Nearly every business that wants to stay competitive needs to have an online presence. This is what Liquid Web managed hosting can provide your company—but is it robust and flexible enough for your needs?

Different businesses will find themselves with their own unique challenges and needs. This is true no matter the industry or the scope of its operations. A website can provide companies with instant access to customers, e-commerce options, and even marketing tools.

Liquid Web managed hosting is a solid and powerful foundation for your even some of the biggest businesses in the world, so it could be the perfect match for you.

About Liquid Web

For 20 years, liquid web has provided essential services in numerous countries. The company boasts a whopping 500,000+ sites currently under its management. Using 5 global data centers, they have over 500 hosting professionals on-site to assist in your needs.

The Key Features of Liquid Web Managed Hosting

These are the following key features you can look forward to when signing up for Liquid Web’s services:

  • Robust hardware/systems
  • VPS options
  • WordPress web hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Security
  • Excellent customer service

The following sections will break down these features one-by-one.

Robust Hardware/Systems

Although Liquid Web managed hosting can be a bit pricey, you are definitely getting your money’s worth in powerful systems. In fact, a wide range of large corporations use Liquid Web for their hosting needs including Home Depot, Porsche, National Geographic, and Symantec. Collectively, these sites represent complex operations, massive traffic, and huge significance in the marketplace.

A large portion of the capacity for robust and powerful hosting comes down to the fact that the services are dedicated, not shared. Shared hosting means your server is shared with another company and website. This can be convenient if you’re looking to cut costs, but it often comes with performance drawbacks.

Shared servers create combined spaces on the cloud which often cause operational shortcomings. Inherent in this are a number of headaches that larger companies simply refuse to deal with.

This is where Liquid Web’s managed hosting becomes so powerful. Their dedicated services preserve and direct processing power solely to your website. This allows you to maintain high traffic volumes without sacrificing performance.

These servers also provide a wide range of different features and functions. You can get a more simplified version where the processor and the RAM are less robust. One example of this would be a single processor with 16GB RAM. The price here usually starts around $200 per month. This could seem pricey for some businesses at first, especially if they are not dedicated a high amount of focus to their online presence.

Alternatively, you can get a more potent server based on 32GB RAM, dual-core processor with a base price of around $600 monthly. The variety is very beneficial and there are more options in between to fit your exact needs.

You will not have to pay for more than you need, especially if you look into the company’s VPS web hosting options.

Powerful VPS Alternatives

Liquid Web’s VPS web hosting options are some of the best in the industry. Their VPS (Virtual Private Server) allows you to enjoy the robustness and capacity of a dedicated server with a much smaller price tag.

This is a benefit that is often overlooked by those new to the industry and their buying options. Generally, there are ways to ensure that your system is reliable, but these require a more hands-on approach that defeats the purpose of hiring a third party company like Liquid Web.

Another massive advantage to their VPS hosting is that this feature only charges you for the days that you use it. Many companies—especially those uncertain about their commitment to a digital presence—can benefit greatly because it allows for moderation. If your site only performs significantly on weekends, or certain holidays, then you can rest assured that Liquid Web’s VPS web hosting will only charge you the days you use it in a month.

The base plan will cost you around $60 a month and comes with 2GB RAM, solid-state storage at 40GB, and even 5TB of data transferring in a month. These are very sizeable amounts and get to the core of why Liquid Web is one of the leaders in the industry: you are getting incredible value in your packages. Additionally, there are considerations to make with the processing levels you wants and capacity.

For example, you can get a plan that starts around $220 every month and has 256GB RAM, 1.6TB of overall storage, and different server options. There are, of course, numerous other choice between these, but ultimately you are given different plans that fit your needs.

WordPress Web Hosting

Liquid Web’s WordPress Web Hosting is a huge feature for many businesses, especially because of how complicated creating a web site can seem. Web hosting only hosts your website—this has nothing to do with actually building and creating a great place for your customers to visit.

WordPress has generated a reputation over the years as one of the leading platforms out there that simplifies website creation so that even the lay person can achieve it. For many businesses—especially those on a budget—building a site themselves is a very appealing option.

This is where WordPress web hosting comes into play. Essentially, Liquid Web’s option to use WordPress hosting means you not only get to host your site on Liquid Web’s servers, but you also get to maintain your site through WordPress. This means all of these great features, functionalities, and simplifications that WordPress has become known for are now right at your fingertips.

Few features could be more helpful for up and coming businesses attempting to figure out the digital landscape. Liquid Web’s WordPress hosting pricing begins at around $120 a month. This also includes 10 domains and their 100GB solid-state drive. For the price—along with the convenience—it is a great value.

Creating your own website from scratch is no simple task and many do-it-yourself services often fail to provide the level of customization that’s required. WordPress hosting through Liquid Web, however, can give you those options without sacrifice quality.

The Power of the Cloud

Liquid Web also offers cloud-based options for your website. The key features here include site sharing across multiple servers (mobility), options for expansion, and great value.

Inherent in the fact that your site is hosting on a number of servers if the potential to move around. This added mobility on the cloud means your site is not as “dedicated” as a singular server. This makes expanding your site much easier and smoother, since it is already hosted across multiple servers.

Another flexible feature is its price tag: you can find options from as low as around $60 per month or as high as $1000 monthly. The range in costs is due to the capacity to constantly expand. This is a great choice for businesses that are uncertain of the overall website capacity they need, or who have plans to expand dramatically in the future. The benefits of the cloud as a general system are unparalleled here.

Maximum Security

With Liquid Web, you can expect all the best industry standards in security. This include firewalls, VPNs, and SSL certificates. Scans for viruses and other harmful malware are also available.

Security for both your company’s private financial information, along with that of your customers, is a top priority. This should not be overlooked and Liquid Web provides all the standards.

Excellent Customer Service

When your website suddenly crashes or gets swamped with traffic, customer service is a must-have. Liquid Web has some of the best customer service in the industry. The company takes pride in the less-than-a-minute response time via telephone. Other options for contact include chat or a submitted ticket.

Pros and Cons

Liquid Web’s primary perks include robust hosting features and a broad capacity to serve high volumes of traffic/processing. Their excellent customer service adds an extra layer security and peace of mind when things get rough.

The inclusion of VPN alternatives as well as cloud hosting are also great features, especially if you have a specific budget in mind. The company’s WordPress hosting feature is excellent for building a website in a short time that is still reliable and robust for your specific needs. This eliminates a big headache when starting up your business and not having the backbone in place to get up and running online.

One of the biggest complaints directed at Liquid Web is that it is a bit pricey. This is true primarily because of the capacity and breadth of its services. It tends to server big-name businesses, though always has options for smaller ones. The price tag, however, is fairly balanced by the quality of the service and reliability of their customer support teams.

Overall, you are getting some of the best web hosting services in the industry for a price that can keep you assured your site is running smoothly—even during your business’ most difficult times.