All throughout history there have been many subcultures who were obsessed with anti-aging techniques. Some of these people groups went as far as looking for the fountain of youth. Even today, as modern healthcare progresses, one of the main measures of success is having being able to live a long and healthy life. Unlike popular recommendations suggest, there is not a one size fits all health template because of everyone’s unique body composition. Everyone is susceptible to different diseases, disorders, and types of pain. It is important to have a diverse set of resources that can effectively cater to all your healthcare needs.

For millions of people, Life Extension has been the provider for many of their healthcare needs. The company is a one stop shop for nutrition, health, and anti-aging requests. Life Extension has been in business for almost 40 years. Their company’s goal is to promote health products and services while providing an emphasis on quality, purity, and potency. Life Extension places a heavy financial commitment towards science based clinical trials while funding nearly $200 million on anti-aging research. The company is dedicated towards a few different branches of products and services to help provide the world with a healthier lifestyle. Altogether, Life Extension provides a numerous variety of vitamins, minerals, fitness lifestyle packages, skincare products, and lab examinations. It is also encouraging to note that all of their vitamins and supplements are made domestically.

Vitamins and Minerals are a Competitive Edge

Life Extension is widely known for its vitamins and supplements it sells. Many people are interested in taking vitamins, but because of the widespread distrust of the pharmaceutical industry they do not want to spend unnecessary money on supplements that may or may not work effectively. Additionally, a growing population of people are deciding to subscribe to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. In light of this, due to their dietary restrictions these people are lacking specific vitamins and nutrients that are common in meat and dairy products.

Life Extension Reviews

Vitamins and minerals are a valuable resource for individuals who desire to help their body function more efficiently. They are also a powerful solution to people who are allergic to certain ingredients common in many foods or medications. Life Extension has a plethora (over 400) different vitamins and minerals that help to keep individuals functioning at an optimal pace. There are vitamins and minerals that work to improve joint pain, eyesight, skin blemishes, and sexual stamina. For people who may be overwhelmed with Life Extension’s wide selection there are also daily multivitamins that promote overall health to ensure your body it receives the fuel it needs. Nevertheless, it is important to have a few vitamins that target specific areas to accommodate your needs.

To assist with the decision making process, Life Extension also offers a very helpful supplement guide which consists of a quick diagnostic with a few simple health related questions. After the questions are answered, the guide assesses your responses to recommend vitamins and supplements that will work prove the most beneficial according to your current level of health. Most consumers recommend that you do not buy everything that is recommended by the supplement guide because Life Extension is a business that may try to upsell or suggest you need more supplements than you actually do. It is also important to note that Life Extension offers full refunds for their products within the first year of purchase. So if you do not feel a significant change in, then you can get your money back.

Another suggestion to consider before purchasing vitamins is to discuss which vitamins your doctor would recommend for you according to your health needs. Many times doctors will also be aware of current research that may indicate which vitamins would work most effectively for you and your specific needs. On the website Life Extension provides research that confirms their dosage recommendations. In fact, many of their products their ingredients exceed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Life Extension has even won a few court cases against the FDA because their products and research have been proven effective by outside sources as well. Lastly, Life Extension offers vitamins for your pets their Cat and Dog mix helps to improve the stamina of your furry friends. A healthier pet means more memories spent together.

Living Physically Fit is a Tough Target to Hit and Maintain

In the past decade alone, many more people have been actively working towards a healthier lifestyle. The general public has seen a rise in people joining gyms, eating healthier, and being more responsible with their health. Unfortunately, there are so many health crazes and ineffective ways to burn fat salespeople have been quick poaching people who are actively trying to improve their fitness levels. To help navigate you through the overwhelming world of fitness, Life Extension has wellness specialists who ask a few preliminary questions to assess your specific goals that may work well with your body type. Life Extension has products that work to speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite. The company also sells different type of coffee beans, tea bags and probiotics that help to regulate your digestion. For physically active people, there are also stamina boosting powders for those who struggle with endurance. Conversely, for athletes who struggle with inflammation or joint pain there are a few treatment options for these individuals.

The Skin You Are In

Another lucrative industry is the skin care industry. There is an interesting dichotomy between society’s obsession with living long and looking young. Life Extension knows this and has very many products that work to keep blemishes, wrinkles, and dark spots away. The company’s skin care products include medically proven sunscreen lotions, arthritis ointment, and teeth whitening toothpaste. They also sell lesser known products such as microdermabrasion creams that remove dead skin cells and shrink the appearance of pores. Lifting and tightening creams are commonly used as a cheaper alternative solution instead to facelifts, botox, and other surgeries. Life Extension also sells shampoos that help you to grow longer and thicker hair.

The Growing Importance of Lab Testing and Examinations

Yes, many individuals put a lot of attention to their skin and its appearance but there are a lot of answers to their level of health right under their epidermis. In addition to the various products that Life Extension offers, the company also has laboratory services that are available to the general public. Life Extension currently offers more than 300 health examinations. These services range from blood diagnostics, hormone levels assessments, organ reserve capacity exams, and gene tests. There are also specific health screenings for distinct diseases like cancer. These lab tests are particularly helpful to know because an early prognosis could assist with the prevention or early diagnosis of serious illnesses.

The majority of the exams require blood samples and the customers get their results returned to them within following three days after their submissions, which is a pretty short timeframe in comparison to some local lab testing. The results provide a very detailed analysis of your sample. The overwhelming majority of people associate health testing with health screening, assessments for current treatment plans, and a measurement of preventative care required to improve a person’s current way of life. However, Life Extension also provides health examinations that evaluate your current digestive system and how well a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle would be for someone who might be considering a possible diet change.

Furthermore, another benefit of these examinations is the low price. Life Extensions lab testing services are an excellent resource for people who do not currently have health insurance. Blood tests at local hospitals or clinics usually cost $100 to $150 without coverage while the tests and exams Life Extension sells range from $60 to $100 depending on the test. The service also provides an added benefit of convenience for individuals who need testing done frequently and who do not wish to clear their schedule to go to the doctor every time they need another health test administered.This is especially true for people who are being treated with Hormone Replacement Therapy when it comes time for another sample to see if their current dosage is appropriate for their needs. Life Extension’s tests give people the option to go to their doctor’s office with their results in hand and ready to review. Overall, these tests save so much time and money in the long run.

We Share Our Lives with Everyone Excluding Our Doctor

On the website, Life Extension recommends that the results of the lab tests be shared with your physician for a few reasons. Firstly, doctors can help give you a more detailed annual check-up so they can suggest any lifestyle changes that you should take into consideration to better personalize your health care needs. Secondly, the results may provide a more comprehensive description of what your current health level is. These results might be able to complement your health history to improve preventative care measures that are available to you. Thirdly, in the worst case scenario, these health exams may save your life. A physician is trained to notice abnormalities that may lead to preventable diseases that if unnoticed could lead to fatal illnesses. Lastly, these results might give you and your doctor an advantage towards creating long and short term health goals that will ultimately lead to a longer and healthier life.

Similar to people who prefer to take multivitamins instead of four to seven supplements a day, there are lab tests that offer more comprehensive results regarding your health. The most popular lab tests that Life Extension conducts are the Men’s and Women’s panel exams. These exams give its sample donor detailed results regarding their body chemistry, testosterone levels, hormone imbalances, blood cholesterol measurements, and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. If there are any vitamin deficiencies, the lab work will list those at the end of the report to give you the range that you should be working towards. A single blood sample can provide you with the cumulative summary of your personal health.

Overall, Life Extension appears to be very transparent company as compared to other anti-aging companies. There are a few areas of improvement for the company that includes listing more detailed product description for the wide variety of vitamins they sell. Life Extension seems to be an extensive resource for people who want to live healthier lives.