Kutson Mattress Review

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Kutson Mattress is a great option for anyone looking to purchase a sleeping product whose firmness can be adjusted. Unlike the other competing brands, this mattress features a modular construction design where you can add or remove the memory foam layers depending on how firm or soft you want your bed to be. By unzipping the cover of the Kutson Mattress, you are able to rearrange the various layers to customize the bed fully based on your needs.

The Kutson Mattress is also designed to provide top-level edge support, which is will often lack in other memory foam mattresses. It is a digitalized sleeping product that is attracting a lot of positive reviews from customers. Are you looking to get yourself the Kutson Mattress and are not familiar with its features? If you are, this is a must-read review since it provides detailed information about Kutson with respect to its construction, heat regulation, motion isolation, firmness, comfort, among other essential factors. The article also discusses the factors that you should consider before purchasing any mattress.

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Kutson MattressThe 11-inch mattress features 4 layers as shown below:

  1. Top layer: This is also called the Alaria layer, and it is made up of memory foam that is infused with a gel. This ensures that your sleeping temperature is regulated such that you stay cool all night long. This layer is also soft to provide a comfortable surface for you to lie on.
  2. Second layer: This layer contains 9 different memory foam layers that are arranged according to your personal needs and preference. You, however, will have to arrange them from the softest to the firmest layer after receiving the mattress from the dealer. The density of each memory foam varies marginally from one another to ensure better performance and durability.
  3. Third layer: This is the comfort layer, and it is fitted with foam that is covered in patent-pending foam edge rail. This strengthens the mattress and provides edge support. The mattress’ edge support not only gives you a wider sleeping area but also ensures that you do not roll off when sleeping on it.
  4. Base layer: The base layer of the Kutson Mattress is made of high-density foam that is strong and durable. This layer ensures that you enjoy the correct spinal alignment when sleeping so that you can maintain the right posture.

The four layers are further covered in a sheet that is soft, durable, and zipped. You can easily remove the cover to access the layers for firmness adjustment or cleaning. You can also choose the foundation you are most comfortable with since the Kutson Mattress does not advise on the use of a specific one.

Motion Transfer

Most people are looking for mattresses that can isolate motion, especially for the people who share a bed. For couples, the Kutson Mattress is designed perfectly to ensure limited motion transfer just like the other memory foam sleeping products. For improved performance in motion isolation, this mattress features multiple memory foam layers, and it is 11 inches thick.

Every side or edge of the mattress is constructed such that it contains separate comfort layers. This way, you are able to sleep peacefully without worrying that you might disturb one another as you change sleeping positions. You can also get out or on the bed without your sleeping partner feeling any motion.

This is made even better by the patent-pending foam edge rail that provides adequate edge support to the mattress. With this innovation, a light person is sure to sleep with a heavy person without feeling the rolling off on the surface. This makes sleeping on the mattress comfortable because you will not be interrupted in the night by the other person’s movements. This also makes Kutson Mattress ideal for the people who share a bed with their large pets.

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Off Gassing

Like most other new sleep products, you will feel a slight smell from the mattress when you remove it from the box upon delivery on your doorstep. It is imperative to note that you will need an extra pair of hands to set your Kutson Mattress up. Once this is done, you should allow it time to expand and air before you can sleep on it.

To do this, you may consider opening the windows for proper ventilation so that the odor can escape. You should know that Kutson Mattress is designed and constructed in US, which guarantees quality. It also means that the mattress will emit less noxious odor. Moreover, the materials used, such as the memory foam, gel, and others, are all CertiPUR-US certified. This guarantees that the mattress has no toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

Temperature regulation

Most people across the globe love their beds to remain cool when they are in it for quality sleep. Kutson Mattress has the Alaria layer infused with a gel that keeps your sleeping surface cool throughout the night. It utilizes a mechanism that wicks off your body’s heat and moisture to keep you cool and comfortable. To maintain the optimal sleeping coolness, the gel absorbs the room’s temperature, counteracting the possible heat fluctuations.

Unlike the traditional memory foam mattresses, Kutson Mattress is constructed with medium thickness. This helps minimize heat retention incidences within its layers, which would result into a hot sleep.

You will love Kutson Mattress if:

  • You like sleeping warm: Majority of the people like sleeping products that will keep them cool as they sleep. When you sweat during the night, you may get uncomfortable and keep waking up to cool yourself. With Kutson Mattress, however, you will not need to worry anymore about over heating or sweating too much while asleep. Its top layer is constructed with gel infusion that regulates the sleeping temperatures to the optimum level where you can comfortably sleep without interruptions.
  • You prefer mattresses made of memory foam: For some people, memory foam is all they want in their bed because it hugs them whenever they lie on it. Memory foam also allows you to sink right into the mattress.
  • You have back problems: The base layer of Kutson Mattress is constructed for the specific purpose of aligning your spine. The resilient foam will correct your posture and help with your back problems. With this mattress, you are sure to wake up healed after enjoying a high quality sleep.
  • You are looking for a mattress with great value at a low price: For only $995, you will get the queen size Kutson Mattress. After purchasing the mattress, you should know that it comes with a 10-year warranty. You will also get 120 nights risk-free trial period where you can test the quality of the mattress against your needs. If you find out that the mattress does not satisfy your needs, you may consider returning it. It is important to note that you will get a full refund whenever you return Kutson Mattress after the 120-days trial.
  • You prefer mattresses whose firmness you can adjust: Kutson Mattress is customizable. This means that you can adjust the layers to create a soft, medium, or firm mattress depending on your needs.

You will not love Kutson Mattress if:

  • You prefer the traditional memory foam: Kutson Mattress is made with the modern memory foam that allows the application of digitized innovations. For instance, the first layer of the memory foam is infused with a cool-gel that works extraordinarily in providing users with a high quality, cool sleep. The base layer is also designed for spine alignment, which differentiates it from the conventional memory foam mattresses.
  • You do not love mattresses made from memory foam in all layers: Some mattresses feature pocket coil systems and other innovative technologies for support, temperature regulation, motion isolation etc. Kutson Mattress is made of memory foam in all its four layers. If you are not in for an all-foam mattress, you should do further research to identify the mattress brand that best fits your needs and preference.

Caring for the Kutson Mattress

Kutson Mattress is constructed for ease of care and maintenance. Unlike the other brands that require to be flipped every now and then, this mattress does not need that. However, you should ensure to rotate it after every 3 months of use. This way, Kutson Mattress will wear out evenly and one side will not sag more than the other will.

The mattress cover has a zipper that you can remove easily and, it is machine washable only through a gentle cycle. To avoid damaging the cover, you should air dry it. To enhance the Kutson Mattress cover’s durability, you should machine wash it sparingly. The best way to go about cleaning this cover is spot cleaning. When doing this, you should be sure to use mild chemicals and cold water. Clean the spots by rubbing the cover gently with your hands.

You may also go for a mattress protector to keep the cover from getting dirty or staining. This way, you will not need to clean the cover frequently. This will enhance its durability.

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Kutson Mattress firmness

This mattress features the dual-side modular design that gives you the opportunity to custom-arrange the nine foam layers to the desired firmness level. This is a great way of ensuring that you are comfortable with your sleeping product. With this mattress, you are able to create the softness or firmness you want on your side of the bed. You do not need to buy another mattress for this since you can do the adjustment right at home.

If you buy the California King, King size, or Queen size Kutson Mattresses, the company will ensure that you are provided with extra comfort foam layers if you need them at no charge. This is because the company values your satisfaction and is oriented towards helping you get the right combination and firmness you are looking for.

Final verdict

Kutson Mattress is a new brand in the market. While some users will view this as a weakness, our review proves that the company has done a more extensive research compared to the mattress brands that used traditional memory foam. It has constructed the mattress with your needs of comfort, motion isolation, coolness, and support for spine alignment in mind. It is plausible to say that Kutson Mattress is of good value and absolutely worth its price.

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