In the following review of the Live and Sleep mattress, we will examine this luxury all foam product produced by a company hoping to have a big impact on the mattress market with this elegant, well-engineered and highly affordable mattress that is available in a broad range of options for the consumer, from standard to luxury.

The recent opportunity we had to review and evaluate a Live and Sleep luxury mattress makes it possible for us to inform you about what this mattress has to offer – as well as what it doesn’t. Please read below to learn more about this product, including its many features, its price range and its overall quality.

Materials and Construction

Live and Sleep Mattress ReviewThe Live and Sleep mattress is a 12 inch high luxury mattress comprised of three separate layers of high quality memory foam. As constructed and assembled, each of these layers performs a different function in the design and makes its own contribution to the overall performance of the mattress. It is this combination of layers that makes the mattress so effective.

Upper Layer: This mattress’s upper comfort layer of highly responsive memory foam is 2.5 inches thick and is designed to offer the sleeper snug comfort and a guarantee of pressure relief. This is extremely important for a restful and refreshing night’s sleep.

Transition Layer: This middle layer is made of memory foam infused with gel. This 1 inch thick layer serves a cooling function and helps to transition the motion to and from the lower and upper layers, making for a less disturbed night’s rest. For couples who sleep in the same bed, this is a particularly important feature.

Support Layer: The support layer is built from an 8.5 inch high density, base foam that offers supporting deep compression to your body and firm support to the mattress overall. One of the problems that many people complain about with other all foam mattresses is the tendency to sink down into them. This doesn’t occur with the Live and Sleep mattress.

The cover used for the Live and Sleep luxury mattress is a soothing, soft fabric chosen to guarantee your mattress will have a flexible and welcoming touch and that it conforms perfectly to the shape of your body as you sleep. This cover can be removed and washed and is perfectly chosen to supplement the mattress’s construction – with its conforming memory foam. A difference between the quality of the cover and the rest of the mattress is one of the problems you can encounter with lower quality all foam mattresses.

Firmness and Support

This product is a universal comfort mattress. This means it is designed to provide a comfort level that meets the needs of the majority of sleepers – although individuals at the far ends of the spectrum may find that their experience with this mattress varies from the average. Even so, on a scale in which 10 represents the firmest possible mattress, we believe that this one ranks somewhere between 5-6.

For a heavier individual like myself, the Live and Sleep luxury mattress compresses slightly more than it would for the average person. Because of this, someone at my weight is more likely to press down through the upper layer and receive more support from the transitional and support layers. Still, this was not a significant problem with this mattress.

For a smaller person, the experience of using this mattress will be very different. A lighter individual who prefers a mattress that’s a bit firmer might view this one as providing a perfect level of firmness while they are sleeping. This would be a person who weighs perhaps half as much as I do. For a lighter individual who does not want a firm mattress under them at night, this might be a problem. But overall, the Live and Sleep luxury mattress does an excellent job of providing sleepers with good support in a variety of sleeping positions.

For those like myself who usually sleep on their side, a mattress also needs to yield sufficiently in the upper layer to provide reliable support for our hips and shoulders without producing any stiffness and pain when we wake up in the morning. This mattress does an excellent job at providing such support for side sleepers, while still being firm enough if we decide to shift to our back or stomach during the night.

Comfort Level

When I first tested it, the Live and Sleep mattress seemed a bit soft and cushioned for my liking, but with my greater weight – well over 200 pounds – I did sense that as I compressed down through the upper layer I felt the firmer layers underneath offering more support. Also, this high quality, thick mattress didn’t leave me feeling as though I were bottoming out or that it allowed me to feel the foundation underneath. This is something that can sometimes occur with thinner, lower quality mattresses.

Because of the Live and Sleep luxury mattress’s all foam construction, it provides sleepers with the hug and body contoured feeling that memory foam is renowned for. At the same time, it doesn’t give you that sunk-into-the-foam feeling that many all foam mattresses inflict on sleepers. Combined with its middle transition layer, the upper foam layer helps to provide the traditional memory foam feel without its major drawbacks.

For instance, this mattress does provide the sleeper with a bit of responsiveness, although to a much lesser degree than a hybrid coil mattress or a latex hybrid mattress would. Looked at in total, those using this mattress at night will enjoy the compression support – as well as excellent support for their bodies overall. This feature of the mattress is essential for a sound night’s sleep.

Sleeping a Bit Hot

While it’s true that this mattress does a good job in providing a comfortable night’s sleep, because of the use of foam construction and the lack of any cooling technology built into its layers, there is at least a degree of heat retention. Certainly, when two people are sleeping together on this product, there will be a noticeable amount of heat in the mattress. But this is not uncommon with similar mattresses with all foam construction, and the Live and Sleep mattress isn’t nearly as bad as some other products when it comes to this issue.

Although when testing this mattress there certainly wasn’t enough heat generated to cause me to wake up feeling sticky or sweaty, in certain climates a couple might consider this heat retention a major problem. The issue is definitely one that foam mattress manufacturers all need to address as thoroughly as possible in their products, but it is also one that consumers need to be aware of when making a purchasing decision.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

When it comes to reducing motion transfer and sinkage, this mattress does a fairly good job and is roughly on par with the majority of mattresses we have looked at before. As is obvious, both motion transfer and sinkage are highly dependent on the weight of the sleeper. This means that a heavier individual like myself will tend to sink down a bit when lying on most mattresses. In fact, any mattress that didn’t do this might well be considered too firm for the sleeper of average or low weight.

Obviously, if your partner weighs a good deal less he or she will experience far less sinkage on this mattress – which is only to be expected. Certainly, with the 12 inch thick Live and Sleep mattress I did not experience anywhere near the degree of sinkage I would have when sleeping on a thin foam mattress.

When it comes to motion, for the most part this mattress doesn’t transmit any movement made by one sleeper to the other sleeper. The mattresses all foam construction is very effective at preventing the transfer of motion. Although it should also be said that the mattress’s responsiveness is somewhat lower too, but not significantly so.

Another important point is edge support, which the Live and Sleep mattress does a relatively good job with as well – certainly better than the majority of memory foam mattresses that we have looked at. I myself tend to sleep near the edge of a mattress during tests. Even so, I did not encounter any tendencies toward rolling off the edge or feeling the edge compress underneath my weight.


As might be expected from virtually any foam mattress, this particular product did demonstrate a degree of outgassing when it was removed from the box and surrounding packaging. However, this odor largely dissipated after one night and was certainly no more pronounced than with any other similar foam mattress. On the whole, it was roughly average in this area.

Customer Service

This mattress offers customers the kind of customer service features you might expect from any “bed in a box” online mattress seller. These features include:

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Trial for 100 Night’s Sleep
  • Free Shipping


Live and Sleep mattresses are moderately priced, with a queen sized mattress running at $799. Given the high quality construction and the materials used for this mattress, this is a pretty good price. The price range overall runs as follows:

  • Twin $599
  • Twin XL $599
  • Full $699
  • Queen $799
  • King $899
  • Cal King $899

Mattress Summary

In the Live and Sleep luxury mattress, you have a high quality all foam product that is both comfortable and affordable. It is certainly an excellent value as compared to many other similar mattresses available to online buyers today. The several foam layers used in the design of this mattress result in a mattress that is ideally suited for virtually any sleeping position. And significantly, this mattress is actually very good at distributing the weight of heavier sleepers because of its 12 inch thick all foam construction that reduces motion – as well as sinkage.

One of the most important features of this mattress is that it offers the traditional sense of a body hug and conform without the sleeper necessarily feeling as though he or she is trapped inside the foam. This is a problem that is all too common in many other all foam mattresses. On the other hand, to accomplish this the Live and Sleep mattress does a bit of a trade-off when it comes to responsiveness – at which it is less effective.

Looked at in total, the Live and Sleep luxury mattress is a high quality, very solid entry among memory foam mattresses. It’s one that can easily be recommended for either individuals or couples who want to avoid spending a fortune on their bed and who like the feel of a memory foam mattress.