The well-known manufacturer My Green Mattress has a range of products, with Natural Escape being its hybrid mattress version. Made of all-natural materials and handcrafted, this hybrid mattress offers customers the same excellent innerspring designed the company also offers in its Pure Echo product. The Natural Escape mattress seems to be an excellent addition to their company lineup.

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In addition to this, the Natural Escape mattress includes an additional 3 inch thick layer comprised of naturally-based Dunlop latex. And for consumers who are concerned about protecting the environment and limiting the impact that human beings have on it, it’s great to have the option of choosing a mattress product that better fits their lifestyle and preferences.

The latex component of this mattress means that sleepers will enjoy a much softer, more comfortable feel in their hips and shoulders while resting on this mattress. This last point means the Natural Escape is excellent for side sleepers who put greater pressure on these highly sensitive pressure points. In addition to the environmentally friendly approach that My Green Mattress uses with all of its products, including the Natural Escape mattress, it also seems to offer high value for money.

My Green Mattress Natural Escape Review

Mattress Construction Overview

As is often the case with a hybrid Mattress, My Green Mattress’ Natural Escape mattress attempts to combine the bounce, comfort and durability of natural latex with the superior support offered by a sturdy coil system. And testing seems to demonstrate that has done a good job of accomplishing just this. In fact, it’s interesting to see just how it compares to many of the other competing natural latex mattresses on the market.

Hybrid mattresses are becoming far more popular these days because of the multiple benefits they provide for consumers. They frequently combine the best aspects of otherwise entirely different products. The quality and comfort provided by hybrid mattresses like the Natural Escape often comes as a surprise to those who are more accustomed to the inferior sleep results they get from other less sophisticated bed-in-a-box mattresses. With the Natural Escape mattress, My Green Mattress seems to have captured this concept very well.

Details of Natural Escape Construction

  • The outer cover of the Natural Escape is primarily a natural, organic cotton that is quilted using natural wool. This wool serves as an entirely natural fire barrier, allowing the mattress to pass the federal government’s fire suppression requirements for mattresses without the use of artificial, toxic flame retardants.
  • The comfort layer itself is made of a 3 inch thick section of entirely natural Dunlop latex, which is extremely durable and – at the same time – quite responsive to the movements and positions of the sleeper. This is a key feature if you have any hope of getting a good night sleep next to a partner.
  • The Natural Escape’s support layer uses a heavy-duty coil system that is divided into specific zones in order to provide extra back support for you in certain important areas.
  • Generally speaking, this mattress employs high quality, durable materials throughout its construction. It will most likely provide you with years of service.

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Who Might Choose the Natural Escape Mattress?

Is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to mattress manufacturing, which means that a given mattress that works well for one person might not work for someone else. So just who is the kind of person who might want to consider the Natural Escape mattress produced by My Green Mattress? The following are points to consider when looking at the Natural Escape:

You Would like to Purchase a Much “Greener” Mattress: The manufacturers of the Natural Escape mattress make use of natural wool, organic cotton and naturally-based Dunlop latex. If you are looking for an all-natural mattress for your bedroom, it would be difficult to find a manufacturer that goes to greater lengths than this.

You Would like Your Mattress to Last a Long Time: The materials that My Green Mattress uses in constructing the Natural Escape are all highly durable and likely to last you for years to come. This is important when considering what a significant investment a high quality mattress actually it’s, not to mention the fact that this particular mattress is slightly more expensive than the average one on the market.

You Want a Bouncy Mattress: Among the most significant characteristics of the Natural Escape mattress is that it has a lot of bounce. When you move around on this mattress, it immediately pops back up into place. This provides sleepers with a sense that they are actually sleeping on the mattress rather than sinking down into it. Obviously, this makes moving around on the mattress much easier.

You like Sleeping in Multiple Positions: Testing this mattress shows that it offers a quality medium firmness that is still sufficiently soft for those who want to sleep on their side. At the same time, it offers enough firmness for anyone who likes sleeping on their stomach or back. Not only that, it’s great for those sleepers who tend to toss and turn during the night assuming different positions as they sleep.

Who Might Not Choose the Natural Escape Mattress?

As you might expect, while this mattress might work well for some people in providing them with a reliable and comfortable night’s sleep, there are also other people who might be better off choosing a different mattress better suited to their specific or unique needs. Some of the reasons that they might do this include:

You Prefer Memory Foam: If you are accustomed to the feel of a memory foam mattress in which you seem to be sinking into the surface, it might be a good idea to look at a different mattress, since this is not the feeling you will get with the My Green Natural Escape Mattress. Of course, for those who dislike this feeling this is actually a plus for the Natural Escape mattress.

You Are a Low Weight Side Sleeper: Although this mattress would probably work well for the majority of people sleeping in virtually any position, it does seem likely that it will be a bit too firm for side sleepers who weigh less than the average person. These individuals might prefer something a little less firm that would allow them to sink down at least a little. Otherwise, they might feel as though they are sleeping on a perfectly flat surface.

You Want Very Effective Motion Isolation: While this mattress is fairly effective when it comes to motion isolation from one side of the bed to the other, it’s not quite as effective as a mattress made of memory foam would be. If you sleep with a partner who gets in and out of bed or rolls over all the time, you will most likely feel a little motion from their side during the night.

Sleeping Hot

People sometimes fail to realize just how important temperature control is to getting a good night sleep. The reason for this is that – before a person can drift into deep sleep – their body temperature has to very slightly drop. This can be extremely difficult to do in a bed that “sleeps hot.” However, the Natural Escape mattress from My Green Mattress does an excellent job in this area. Tests have shown that – after someone has slept on it – this mattress returns to normal room temperature much more quickly than the average similarly made mattress.

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As mentioned above, this mattress is much more bouncy than the average one you might find on the market. This is a characteristic you will often find in a natural latex mattress. The Natural Escape mattress has a roughly medium firmness. In other words, it’s about average in this area. This makes it a good choice for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach or on their back.

Standout Features of the Natural Escape Mattress

  • It employs natural materials whenever possible
  • It’s likely to be extremely long-lasting
  • It offers sleepers a great deal of bounce, which is important when wanting to move around
  • It works well for sleepers in a wide range of sleeping positions.

Natural Escape Warranty

My Green Mattress provides a 10 year warranty for the Natural Escape product. The Natural Escape also comes with a 100 night’s sleep trial, during which you are permitted to request a full refund on the product. However, you should keep in mind that the 100 night’s sleep trial return policy requires that any mattress you return must be free from any stains, entirely clean and odor free. In short, the returned mattress has to be in almost new condition for them to accept the item.

This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a mattress protector if you do choose to purchase the Natural Escape. Otherwise, you may lose the chance to return the product if you decide you are unsatisfied with it. The reason the company is so insistent upon this with returns is that they donate any return mattresses to charities. Not surprisingly, these charities will be reluctant to take a mattress that is badly stained or damaged.


As is often the case when you buy green, environmentally friendly products, this mattress does in fact cost a bit more on average than a similar mattress not made from these kinds of natural products. However, this greater price for this mattress is offset by both your reduced carbon footprint and the much greater durability you’re likely to get from this kind of mattress. After all, if you had to replace an alternative, lower-priced mattress in five years, you’re not saving anything.

One way to reduce the cost of the Natural Escape mattress is by purchasing it directly from My Green Mattress itself, rather than through a second party. This helps to eliminate the overhead expenses – and additional profits – that these intermediaries have to charge you for. This helps make it easier for you to purchase a high quality product at a reasonable price. The pricing chart below will aid you in determining which size mattress will work within your budget.

  • Twin $729
  • Twin XL $789
  • Full $999
  • Full XL 1,099
  • Queen $1,099
  • King $1,419
  • Cal King $1,494

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Final Review Summary

For the average sleeper – and for a fairly wide range of sleepers outside of the average – the Natural Escape mattress produced by My Green Mattress Corporation has a lot to offer consumers. This mattress is an excellent value employing high quality, long-lasting materials and components. For anyone hoping to find a long-term mattress solution that provides good value and that uses natural materials, the Natural Escape mattress is a solid candidate.