Muse is an upcoming high standard mattress manufacturer. It was founded on a mission oriented towards fulfilling people’s needs for quality sleep. They design premium sleep products at a competitive cost that sets the company at the top. Its design consists of a memory foam featured in two layers alongside the base foam.

It is uniquely designed to provide support and relieve pressure while giving you a cool sleep at the same time. The 12-inch mattress might just be what you have been looking for. Despite being a new brand in the market, its extraordinary combination will make you happy with freshness every day you wake up. It is a nice way to end your day, especially after long active hours.

This article provides a detailed review of Muse Mattress, and we will let you know why you will like or dislike it. Read the post to the end to find out more about Muse Mattress.


Muse Mattress ReviewMuse Mattress is made of three layers that are specially combined to meet your sleeping needs.

  • Cover: This layer is made from polyethylene, which helps with temperature regulation. It works by absorbing the temperatures of the closed area. This gives the sleeping surface the coolness you need for a comfortable sleep. It also has a soft feel for comfort and an elastic feel. The latter allows it to be removed with ease for cleaning.
  • First layer: This is the top layer and it is made of 2 inches of memory foam. This foam is of high quality standards, and it is infused with a gel that dissipates the heat from the mattress as you sleep. It weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, and it is designed specially to provide you with comfort. This layer also ensures that you are held gently as you lie on the mattress and that you stay cool all night long.
  • Second layer: This layer is also made up of memory foam and it is 2 inches thick. This layer allows for body contouring, implying that you can sink mildly into the mattress when sleeping.
  • Base layer: This is also the support layer and it is comprised of 8 inches of high-density poly foam. It provides support to the mattress and the sleeper. It also forms the foundation of the mattress, which makes it stable and more durable. It also forms the layer on which the upper softer layers land.

Capacity to Relieve Pressure

Muse offers three different types of comfort levels – Soft, Medium, and Firm. The pressure relief you feel when sleeping on Muse Mattress will depend on your sleeping position and the type of mattress you choose.

The pressure relief you feel when sleeping on Muse Mattress will depend on your sleeping position. If you lie on your back, you are likely to experience a lot of pressure relief since the lumbar region will be supported by the foam. This will be complemented by the contouring ability of the mattress to all the curves of your body.

If you like sleeping on your sides, you will enjoy the support this mattress has to offer as it relieves pressure on the shoulders, hips, and knees. However, this may be a problem for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach. The firmness level of Muse Mattress is not sufficient to provide proper support to your hips.

With its mild firmness, changing your sleeping positions on the mattress will be simple, and you will be comfortable the entire time.


Depending on the Soft, Medium and Firm mattress, the Muse scores differently for each. 5 For soft, 6.5 for medium, and 8 for firm. Once you lie on it, your body will be comfortable thanks to the soft foam layers. You will sink right into mattress, allowing it to give your body a hug. The mattress conforms perfectly to the curves of your body while the support layer will help the mattress bounce back as it lifts you back up.

It is imperative to note, however, that your body type and weight could affect how you feel about the mattress’ firmness. It has a cushioning feel that embraces your body while working alongside the high-density poly foam. As a result, Muse Mattress is a great choice for people who prefer lying on their sides or those who love to toss a lot.


Once you buy Muse Mattress, your dealer will have it delivered to your doorstep in a compact box. It weighs about 90 pounds and you will need help taking it to the setup area. When you remove it from the box, you are likely to notice a mild smell, which is common with new, boxed mattresses. As you allow the mattress to expand and come into shape, however, it will also be airing so that it can be ready to sleep on in just a few hours.

Muse Mattress is made in US using high quality materials. It is CertiPUR-US certified, which guarantees that it is a high quality product and safe to use. Its production does not involve the use of toxic compounds, which makes it safe for children and people with various sensitivities.

During set up, you should get a flat, even surface for the mattress so that it can adequately support the sleeper’s weight and its weight. You can use it on a wide range of surfaces, but you should ensure it is at the right height for your comfort.

Motion Transfer

Like most of the high-density foam mattresses, Muse Mattress is also designed to enhance motion isolation. The high-density base and the 4 inches of memory foam are added to ensure minimal or no motion transfer. When you share a bed fitted with Muse Mattress, your partner is likely to feel only a limited vibration, which means that he or she will not be disturbed by your movements. When you get in or out of bed, the other sleeper will not feel any movement, which gives him or her a comfortable sleep throughout the night. It is the best mattress for light people who share a bed with heavy people.

Temperature Regulation

Many people prefer a mattress that stays cool throughout the night for enhanced comfort. Muse Mattress has considered this need and used multiple features to ensure that your body heat does not cut short your sleep. The top layer is made of 2 inches of a dense memory foam that ensures that you do not just sink into the mattress. It is also gel infused to give it a cooling effect. In addition to the top layer’s cooling features, the mattress cover comes with a cold wire plus design that absorbs moisture and heat from your body for comfort. This attribute of the cover is adjustable based on the needs of each sleeper. The cover also has a cool feel that allows you to sleep comfortably.

Edge Support and comfort

Edge support is not a quality one would expect to find in a memory foam mattress. However, Muse Mattress has a base layer made of a dense memory foam that can support weight on the edges. This means that you can comfortably sit or sleep on the edges of the mattress and not worry about bottoming out. This increases the available sleeping area since you can sleep on the edges if you like.

Muse Mattress is comfortable for all sleepers due to its temperature regulation features such as the Cold-Wire cover and gel infusion. It is also great at contouring and the foam used to make it is highly responsive, allowing you to change sleeping positions comfortably.

Its comfort is further guaranteed by the premium materials and design featured. For instance, its memory foam hugs your body without letting you to bottom out! This applies to all body shapes, sizes, and types.

You will love Muse Mattress if:

  • You are looking for great value: You can buy Muse directly from the manufacturer to save money on the purchase. It is thicker than most mattress brands in the same class yet it is much cheaper. This means it gives you more value for your money.
  • You prefer sleeping cool: Muse Mattresses feature a phase changing cover alongside a gel infused memory foam that will keep you cool throughout the night.
  • You are afraid of bottoming out: Unlike other brands, the mattress supports a wide weight capacity. This allows even the heavier people to sleep comfortably without hitting the bottom.
  • You want a mattress ideal for various sleeping positions: With Muse Mattress, you can sleep in any position you prefer. The mattress will support all the pressure points and assure you of comfort.
  • You are looking for a mattress that is great at relieving pressure: Muse Mattress is constructed with a gel infused foam and a dense memory foam to relieve pressure from all points.

You will not love Muse Mattress if:

  • You prefer the conventional spring mattress: Some people like sleeping on a mattress constructed with an inner spring. This is because they are after a great airflow and support. With Muse Mattress, however, you will sink right into the memory foam, which relieves pressure from all your joints. Its design features different cooling features for temperature regulation. If you are not into hugging mattresses, therefore, we recommend that you research more to find the mattress that best defines you.
  • You want a high level of bounce: Unlike the latex or spring built mattresses, Muse Mattress is made of memory foam, which is only slightly bouncy. Nonetheless, you can easily change your sleeping positions without feeling stuck to the mattress.
  • You do not want a memory foam mattress: Some people prefer mattresses made with materials other than memory foam. Considering that Muse Mattress is made of memory foam, it might not be a great choice for such users.

Final Verdict

The cooling ability and pressure relief are the unique features that make Muse Mattress a top brand in the market. Its inclusion of innovative cooling technologies allows it to surpass other memory foam mattresses. Its 12-inch thickness is comprised of premium quality material and foam for longevity.

Like most top mattresses, you will get a sleep trial period of 120 nights before buying a Muse Mattress. If you decide to return the mattress, which hardly happens, you will receive a full refund of what you paid. You will also get a 10-year warranty.