Marriages are bound to run into their fair share of turmoil and hardship. Living your life with another person will come with its complications and struggles. Giving up on a person is tempting in these moments when stakes are high and times are tough. However, if you want to reclaim your love for someone, accepting outside resources is sometimes necessary. No matter how you choose to repair your situation, help is never far.

Getting to Know Brad Browning

Brad Browning is a well-known relationship coach and divorce counselor. He has created Mend the Marriage, a comprehensive online course for struggling marriages, to help salvage damaged relationships. He has spent over ten years in his career. He has written several books and courses with a direct focus on how to get your relationship back on track. In addition to his courses and books on the subject, Browning also offers interactive one-on-one sessions with clients.

Browning has guided several couples on their road to resolution successfully. Working directly with marriages on the verge of divorce, he has effectively taught couples to cope with their issues and work them out together. He has been praised for his strategies. He uses constructive leadership while assisting couples rekindle their romantic spark. Whether it be infidelity, emotional distance or other plaguing problems, he gears his life mission to the recovery of love lives.

Mend the Marriage Course

Mend the Marriage is an online course developed to help couples renew and improve their failing relationship. It is aimed equally towards men and women, covering all components of each side. It widely covers all bases on issues couples face in relationships. Then, it suggests actionable steps on how to resolve them. It addresses the common reasons marriages stand on the brink of failure. Then, teaches you how to collaborate with your partner to come back into a healthy, loving union.

Included in the package, you will receive an e-book, audio and video materials for learning. The e-book consists of three major marriage-killing situations and how to manage your feelings and responses towards them. It specifically promotes the ABCD system, which stands for: Accept the situation, Build resilience, Commit to change, Dedicate yourself to the task. In each element is a key to saving the relationship. Browning made the system in an organized way so that couples can transition with ease and understanding.

Mend the Marriage comes with additional worksheets and bonus tips and tricks. Brad Browning has included multiple videos discussing individual tips on issues like infidelity and faithfulness, children and their response to parental divorce, and financial impacts on a relationship. Each module teaches management tactics to utilize and tailor to your situation. Couples can use the available bonus material to enhance the relevant issues faced.

What the Course Teaches You

The course aims to be very straight forward without an over-stimulus of empty information. It is designed to address the core issues that arise without the distraction of unnecessary data. Being able to thoroughly and efficiently discuss precise problems helps couples to immediately begin applying them to everyday life. This can help to create a slow, steady change one step at a time. Changing in stages can ensure that the behaviors will disappear completely by learning how to act differently. Quick solutions often lead to short-lived results. This course was aimed to channel the relationship into a better state long-term.

Mend the Marriage is formed for both the perspective of the woman and the man, keeping a neutral ground. It tackles the areas of communication that sometimes get cloudy, bringing them to light. This way, the misconceptions can be understood in a way each person can appreciate. Men and women tend to process information in dissimilar manners. By appealing to both sides, it creates a very in-depth way to see through the eyes of your partner. Being able to empathize with them is a wonderful strategy for bridging communication gaps.

Brad Browning strongly touches on unfaithfulness, insecurity, and jealousy along with the impacts they have on trust in the relationship. He then brings it together by implementing strategies to rebuild solid foundations when trust is broken.

Some individual components in the course are the Family Systems Theory. This touches on the elements of family roles and togetherness. Managing Anger. This teaches couples how to express and healthily channel their negative emotions. Sex and Intimacy. This teaches couples how to express themselves and be close without reservations. Each section will elaborate and expand on those topics in detail.

Additional Course Details

Brad Browning has loaded this self-help course with all-inclusive material to methodically explore central issues. Each potential scenario is backed by plausible and achievable solutions. By discussing fundamentals, he manages to discover and address root causes. Once a couple can reach the root cause of the issue, there are a series of management skills they can harness.

Knowing the baseline of deeply imbedded wounds can help process steps toward healing. At times, pain is built over a timeline of many years and the reversal can be difficult if the source is not uncovered. This course was made to not only begin the mending process but to create long-lasting changes needed to make the relationship thrive.

This, of course, is only a tangible outcome if both parties are completely willing to face problems head-on. This requires making the necessary shifts in behavior in question. This is aimed at couples who agree that they want the marriage to prosper. If any qualms or uncertainty lies on one end, success cannot be guaranteed. Divorce may not be able to be avoided entirely.

There is a chapter titled “The Forgiveness Technique” where it teaches couples to accept, forgive and move forward from harm done. It helps them admit that pain has happened, but forgiveness can create liberation. Once you forgive, it can open doors for new chapters rather than living in the past. This allows them to get back to the original essence of what their relationship was before the hurt.

“The Forever Phase” also assists couples to face their deepest emotions so that they can heal. It shows a step-by-step process to eliminate unhappy thoughts and regain your connection. It is easy to get trapped by your fears or bad memories. This helps to unbury the subconscious emotions that have been pushed down to be able to place them. Once the underlying emotions are addressed, you can head towards the rest of your lives in harmony.

How Successful is Mend the Marriage?

While the successfulness of Mend the Marriage depends on many factors, it is a great self-help resource. Traditional counseling can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to fit into a busy schedule. With all other tasks you have filling up your agenda, it is difficult to find a suitable time that works for both people. With this course, you can pace yourself and fit it into your schedule as you can. There are no appointment times to sort out, so you have the freedom of convenience.

Mend the Marriage actively goes over what is causing your relationship to fail in multiple areas and gives the proper guidance to fix the issues once and for all. By giving you flexibility and invaluable resources, this will help both parties make the course work in the way they need. Each can work privately and jointly to accomplish both personal and combined changes.

Successfulness is always a product of self-discipline, hard work, and willpower. As discussed, both people must truly be willing to accept their role in existing issues, be willing to eliminate detrimental behaviors and be determined to change. Changes must be made permanently to preserve the marriage and ward off a divorce. If this is done with only one person trying or one being resistant to the process, it will likely fail.

This is only a resource for betterment. While it is extensive and thorough, it must be implemented with the intention of success to create success.

It does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee to ease your doubts. If you do end up trying the course only to find that it does not seem to be improving your situation, you are essentially not out anything but your time.

Positives and Negatives

As with anything, there are pros and cons to Mend the Marriage. Some things can help your relationship and a one-size-fits-all concept does not apply in every individual circumstance. Knowing if the course is right for you will help you to decide. Let’s go back over some highlights and some other areas that may conflict with you:


  • This is self-paced, so it can be done when you have each time in your schedules
  • It is geared towards both men and women equally
  • Contains an included thorough series of e-books, audio, and videos
  • Gives a detailed guide to cover all bases of issues you may be facing
  • Is cheaper and more convenient than traditional counseling
  • Is formatted to be simple yet informative
  • Includes bonus content
  • Comes with a satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Since it is self-help, both parties must be equally self-disciplined for results
  • It is only available digitally
  • Is slightly less interactive than traditional counseling

As you can see, there are quite a lot of positive factors for the course. However, if you are uncertain or not as devoted to the process as you feel you should be, this can cause unwanted results. If the positives sound alluring, the outcome will likely be favorable.

Mend the Marriage contains extremely beneficial material to get two people back to a place of happiness. If you and your partner are seriously considering divorce and are both willing to avoid it if possible, this is the first step towards betterment. This online course can be a lifesaving tool to keep what you have.

The Verdict

Giving you and your partner the chance to regain your love, restore your relationship and salvage the life you have built together is a noble decision. Finding a way that helps both you and your partner work towards the renewal you need is essential. Mend the Marriage gives you all the guidance upfront. It is a way to create peace, balance, and health in an otherwise negative situation.

If you and your partner want to revive the dying reasons why you fell in love initially, Mend the Marriage will help to put you on that path. With the 60-day money-back guarantee in place, this should reaffirm any doubts you could have about the course. With no risk involved in the purchase, there is nothing to lose but much to gain. Couples can work diligently to banish problematic matters and enjoy their married life together once again.