Samantha is the pen name of the author of Legendary Enlargement. The method for naturally enlarging the size of the penis is based on science with no surgery or pills necessary. The book is based on the discovery of the diamond method. This technique results in a cellular response inside the male sex organ. This forces the member to grow wider and thicker.

The Purpose of Legendary Enlargement

Samantha created a one-of-a-kind technique to enable men to increase both the length and girth of their penis. This approach is a fast, natural and safe way to have a longer and wider penis. This book will show you how to control your ejaculation while enjoying having a powerful erection. When erect, the length of the average penis is between five and seven inches.

Some men have a penis longer than the average length while others have a shorter member. When the length of a man’s penis is less than the average length, achieving penetration while having sex can be difficult. According to the author, most women want a man with a penis between eight and eight and one-half inches in length while erect.

The average woman is comfortable with this length including during the actual penetration. The majority of men are unable to measure up since this is longer than the length of the average penis. Men with a five-inch penis most likely feel uncomfortable because this length may not satisfy the average woman. This book is offering men a solution.

Legendary Enlargement may be the answer for men who are unable to satisfy their partner due to the length and girth of their penis. If you are uncertain whether or not this book will help with your situation, you need to measure the girth and length of your member while erect. Begin by measuring the upper portion of your member from the head. You will continue until you reach your stomach.

If you are having problems measuring, there are indications you may have a short penis. This includes accidentally slipping out during intercourse, your partner not knowing they have been penetrated and condoms slipping off extremely easily. You may be unable to provide a woman with an orgasm through penetration if you have a short penis.

The truth is the average woman wants a man with a wider and longer penis. One of the options available to you is Legendary Enlargement. This will make you more attractive to your partner by helping to increase the length of your penis by a few inches. The basis of this technique has been proven scientifically to help men of every age improve both their confidence level and sexual performance.

The techniques explained by the author have been tested and tried for several years. The technique involves specially designed exercises to provide a healthy workout for your penis. This will not cause you any pain or discomfort. You will perform these exercises using only your hands. Nothing else is required. You will not need to use any suctions, pumps or weights to be successful.

The reason these exercises work is because they break down the cells contained in your member. These are called corpora cavernosa cells. The exercises stretch the ligaments in your penis. This enables growth within your member. Once the cells have regenerated, your penis will grow back stronger, thicker and larger. This is how you will be able to achieve permanent results using this program.

The author has stated no medication is necessary. You will not have to use pumps or contraption to enlarge your member. The size of your penis will enlarge naturally. According to the author, you will also not need to use the jelqing technique. If you are not familiar with this technique, it is a method men use in an attempt to naturally enlarge the size of their member.

The technique involves the use of a hand over hand motion created to move your blood to the head of your member so it will stretch. The author does not believe in this technique because it can potentially cause damage to the tissue of your penis and is often extremely uncomfortable. Legendary Enlargement offers a three-phase approach. These specific movements use a scientific process for stimulation.

This process is referred to as cytomechanical elongation. This is what forces your member to go through a growth surge leading to a larger and thicker penis. According to the author, the specific movements are natural and gradual. This technique is supposed to be both safe and fast. The focus of this technique is the application of a little pressure on your penis.

The pressure stimulates cytomechanical elongation. This is what is believed to strengthen your arteries and increase your circulatory to carry more blood to your member.

What Legendary Enlargement Includes

Legendary Enlargement consists of four separate eBooks. These are digital books filled with the information you will need for growing your penis faster than you dreamed was even possible. The only way you will be able to decide if this is the right program for your specific needs is to learn at least a portion of the information included in the book.

One of the books is called Monster 101. This section of the book includes smaller sections such as the Diamond Method. This promises an effective and simple way to increase the size of your penis. There are safety guidelines and warning signs included to help ensure you maintain good health for your member.

The second book is called Girth 101. This shows you how to achieve a thicker penis to ensure you are happy with your member. The Herbal Enlargement Smoothie is a section including a recipe for an extremely special smoothie. Not only is the smoothy delicious, but it can also help increase the size of your penis.

The third book is called The Superior Man. This book teaches you how to have the mentality of a superior man. This is about a lot more than increasing the size of your penis. The author will show you how to discover the secrets of a more confident man. This is meant to eliminate any issues with getting any woman you desire. The advice in this book is surprisingly useful and insightful for your daily life.

The Ultimate Sex Stack shows you the variety of supplements you can use for improving your sexual life. Some of these will help you while others will not. This part of the book will enable you to create a supplement stack to improve your libido and increase the size of your member. If you are interested in improving your overall sex life, this section will most likely be of great interest.

The Three Phases of the Program

The program consists of three basic phases you will need to learn. These phases are outlined below.

Phase 1: Legendary Primer: This is the first phase of the book. You will be taught how to get into the zone by initiating your metamorphosis. This is the preparation of your mind and body for the larger penis you should be able to experience. There are numerous topics covered in this section including:

  • How to use a simple strategy to attain success.
  • Remaining in the gain zone permanently.
  • The reason the majority of men quit prior to experiencing the magic.
  • How to naturally establish growth on the inside of your member.
  • Permanently entering the gain zone through a simple strategy.

Phase 2: Legendary Girth: The second phase is focused on increasing the girth of your member. The topics discussed in the phase include:

  • How to attain girth faster and easier by using a simple formula.
  • A powerful technique for increasing the flow of blood to your member.
  • The reason girth is the solution for attaining extra inches.

Phase 3: Legendary Length: This is the last phase of the book. You will be taught different exercises to help you increase the size of your member. According to the author, if you practice these exercises consistently over a period of time you will see a good improvement in both girth and size. This book includes the following topics:

  • Forcing your body into growth safely using the movements of the Diamond Method.
  • Increasing the size of your penis through a simple scientific approach.
  • Using an advanced approach to increase the size of your member forty percent faster.

The Sensational Benefits and Bonuses

All of the techniques are completely natural. You will be using herbal enhancements as opposed to drugs. This means all of the dangerous and nasty side effects have been eliminated. According to the website, the change in the size of your penis is permanent. The website states you will not experience a temporary enlargement of your penis only to have it return to the regular size.

Your order is completely private. Your statement will not contain any information about male enhancement, sex or penises. This will eliminate any embarrassment you may feel regarding your purchase. You simply wait until you have privacy before downloading your book. You can learn these techniques at your own discretion. This means nobody in your life will be aware of what you are doing unless you tell them.

The techniques and exercises in Legendary Enlargement are extremely simple. You should not have any difficulty following along and learning all of these techniques. You will only need to set aside a few minutes each day to perform these exercises. This makes this an excellent program for anyone with an extremely busy schedule. You will also receive some extremely nice bonuses with your purchase.

The bonuses will help you improve your sexual encounters. You will be able to provide extreme pleasure for the lady in your life. The tips and tricks have been created to make your lady gasp with pleasure every time you use them. Everything included in the book is completely natural. This information was created for any man interested in seeing positive results without risking their life or experiencing nasty side effects.

The techniques in the book are not only natural and safe, but thousands of individuals have used them successfully. All that is required for solving the issue of a short penis is a simple technique. You will be taught how to improve the control you have over your ejaculation and increase your stamina. The author recommends these techniques for erectile dysfunction as well.

If you are not satisfied with your results, no questions will be asked regarding the sixty-day money-back guarantee. The bonus materials include Monster 101, the Superior Man Switch, the Herbal Enlargement Smoothie and the Ultimate Sex Stack.

The Final Word

The author claims Legendary Enlargement is one of the most direct and effective ways of quickly enlarging the size of your penis. Since the techniques are completely natural, you will not be endangering your health to see results. The book does not require you to do any crazy exercises or take any dangerous drugs to enlarge your penis.

The basis of the book is an actual science. According to the website, numerous men have already used these techniques to achieve a larger penis within a few weeks.