Gavin Walsh is the Englishman who wrote My Cellulite Solution. He additionally wrote the Metconl and the 19 to Lean. The fitness trainer from the United Kingdom is a contributor to numerous health magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Grazia. He has been helping women get in shape for fifteen years.

Gavin Walsh is considered one of the best fat loss and fitness experts in the world. His writing is effective, honest and straight-forward. He has both the experience and the expertise to write about methods for decreasing cellulite to achieve smoother skin. This fitness and nutrition expert is becoming renowned throughout the world.

The Bare Bones of My Cellulite Solution

The popularity of the program is due to the number of women with cellulite on their thighs, hips and buttocks. The program not only takes the cellulite into consideration but the associated insecurities and low self-esteem. The solution is a natural and safe way to eliminate cellulite. The program tackles the underlying issue with exercises created to penetrate deeply into the tissue.

The program lasts for four-weeks, offers results possible in as few as seven days. This means My Cellulite Solution is a method for achieving smoother skin in less time. The book provides an extensive and detailed guide for different methods of decreasing or eliminating cellulite. A different method is explained for every part of the body. There are three steps for a daily twenty-minute workout to firm and tighten the skin.

The program teaches three different exercise routines. All of the exercises are simple and must be performed for twenty minutes each day. According to the author, following the program will firm and tighten the skin of the legs, hips and stomach. The program provides:

  • Tempo training created to target the fibers of the twitch muscle
  • Technology for 3D movements capable of stimulating the muscles of the lower body
  • Sequences of unique movements for the reduction of cellulite

My Cellulite Solution explains the three different classifications of cellulite. This enables the individual to determine which type of cellulite they have. The individual can then follow the appropriate treatment plan for the most effective results. The program provides movement sequencing, tempo training and 3D movements. A list of foods to avoid and eat are also included along with dietary supplements for reducing cholesterol, fat storage and intestinal inflammation.

The user is guided throughout the program with videos and photographs. The reasons so many surgeries, pills, creams and homemade remedies for eliminating cellulite fail are thoroughly explained. Gavin Wright delves into the most common myths regarding cellulite. Most individuals believe fat cells are the cause of cellulite as opposed to the connective fibers between the muscles and skin.

The effectiveness of creams and lotions for eliminating cellulite has not been proven by any research. Removing toxins and impurities from the body will not eliminate cellulite. Even fascia blasting is unable to offer any permanent improvements in eliminating cellulite. The user has sixty-days to use the program and see the results. If the individual is not satisfied, they can get their money back.

The only thing Gavin Walsh is asking is for the individual to use the program for a minimum of fourteen days prior to deciding if the routine will work for their specific needs. The program is appropriate for nearly every body type, size, age and gender. No additional products need to be purchased to eliminate cellulite. Although the author recommends eating a healthier diet, the user does not have to change their diet.

Unlike numerous programs and videos, no additional exercise equipment is required. The body weight of the individual is what is used for strengthening the muscles. This being said, it is important for the user to remain committed to the program to obtain the desired results. The program is simply offering a way to naturally eliminate cellulite with a little effort as opposed to searching for a nonexistent miracle cure.

The Three Critical Steps

Slow Burn is the first step. This exercise activates the fibers of the muscle responsible for attacking cellulite. This will gradually improve the composition of the body while enabling the user to achieve effective and fast results.

Velocity is the second step. This stimulates the fibers of the muscles so they remain active. In most cases, these muscles have been inactive for a long period of time. This step also reveals how to effectively tighten the skin on the legs. Detailed instructions are included for specific movements.

Ascend is the final step. This shuts down cellulite activity using a temp trick. A detailed exercise guide enables the user to perform the exercise daily to achieve results. A four-week workout guide for tightening the skin is included along with supplement recommendations and recovery tips. This step helps the user achieve the body changes they desire.

Cellulite Elimination Training offers more workout details for quickly eliminating cellulite. The workouts are not intense and do not require much time. The goal of the program is to remove cellulite as easily and quickly as possible.

The Excitement and Aggravation of the Pros and Cons

My Cellulite Solution has both pros and cons. The pros are as follows.

Safe and Natural: When the exercise routines are followed correctly, fat can be burned safely. The exercises are safer than many of the body lotions and creams and more natural than surgery or laser procedures.

Already Proven: The methods in this program have been proven effective for nearly every individual with cellulite.

Dieting is Not Required: Although the program does not require a strict diet, a healthy diety can decrease the fat resulting in cellulite. The program suggests decreasing carbs and unhealthy foods.

The Affordability: The program enables the user to exercise at home as opposed to an expensive gym membership. Costly laser procedures and surgeries are eliminated. Fat deposits are decreased naturally and inexpensively.

The Simplicity: Exercise demos are included with the package. The exercises are explained in the book and demonstrated for the user.

The Money-Back Guarantee: If the purchaser is not satisfied with the product, they have sixty-days to email Gavin Walsh. This enables the user to try the product with no risk.

The Cons are as follows.

The Limitation: The only way to obtain this package is in digital form. This will be an issue for anyone without internet access.

The Commitment: Unless the individual commits to using the program every day, they will not see results. Even if the individual follows the program, they will most likely not notice a difference for a minimum of 28 days.

How to Achieve the Ideal Legs

The majority of the population is searching for a way to achieve ideal legs no matter what their age. My Cellulite Solution was not created for any specific age so this program can be used by almost anyone. The exercises provide sexy and gentle motions for the feet and a detailed guide for decreasing or eliminating cellulite on the legs. According to the writer, this is possible after using the program for seven days.

The step-by-step guides show users how to return their thighs to the days of the past. The individual must set aside twenty minutes per day for the program to work. The exercises for the lower body follow an easy and simple sequence to impact the fibers of the muscle to help eliminate cellulite.

My Cellulite Solution was designed to tighten and firm the hips and thighs. The program teaches the user about the legs including simple exercises to turn on inactive muscle fibers to attack cellulite. The program guarantees to reduce dimples and cellulite by performing specific movements.

The Contents of the Package

The program is comprehensive, specific, simple and precise. Everything is explained in a straightforward manner. The package includes the following:

  • A quick start checklist
  • Training for eliminating cellulite
  • Slow Burn
  • Velocity
  • Ascend
  • Recovery tips
  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Sleeping
  • An example regime for a four-week workout
  • Post Workout
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Diet structure
  • The cellulite elimination diet
  • An exercise library in video and writing
  • A workout DVD titled Five Minutes to Look Younger

All That Remains Unnecessary

One of the best parts of this program is what is not required. My Cellulite Solution does not require any working out at the gym, muscle building or starvation diets to remove cellulite. The program has been developed scientifically to remove cellulite from the body within 28 days. The program will work for both women and men having issues with cellulite.

The program explains how the addition of special meals can eliminate cellulite throughout the body. All that is required is following the program. Gavin Walsh did not overcomplicate the process. Everything is straightforward, simple and well explained. The need to read chapter after chapter about unrelated information or the author is not a factor.

The program immediately delves into the information necessary to be successful. The different types of cellulite are discussed to enable the user to customize the program for their specific needs. The main focus of My Cellulite Solution are the specific exercises and movements needed to deeply penetrate the muscle fibers. This means the individual gets beneath the cellulite to the cause as opposed to rubbing on a cream.

Cellulite consists of deposits of fat located beneath the surface of the skin. This is what results in an irregular and dimpled appearance. The majority of women have some cellulite on their bodies. Certain estimates have placed this number as high as ninety percent. Cellulite is most commonly found on the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks. The process of cellulite takes time to develop.

Cellulite begins when the skin puckers due to layers of fat stored beneath the skin. This fat starts pushing against the connective tissues of the thighs, buttocks and hips. Once the tissues begin to bulge, the skin takes on the appearance of an orange peel or cottage cheese. This type of issue is not able to be corrected through a typical workout.

The connective tissues beneath the skin must become weak or lose elasticity for cellulite to form. Maintaining an ideal weight, remaining active, exercising regularly and eating a balanced and healthy diet may not be enough to decrease cellulite. This program provides detailed information regarding the proper exercises to fight cellulite.

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of every product is dependent on the condition of the body of the user and their willingness to stick to the program. Any efficient routine requires both discipline and patience. There is also a difference in the ability of each individual to burn fat. Both hormones and metabolisms must be taken into consideration. This means the results of My Cellulite Solution will vary slightly for each person.

The reviews for this product are mostly positive. Anyone interested in putting in the work required to eliminate cellulite should give this program a chance. Not only can My Cellulite Solution improve the appearance of the skin, but the package also comes with a sixty-day money back, guarantee. The results are going to depend on the dedication of the user.