Felicity Keith is the author of Language of Desire. She is an expert on the sexual psychology of the male, dirty talk and erotic fantasy. In the past, her inability to talk dirty led to a broken heart. When she discovered her husband watching porno, she decided to learn about the male psyche instead of getting mad. She began interviewing sex therapists, phone sex workers and psychology professors.

The Language of Desire is the result of seven years of testing, interviews and studies. The author learned how to strengthen her relationships to empower herself. This discovery was rooted in her mission to learn what attracts a man to a woman. Felicity Keith is an average woman who understands the erotic minds and mysteries of men.

The Bare Bones and Erotic Nature of Language of Desire

The idea behind this eBook is the number of women in a relationship where the man loses sexual interest in the woman. The author explains why the man was unable to keep his hands to himself when your relationship was new only to lose his passion for sex with you as time passes. The author discusses the frustrations for ladies with a strong sex drive, the unsatisfied feeling and the loss of self-esteem.

Felicity Keith understands what it is like to feel unattractive, insecure and unloved. She believes a lot of the issues come from general society. She states men always desiring sex is nothing more than a fairy tale. She talks about how men simply want what they are unable to have. They are stimulated by the challenge. This is the reason men chase the woman when the relationship is new.

Once the man has obtained what he desires, he knows you will give him whatever he wants whenever he wants it. This tarnishes the excitement and innovation of the relationship. The man’s libido will revert to the original state. The author believes some men have an unbelievably low libido. Language of Desire will teach you how to stimulate your man with a combination of excitement, flirtation and mystery.

Men desire sexually positive ladies with the ability to easily turn them on. The program provides you with all of the information you will need to increase your partner’s desire to have you. There is a lot of good information to seduce and tempt your partner. One of the methods discussed is the Tease Intensifier. This will show you how to drive your man crazy using various verbal techniques.

Pavlov’s Erection Technique offers a way to sexually turn on your man by whispering an innocent phrase right into his ear. The author teaches the art of Erotic Telepathy. This will provide you with insight into the mind of your partner. There are numerous interesting sections included in the program guide.

The Scintillating Bonus Materials

The book is easy to understand because the author does not use any complicated medical or scientific terminology. You will also receive three different bonus materials. These are Unstoppable Confidence, The Texting Dirty Guide for Good Girls and Silent Seduction. The section for Silent Seduction provides you with practical tips for seducing your man through your use of body language.

The Texting Dirty Guide offers you text messages to send to your man to wake up his senses and desire. Unstoppable Confidence is explained in a ninety-minute audio format. The audio includes conversations and training with Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. This will help increase your confidence when you are with a man. You will also learn how your vulnerability can be used to attract a man.

The program is extremely interesting because it will enable you to understand your sexual self a lot better. You will gain the knowledge necessary to take your relationship to an entirely new level. You will learn how to discover a new you. This is accomplished by developing your personality to become an improved version of yourself.

This book should be extremely beneficial for timid women. The tips provided in the program will teach you how to focus the attention of your man on you as opposed to numerous gadgets such as his smartphone or the television. The author explains how relationships begin with roses and excitement but as time passes the romance begins to lose heat.

Once the romance dwindles, the attention of your man will often start to fizzle. This can cause your relationship to fail. The guide in the book provides you with good information for preventing this from happening. According to the positive reviews of a lot of users, the information contained in Language of Desire actually works. The book enables you to understand your partner better using a psychological approach.

Once you understand the male physique, you can learn how to adapt while becoming a better person. Felicity Keith is offering an honest and straightforward approach for creating a spark in your partnership. She has learned the male psyche extremely well by spending years conducting interviews and research with all of the right people. There is no risk in purchasing the eBook because a money-back guarantee is included.

The Concept and Purpose of Language of Desire

Language of Desire is extremely useful if you want to understand the sexual psychology of your man. The program has been created exclusively for women. The author will teach you the techniques and tricks you need to get what you need from your man. The program explains exactly which changes you need to make in your relationship with your husband or your man.

Even if you are having a relationship with a man that only lasts for one night, you will most likely get a lot out of this book. You will learn how to gain the upper hand when you want something from your partner. You will learn the importance of looking inside of your partner to understand what he truly wants. This will enable you to keep him wanting your attention.

The book is easy to understand because of all the different sections. The program will teach you all of the sexy secrets, tips and techniques you could ever want. The author has also included worksheets in every section. This will make it much easier to retain the information so you can turn it into action. Language of Desire offers a lot including:

  • Brain chemistry and sex
  • Erotic Action Movie tricks
  • When sex is not an option
  • Desire Intensifiers
  • Mastering dirty talk
  • Fulfilling your sexual desires by becoming a superwoman
  • Upgrading your relationship status
  • Loving your man and best friend
  • Attaining your fantasies

The Juicy Details of the PDF

The book is a complete relationship guide to help you bring back the spark in your relationship. When you first immerse yourself in the program, you may believe the only purpose is learning how to arouse your man by talking dirty. In reality, Language of Desire offers so much more. By the time you have completed the program, you will have learned how to make your partner believe he is the only man in existence in your eyes.

The author of the book is over the age of forty with children. Her book is the culmination of all the research she has conducted to discover the mysteries of the attraction between women and men. She explains what she has learned well to enable you to retain and use the same information. Felicity Keith has organized her information extremely well using ten separate modules.

There are between four and five sections in every module. You will be able to understand the information regardless of the order you in which you read the modules. Despite this, the author does recommend reading the modules in the order in which she included them in her book. The guide offers you a great deal of useful information for improving the relationship you have with your man.

You will learn how to be seen as desirable by your man, the most common relationship issues and why men enjoy sex and watching pornography. The first module is actually an introduction to the guide contained within the book. This concludes with the Dirty Mastery Class. You can also download three additional bonus products to enhance your experience with the overall package.

The guide content for the Language of Desire focuses on helping you create a healthy and stable relationship with your man. You even have the ability to access the guide using your mobile phone so you can listen to what the author has to say anytime you choose. This is possible by purchasing the program in an MP3 format. The guide contains numerous different techniques, each with a distinctly unique name.

A good example is Pavlov’s Erection. The name is in reference to the phrase you can whisper into your partner’s ear to immediately trigger an attraction. The Tease Intensifier is a technique you can use to tease your partner until he literally loses control of his sexual desires. Once you have mastered the Tease Intensifier, you will proceed to the Oral Intensifier. The name explains this technique perfectly.

You can use Erotic Telepathy to reach the mind of your man. This will enable you to awaken fantasies he may not even realize exist. The Desire seed shows you how to embed your deepest and darkest desires into the mind of your man. You can use Verbal Viagra to make him instantly hard. The Lust Mirror is also extremely efficient. This will ensure both you and your man are in the heart of the action.

If you want to be chased by your man as opposed to watching him sit and view porn, you need the Porn Destroyer. The reviews of this particular section have been extremely good. You can use the worksheets the author included throughout the book to take notes and practice the information you are learning. Felicity Keith believes her guide is both extremely versatile and advantageous.

The techniques may be subtle but they should result in positive and visible changes in your man’s sexual behavior. Both the guide and the content are easily accessed and followed. You should not have any difficulties successfully navigating through this book or applying the advice presented by the author to your personal life. The worksheets will help you use your new knowledge for your specific situation.

The guide used for Language of Desire has a similar structure to a college course. Felicity Keith is simply sharing the knowledge she has gained from her personal experience and research. The information in this program goes a lot deeper than you will find with similar packages. The author even discusses sexual issues in addition to providing numerous examples. The overall consensus is this book is worth a try.

The Final Review

If you are interested in solidifying and strengthing your relationship, there are some good tips and strategies contained in the book. The guide is easy to read, understand and follow. The author is good at conveying the information she has learned through years of intense study and research. If you are not happy with your results, you do have a money-back guarantee.