realize it’s all worth it.

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