With the multitude of mattresses on the market, Layla appears to have designed one in a way to stand out amongst the rest. For starters, this is a dual-mattress so that you can select which level of firmness you wish to sleep on.

If you are interested in learning more about this product before buying it, then you should check out the following review. In this article, we will go into detail about the construction of the mattress in addition to discussing both the soft comfort layer and the firm comfort layer. In the end, you will have a greater understanding of whether or not this mattress is the right one for your specific needs.

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Construction Breakdown

Layla Mattress ReviewsThe Layla mattress is composed of the following four layers:

  • Layer 1: This is the initial comfort layer that is made with a 3-in. soft, copper infused memory foam. It has a density of 3.5 lbs.
  • Layer 2: Under the soft comfort layer is a 2-in. deep convoluted air flow foam that is 1.8 lbs dense.
  • Layer 3: Here is the main supportive base of the mattress. Though it is not on the bottom no matter which side of the mattress you sleep on, it is meant to provide core support overall. This poly foam makes up 4.5-in. of the mattress, and it is high in density being 2lbs.
  • Layer 4: The final layer is the firmer copper infused memory foam. Though it has a similar 3.5 lbs density rating as the first soft layer, it is only 1-in. thick.

Once you take in the four layers, there is a cover that keeps them all together. This mattress uses a Thermo-Gel cover that is made from a soft, polyester blend of materials.

When you first receive your Layla mattress, it comes compressed and rolled. However, once you unravel, it, the mattress takes to its regular shape immediately.

Feel & Firmness

Since the Layla mattress is a dual-mattress, we will address each side separately.

To begin with the soft comfort layer, it is designed with a good level of thickness. This will offer you a rather decent amount of cushioning. Since it is made from memory foam, it contours well and you should sink into it right away.

Side-sleepers in particular can benefit the most from this layer. It has a good amount of softness that those types of sleepers seek to relieve pressure in the right spots. However, those who sleep on their stomachs or backs may have trouble getting comfortable as it has the ability to feel too soft.

That has a lot to do with the pressure response on the soft layer. Although it does perform decently in comparison to other softer mattresses, it may take some breaking in if you want it to respond faster. The memory foam may have you sinking in rather quick, so changing position is not so simple at first.

Now, let us take a look at the firmer comfort layer. Once you elect to lie on this layer, you will notice immediately the difference in the response. This is largely due to the fact that unlike with the soft comfort layer, directly underneath the firm side is the supportive base. It is the thickest part of the entire mattress.

With the supportive foam base in place, it acts as a barrier for the firm layer. The copper memory foam will still allow for some contouring in addition to just the right amount of softness. However, the supportive foam base transitions it all and keeps it from getting too plush. This can lend itself to a much quicker pressure response so you can change position with ease.

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Temperature Regulation

What may be the biggest selling point of this mattress is the fact that both of the comfort layers are copper infused. Let’s tackle a bit more about copper infusion. It has become a major factor in the use of many popular mattresses on the market today. That is because it offers so many benefits.

For one thing, copper can help with blood flow. This, in turn, can help alleviate conditions such as joint pain and inflammation. However, for the sake of the Layla mattress, we are more interested in addressing the temperature regulation that copper handles.

Whether you are in a place that sees warmer weather or you are just simply a hot sleeper no matter the temperature outside, regulating your body temperature on a mattress is important. It can spell the difference between a comfortable sleep and one that keeps you up. Copper infusion is designed so that it can draw your body’s heat away. This can provide you with a cooler, comfortable sleeping experience.

In addition to the copper infused memory foam, the cover of the mattress is made to further enhance the temperature regulation. It is infused with a Thermo-Gel finish that pushes to keep the coolness even closer to your body. Even better about this feature is that it is triggered. Meaning, it can detect moisture, so if you happen to be sweating, it knows to kick in to help cool you down while you rest.

Comfort & Support

To begin, regardless of which side of the mattress you are using, the Thermo-Gel cover is comfortable in its own right. It is made using soft material and provides cool contact to your skin.

With that said, let us move onto the actual layers using the soft comfort layer first. Those of you who enjoy a mattress that contours to your shape and allows for good sinking will enjoy this side of the mattress. It is not overly soft compared to others like it, but it can help remove pressure in the right spots for side-sleepers.

Because of that, the soft layer can rate rather high on the comfort scale. However, it may not rate so high on the support level. For some people, it can still sink a bit too much, taking time to move around to find a comfortable position. This is a personal preference though.

Next we will take a look at the edge support offered from the soft layer. It has some decent support, but it is still not the greatest out there. Due to the thick memory foam, you will see a good amount of compression the closer you get to the edge. Even still, this is true for many memory foam-based mattresses.

Now, we will turn our attention to the firm comfort layer. This is where people like back and stomach sleepers find the most support. It does not contour as much, so your hips and back are kept in a good position. On the contrary, side-sleepers may not see the same amount of support as the firm side does not relieve pressure in areas such as the shoulders.

When it comes to the edge support with the firm layer, you still have to keep in mind that it is memory foam and this type of material is prone to compressing. However, you will not see as much when compared to the soft comfort layer.

This difference is because the copper memory foam here is 2-in. thinner. So, when you get to the edge, you hit that supportive foam base underneath that prevents the mattress from compressing too much. In the end though, again, the amount of comfort and support will be based on your personal likes and needs and what kind of sleeper you are.

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Bounce & Motion Transfer

When it comes to bounce and the amount of motion transferred, mattresses made from memory foam do not tend to have as much of these traits as traditional spring-based mattresses. The Layla bed is no different. However, you will see some slight distinctions depending on which side you have decided to use.

As with before, we will address the soft comfort layer first. This does not have much of a bounce to it since you are dropping onto a thick layer of shock-absorbing memory foam. You may see just a tad bit of motion transfer to it, however.

With the firm comfort layer, you get a bit more bounce, but not nearly as much as with a spring mattress. The bounce you see is based on that there is only 1-in. of memory foam and then you go straight into the poly supportive base foam. Motion transfer on the firm side seems a bit less than the soft layer though.

Additional Features

There are a few more noteworthy things to address about the Layla mattress. They are listed below:

  • Made in the U.S. Layla proudly states how their mattress is 100% made in the United States.
  • Good value. When you look at all of the sizes offered, they are priced under $1000.
  • Shipping. If you order this online, the shipping is completely free to the 48 U.S. continental states.
  • Risk-free. Layla sells their mattress with no risk to you as it comes with a 4-month or 120-night trial period. If you do not like it, you can even send it back for free with a full refund offered.
  • Warranty. Attached to the mattress is a lifetime warranty. It covers a variety of issues such as loss of shape, foam cracking, and more.
  • Adjustable-bed friendly. Feel free to attach the mattress to an adjustable bed as it works just fine.
  • Washable cover. You can easily unzip and remove the cover to clean it, though Layla does recommend dry cleaning it.

Is the Layla Mattress Worth It?

To wrap things up, Layla has created a well-constructed, high-quality mattress. It is double-sided so that you are given some variety in how you want to sleep. Though you may want to flip it with someone else, it is not much of a hassle to change sides and reattach the cover.

Some people may come away enjoying one side over the other, but neither is truly better. The soft comfort layer does its job and is comfortable overall, while the firm comfort layer provides a good amount of support.

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This mattress can be of good use if you are looking for a cooler night’s sleep thanks to both the copper infused memory foam as well as the Thermo-Gel cover. Also, the fact that Layla sells this risk-free should take away any concerns as you can try it and send it back if you happen to not like it.