Top Rated Mattress 2020: Puffy Mattress + Up to $275 OFF

You spend approximately third of your life asleep, or at least you should. Sleep helps your body to refresh itself to faces the next day’s hustles. Poor quality sleep will lower your productivity and lead to ill health. This will impact negatively on your quality of life. A good quality mattress is, therefore, an investment in your comfort and health. KEETSA is one of the top producers of mattresses in the US, and this article aims to shed light on what they have to offer.

KEETSA Reviews – About the Company

The company conducts some of its business online. It also has three showrooms located in California, its headquarters, and one in New York. KEETSA prides itself in green mattresses. These are produced with an eye on the impact their production will have on the environment.

Through it uses plant-based oils as opposed to petroleum-based substitutes, the company ensures the foam it makes has a low impact on the environment. In addition, it uses organically produced cotton and latex. As a matter of fact, several organizations in California recognize them as a green business. The company tries to limit the amounts of carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Keetsa Mattress Reviews

However, it is important to note that their products are 100% organic. Doing so would make their prices very expensive. Rather, they have come up with a sort of hybrid system where they limit damage to the environment as much as possible without compromising on quality and customer needs. Their products can be more accurately described as eco-friendly.

Here is the range of their mattresses:

Tea Leaf Classic

This design is an innerspring mattress that sandwiches coils between layers of foam above and below. The foam on top is high density, and the topmost layer consists of memory foam material. Memory foam can conform to the body’s contours, which would make for more comfortable sleep. In this mattress, only a little is used, so a heavy person would not benefit a lot from it.

Tea leaf classics’  level of firmness is not as high as some of the other designs, but it can still be ranked as pretty firm. This would be ideal for a back or stomach sleeper. However, for those with broad shoulders and sleepers whose favorite position is lying on their side, the mattress might prove to be fairly uncomfortable and hard.

Tea leaf classic is a premium mattress but slightly less expensive than its fellow hybrid mattresses in the tea leaf range.

Tea Leaf Dream

Of the tea leaf designs, the dream is the top dog. Its design places it on the positive side of firmness as opposed to soft. This means it is firm enough to provide support to the sleeper, yet gives enough for comfort. The tea leaf dream is an inner coil hybrid mattress. Its coil core has a three-inch layer of firm latex on it. This adds an element of bounce to the mattress that is absent in pure foam.

Over the latex layer is a further 3 inches of memory foam. What this configuration means is that the mattress feels soft as you sink into it but gets progressively firmer as your weight exerts more pressure. All this gives the tea leaf dream a high degree of comfort.

The tea leaf dream is more expensive than the rest of the tea leaf mattresses, and it is not available in twin size. However, since its structure makes it seem to adjust to both your sleeping posture and weight, it is a mattress worth investing in.

Tea Leaf Supreme

Like the standard tea leaf, this mattress has a hemp blend cover. With a 4 inch layer of Bio-foam on top of 8 inches of foam, support for your body is guaranteed with the tea leaf supreme. This even if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. For an all foam mattress, it is fairly expensive but will give good quality sleep.

KEETSA Latex Mattress

This is the ideal mattress for anyone suffering from back problems and requires a firm mattress to sleep on. If you are looking to eliminate back or neck pains and have a sound sleep every night, this latex mattress will offer you the correct amount of firm support you need. This mattress comes in a unique design and has a comfortable foam and soft covering to give you a comfortable sleep all night long.

Desirable Features

Fire Resistant: The company uses natural wool padding to make this mattress resistant to fire through an innovative process. What is great is that they don’t use any chemical fire retardants for this feature.

Natural Latex Material: Its natural latex material complies with your body shape to offer you the most needed firmness and support. Its quality has been certified and approved by the ECO Institute.

Unique Design Core: This mattress comes in a one of a kind design that has independent coils that offer support to your entire body, giving you more comfort.

These iCoils give a responsive flex and supple movement. Their design has an independent coil that minimizes motion transfer for more body support and comfort.

Benefits of the KEETSA Latex Mattress:

  • The solution of the latex material is hypoallergenic
  • The latex material is heavy and very firm, making it great for back sleepers
  • The latex is naturally resistant to mildew and mold and comes with antibacterial qualities
  • Its design comes with iCoil core for extra comfort
  • The cover is made of pure organic cotton with a wool quilted padding cover. This is to ensure that the cover is breathable and more comfortable.
  • The mattress conforms to the body contours for extra support and comfort
  • This mattress comes at an affordable price
  • Its packaging offers a low carbon footprint and high transport efficiency. This makes this mattress very environmentally friendly.


  • It comes in varying sizes that include twin, king, full, and queen
  • It is packaged in a design that allows easy movement due to its compact size
  • Its design makes it an environment-friendly product, great for conscious people


  • This latex mattress tends to be very firm. For side and stomach sleepers, it might be uncomfortable. However, you can solve this issue by using a KEETSA Latex Comfort Layer on top of the mattress.

Who Needs A KEETSA Layer Mattress?

Anyone who suffers from back pains and is looking for a firm mattress will find this one a great choice. The firm construction, soft, breathable cover, and supple reflex technology make it perfect. It will help you sleep more comfortably.

For those who are environmentally conscious, this low carbon footprint product design coupled with iCoil technology is the best choice. It is both safe and comfortable.

KEETSA Pillow Plus mattress

This is a medium-firm mattress that features a 4-inch layer of super soft BioFoam over separately wrapped coils. It is a perfect combination that is meant to help prevent any pressure points from developing along your shoulders, hips, and lower back. If you are worried about buying a too firm or too soft mattress, go for this one.


  • The core: It has independent coils to support all parts of your body with perfect supple and responsive flex. These independent coils ensure less motion transfer for better sleep.
  • The comfort top: Its top has a well-cushioned pillow top that always welcomes you to take a nap on the high-quality memory foam.
  • BioFoam: The foam’s material is made partly out of plant oil to reduce reliance on chemicals and lower emissions of hazardous VOCs.
  • A medium-firm mattress comes with a four-inch layer of soft BioFoam material over individually wrapped coils. It is a combination that can help in preventing pressure points from developing along your hips, shoulders, and lower back. An ideal product if you are worried about going too firm or too soft. This mattress is fine for most individuals who sleep on the back, stomach, and side.
  • The fiber: It is moisture resistant and helps keep you cooler by increasing the air flow.
  • The cover: It is made from pure unbleached cotton for safety when coming into contact with your skin. It is also channel quilted with fiber to ensure it is breathable and extra comfy.
  • The feel: The pillow top gives a plush feel, making it ideal for both side and stomach sleepers.

KEETSA Plus Mattress

This is the least expensive in this range. It is a slightly more basic mattress, which tends to be firm but not quite like KEETSA Latex. It resembles the Pillow Plus but has less padding on the top.

This makes it ideal for those looking for a temporary mattress that is more firm. It tends to be a tight top spring firm model. Besides, it is a no flip kind that will offer you memory foam padding.


  • Memory foam: The memory foam will also help relieve pressure, especially after a long day’s work.
  • Innerspring: This feature offers you with motion isolation and repositioning to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Who is Suited for this mattress?

  • Those who sleep on their backs
  • Individuals who sleep on their stomachs
  • People who prefer just a slight softness


This is an all-memory foam mattress made with high-density BioFoam. Instead of using pure petroleum, KEETSA replaces 12 % of it with plant-based castor bean oil. Its base is a bit thicker with 71/2 inches and the middle taking 11/2 inches. Also, the quilted topper BioFoam has the same height.

It offers great motion isolation feature and doesn’t dissipate heat though some users have complained that it traps a lot of warmth.

It is great for back and side sleepers. Also, its price is very reasonable.

Overall, the KEETSA variety has a product that suits your sleep needs. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back, KEETSA will cater to your body structure and size. A bonus point is the knowledge that the environment did not have to suffer for you to get your beauty sleep.