Lawrence Lanoff is the author of The Language of Lust. Both men and women refer to this fifty-year-old author as dirty talk’s Darth Vader. He has worked a variety of jobs including a photographer for Playboy and a film director. For the past ten years, he has been a dating and life coach. His charisma draws beautiful women right to his side.

According to his Twitter account, he is a social-satirist-sex-pundit, a compassionate filmmaker and one of the best selling writers. He questions the cultural myths regarding sex, love and religion. He created an event to teach how to let sexual impulses flow freely and the exploration of sexual energy.

A Brief Synopsis

The Language Of Lust is easy to download in eBook format. The program teaches men how to get extremely beautiful women into their beds. The author believes settling for one average looking woman during a relatively short lifetime is nothing more than a common rut. He shows men how to make beautiful women lust after them without any changes to their appearance.

Men all over the world have been successful with this program without changing anything including their income. The program guarantees women will become sexually obsessed through a few easy physiological techniques. The man will not even have to touch the woman to succeed. Lawrence Lanoff explains how a woman’s mind works. He says women also play games, disappear and flirt.

The reason this program is different than the others is that the man does not need to get the woman drunk or manipulate her to get her into bed. Once the man understands the mind of the woman and the way she thinks, he can reach his goal.

The Titillating Specifics

The Language of Lust has all of the information necessary to delve the mind of the woman. There are in excess of thirty intense techniques, phrases and tricks to ignite the passion of the woman. Once the woman has opened up and feels safe, her sexual hunger can be aroused. The author conducted investigations for five years regarding the behavior of women on a date.

Tests were conducted on the information with positive results prior to the release of the program. The popularity is due to the man not needing to change who he is and being able to interpret the basic signals of women. The Language of Love stresses the importance of communication and language. In order for the man to be taken seriously, he must show confidence and the ability to take care of the woman.

The author cautions a lack of confidence will place the man right into the dreaded friend zone. The program teaches how to be a real man capable of protecting his woman. This does not guarantee the relationship will last for the long term. The man simply gains the ability to control the situation. He is seen as a man as opposed to a little boy.

The idea is to teach the man how to understand the women so he can fulfill her desires in bed. According to Lawrence Lanoff, the man can give the woman mind-blowing multiple orgasms. He believes this is exactly what women are looking for. This is not a typical dating guide. The man is provided with the details necessary to get the women interested, retain her interest and seduce her.

This program is meant for men who want to get a lot of different women in bed as opposed to settling down. It may be possible for some men to find love using the steps in this guide. The secret to making the coldest of women melt for a man she previously detested is contained in The Language of Lust.

The Importance of the Modules and Bonus Materials

The first five modules teach the man how to become a sexual superhero by looking at the woman and her desires in a different way. This cancels out any negative perceptions. The program helps the man obtain a better self-image and increase his confidence level. Every module covers a different topic while busting the common myths about women.

The author discusses the Madonna-whore complex, explains the rules of talking dirty and provides some examples. The focus of another module is giving the woman permission to lose control during sex. The ROSA technique is introduced. This is an abbreviation for relaxation, observation, suggestion and act. The secrets of the sexual psychology of women are revealed.

The Language of Lust includes a few techniques to change the attitude of the woman based on what they really think. Making the woman feel confident and safe enables the man to express the way he feels about the woman’s body. Specific examples are provided by the author to help the man understand what is necessary to communicate with women. This will provide the man with numerous opportunities to be perceived differently.

All of this enables the man to get the woman in bed to experience great sex. The man can make the woman feel like she has already been in a relationship with him. Four additional modules are about brain chemistry and sex. This enables the man to obtain a positive response by understanding how the chemical process of dopamine will generate a desirable reaction.

This module shows the man the right way to use the happiness of the woman to receive a good response. Pavlov’s Pussy technique is described by Lawrence Lanoff himself. This is a five-step process to help ensure the man can efficiently interact with the woman of his choice to obtain good sex. The program explains the specific language necessary for the man to be irresistible to women.

The rules for using positive dirty talk are explained in the program. The next four modules cover some of the secrets regarding the limbic brain. This is the emotional response of the woman based on the actions of the man. The woman’s sexuality is directly connected to this part of the brain. This gets the woman to trust the man and feel safe when she is with him.

The Lust Intensifiers module takes the reader to another level. Once the man understands the way women think, he can use certain techniques to get her to reveal her genuine desires and thoughts. There are four modules about role-playing, imagination and oral sex. The Emotional Revenge Method is recommended for bonding when a woman is having an emotional time.

The Erotic Porn Script Technique is covered in four modules. This discusses the error of the belief that porn and women are never a match. This helps the man use anticipation and confidence to build a stronger connection with the woman. The man essentially creates his own porn-script to use with the woman of his choice. The author provides advice on how to create this script.

There are five phases for Getting Your Fantasies Met. Lawrence Lanoff teaches the man how to make the woman believe it was her idea by using communication to plant ideas into her head. He learns how to transform his fantasies into the desires of the couple so the woman believes the idea was hers. There is a module showing how to use safe toys, condoms and lube for great sex.

Deliciously Dirty From a Distance shows men how to target women in long-distance relationships in four modules. The men are encouraged to spice up their relationship using Skype sex and phone sex. The hypnosis technique is described by the author to create a fantasy in the woman’s mind. There are secrets for restoring a nonexistent or boring sex life.

The Language of Lust Mastery teaches how to use all of the methods and techniques to improve the performance of the man. This module provides practical tricks and examples to enable the man to use all of the information in the program including the key to enjoying every sexual experience.

The bonus content for The Language of Lust has three main topics. These are dirty texting, reframing porn and the threesome code.

A Quick Guide to the Juicy Details

The techniques in the program are what the man requires to unleash the desire of the women and get inside of her mind. The most important techniques are outlined below.

The Password Technique: The author believes women are not quite themselves when dating because they have too many personalities. This technique teaches the man how to make the woman relax, loosen up and have a good time.

The Panty Drencher Technique: This technique enables the man to turn on the woman of his choice. The man simply whispers an innocent or not innocent phrase into her ear.

The Lust Technique: This technique is extremely powerful because it enables the creation of a lust loop between the man and the woman.

The Fort Knox Technique: This simple phrase is designed to drive the woman crazy. When used at the right time, the woman becomes sexually obsessed with the man.

Resistance Technique: When the woman is not in the mood, this technique reveals exactly what the man needs to say and do the reverse the situation immediately.

The Orgasm Technique: This technique is a mind game a man uses to make the women dissolve with lust in just a few seconds. The program has extremely explicit material so the man knows how to make the woman reach orgasms.

The Madonna Moan Technique: This technique makes the woman moan like an animal and lose any judgment in her mind. The man shows the woman she can have the most incredible time she has ever had with him.

The Emotional Revenge Technique: This is a dangerous technique because it triggers emotions in the woman. She will completely forget about her ex-boyfriends.

The Coffee Mind Lay Technique: This enables the man to have connected and deep sex without removing his clothing. The woman is surprised because the man never touches her. She will be unable to stop thinking about this man.

The Kink Exposure Technique: This technique enables the man to show the woman how to find her inner fantasies. All he has to do is snap a picture on his phone.

The Dirty Distance Technique: All a man needs to satisfy a woman with this technique are his thumbs. This will create a deep sexual obsession within the woman.

The Four Minute Gaze Technique: This technique makes the woman feel close to the man even though he only looks at her. This technique is only used if the man desires a relationship. Using this technique for a one-night stand will not work.

The Friend to Fantasy Technique: This technique enables a man to escape from the friend zone.

There are numerous additional techniques such as enabling a man to fill a cold woman with desire and get rid of any judgment regarding their own body. In addition to The Language of Lust, the program also includes a Threesome Code Bonus.

The Final Word

The bottom line is The Language of Lust teaches a man how to speak to a woman so she is filled with lust. This may be the key to success for many men. If the man fails to succeed with these techniques, the program does offer a sixty-day money-back guarantee.