The NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam mattress is a relatively new product featuring state-of-the-art, high-quality materials and technology, with both open-cell and gel foam layers that guarantee a good night of sleep. Not only does NECTAR allow customers to try their product before committing to it, the mattress also has almost exclusively 5-star ratings from people who did try the product and wound up loving it.

Sleep is important, and knowing the real deal on mattresses before you purchase them—especially when buying online—is a commitment to your health and energy for years to come. To help you decide if the NECTAR Memory Foam mattress is for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review that discusses both its strengths and weaknesses.

Who is Nectar Ideal For:

In line with the benefits offered, this mattress is ideal for people who:

  • Love memory foam: Do you want to experience a deep cradling hug and feel like you are melting softly into your bed? Nectar has a combination of features guaranteed to make you sleep like a king. The mattresses are breathable, thus ensuring a continued cooling by reducing the heat retention and solving other comfort issues that are synonymous with traditional foam mattresses.
  • Require pressure relief: Nectar mattress contours with your body shape to provide a relaxing relief to the pressure points in your body including your hips and shoulders. For people who sleep on their sides, this mattress is a great option if you are looking to reduce the pressure to your curves.
  • Want exceptional value for their money: Nectar has invested in high-quality material for their mattresses. Comparing the cost of the manufacturing materials and the final price of the mattress, this is truly a great deal since the mattress is quite affordable. Apart from the construction, the manufacturer also gives a year’s trial period for people to find out if the mattress is the right choice for them and a limited lifetime warranty for servicing your product. If this does not give you the confidence to invest in this product, nothing else will.
  • Share the bed with a partner and do not want any movement at night: motion isolation counters motion transfer by absorbing movement using the layers of the memory foam. You do not have to struggle to sleep due to movement in, around, and out of the bed.
  • You have a sleeping partner who moves a lot or gets up during the night – The NECTAR Sleep Memory Foam mattress gets an A+ for having almost no motion transfer. This ensures both parties using the mattress won’t upset one another in the middle of the night by turning over, readjusting, or getting out of bed.

The NECTAR may not be for you if:

  • You want a personalized mattress – Unlike some mattresses, NECTAR mattresses are not adjustable and only come with one firmness setting. If you and your partner disagree about firmness, you may need a mattress that can adjust on both sides.
  • You do not like foam mattresses – Memory foam undoubtedly has a feeling and texture unique to itself. If you despise that traditional feeling of “sinking” into your bed, NECTAR may not be a perfect match, and you may prefer a traditional mattress with springs instead.
  • You do not live in the USA – Unfortunately, NECTAR mattresses only ship within the United States, which could make obtaining one difficult and not-so-worth-the-hassle if you live elsewhere.
  • You are sensitive to smells: As discussed above, Nectar comes with an intense new mattress smell that can prove too strong for some people. This smell comes from the materials that were used to make the bed. The smell should dissipate in a few days, and you can accelerate this by airing your mattress before you start using it.

NECTAR Mattress Construction

NECTAR Mattress ReviewDesigned in America and built in China, NECTAR attempts to address and prevent a variety of sleep problems by putting attention and care into every layer, material, and technology chosen. The mattress is constructed with four distinct layers and a cover that prioritize and optimize comfort, weight distribution, and contouring.

Tencel Cooling Cover – Atop the mattress is a breathable cover made from eco-friendly fabric that is more effective than the usual cotton. Made from a Tencel material, this cover is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certified, ensuring that it’s made from high quality textiles. Not only is this cover comfortable and soft, it is also bed bug-resistant and is capable of wicking away heat.

1″ Quilted Gel Memory Foam – The quilting process is an expensive product that many companies avoid to keep costs low. However, NECTAR uses a quilted form of gel memory foam as their top layer to offer undeniable comfort and further improve breathability.

1″ Gel Memory Foam – This layer is made of premium semi-open Lush FoamTM, an expensive gel foam that holds five patents and can distribute both heat and weight impeccably. This material is normally manufactured for medical devices, and is another expensive process Nectar invests in to guarantee a high-quality product.

3″ Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam – Another unique trait of NECTAR is the Hi Core Adaptive foam, made of materials that no other direct-to-consumer brand offers. This material is ideal for contouring and supporting sensitive curves and pressure points, making it especially useful for side sleepers.

6″ Breathable Base Layer – With a high 2.2 ILD rating, the NECTAR base reinforces everything the other layers of the mattress establish to create a solid foundation that will last years. Denser than most base layers, it can draw in fresh air through special channels that help it maintain its integrity despite long-term use.

Overall, NECTAR seems to be determined to use only the best and most premium processes and materials to craft their mattresses. Each foam layer creates a final product that is firm and supportive, while remaining breathable and comfortable throughout the night.

The NECTAR mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified and Is free of harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. The three distinct layers of foam used to construct the mattress are medical grade Visco Elastic memory foam, Hi Core 9.2 Grade transition foam, and the High Vegetable Base Super Core 5 lb support foam.


Several organizations across the world are responsible for ensuring that companies comply with quality and environmental protection. Buying a product from a regulated company not only guarantees quality but also ensures that you get peace of mind when using it. Nectar manufactures its products under strict scrutiny in line with the set laws. As such, it is OEKO-TEX and Certi-PUR US certified. The certifications are responsible for the following regulatory requirements:

  • Banned Azo colorants, nickel, cadmium, pentachlorophenol, and formaldehyde
  • Mattresses made from materials without ozone depleters
  • Mattresses made from materials without lead, mercury, and other heavy metals


Nectar is rated at level 6 of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, which means that it meets the sleeping needs of most of its users. Studies have shown that most people prefer mattresses with a firmness level of between 5 and 7; as such, Nectar is perfectly positioned in this scale. However, the mattress is only available in one firmness level which is the medium firm. As a result, some users have complained about this arguing that other levels could have been available to accommodate every type of sleeper.

Since the mattress is made from high quality foam, it is highly durable. Nectar mattresses feature a contour and hug that let your body sink into the foam. However, the mattress response time is very low, which means that when you change position or move, it could be slightly uncomfortable since the mattress will take a while to adjust to the change. This is because it will take a few seconds to mold to new pressure or a new position.

The support offered by Nectar is great regardless of the position you choose to sleep in: whether on your back, side, or stomach. This is because of the combination of its 1 inch gel foam cover and the 3 inch layer of memory foam. The two features offer consistent support for your body and a smooth transition to the base layer of the mattress.

Motion Transfer

The NECTAR Memory Foam Mattress has one of the most impressive motion transfer scores of mattresses in the market today. The two layers of gel memory foam on the top of the mattress can absorb the shock of motion, instead of transferring it to the rest of the bed, while still making it easy to move within the foam.

This is an excellent trait for those who have problems tossing and turning in the middle of the night and consistently wake or bother their partner. With NECTAR, both parties can move as much as they need without disturbing the other, guaranteeing long and restful nights.

Edge Support

As with most memory foam mattresses, NECTAR does show some significant compression at the edge of the mattress when sitting upright. The direct maximum weight of a body falling onto the edge is enough to get the layers to collapse instead of staying firm, especially with heavier individuals. This should be expected from most memory foam mattresses.

However, when lying on the mattress, its ability to distribute weight is strong enough that people who like to sleep near or hang off the edge will stay just as supported as those who sleep in the middle.


One of the fatal blows to the effectiveness of memory foam has always been how it retains heat, which can make sleep uncomfortable, especially in summer months. Due to the fact that NECTAR is a memory foam mattress, it may end up retaining heat longer than non-memory foam competitors.

However, NECTAR uses materials that do minimalize the retention of heat. The Tencel cooling cover specifically is able to push fresh air into the mattress, so heat never gets trapped in between the layers. The covers are replaceable at no cost to the customer. Thanks to the Tencel material in the cover and the gel memory foam in the top two layers, the NECTAR mattress regulates temperature fairly well.

NECTAR Mattress Specs

  • Size and Shipping

This mattress is available in six sizes; California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. Weighing between 45 and 89 pounds, the mattress is easy to move, thus affording customers a quick and easy set-up.

Size DimensionsHeight
Twin39W” x 75L”11″
Twin Extra Long (XL)39W” x 80L”11″
Full54W” x 75L”11″
Queen60W” x 80L”11″
King76W” x 80L”11″
California King72W” x 84L”11″

The manufacturer has a white glove delivery option when customers need assistance with the set-up. Shipping rates vary with delivery in US being free with the exception of Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska where additional charges are included.

  • Tencel cover

Nectar mattresses are made from a soft breathable blend of Tencel and cotton for maximum satisfaction. Tencel material is made in China and offers intense cooling and softness all night. Additionally, the mattress is tastefully finished with a top layer of checkered pattern, grey side panels, a white fabric, and the Nectar logo embossed on the fabric to add the requited touch of class.

This composition not only gives you a comfortable feel and cooling but also adds class and sophistication in your bedroom. The cover is easily cleanable and can be unzipped as required. The manufacturer offers a one-time replacement for the cover free of charge when yours becomes damaged or stained.

  • Off-gassing

For the first two days, your mattress will have a strong smell that can be uncomfortable as noted by some of the mattress users. The smell, however, dissipates after a week, thus leaving your mattress free from smell. You can choose to air it outside for the first few days before you sleep on it to get rid of the smell faster.

  • Foundation

Nectar mattresses can be placed directly on a platform, a box spring, and any other flat surfaces that can support the weight. The mattress can also be used on the floor but it is important to ensure that you do not expose it to water or excessive moisture. You can also use it with adjustable bed frames that can fit a mattress of up to 11 inches.

  • 365 Night Sleep Trial

The manufacturer has stood firmly behind this product by guaranteeing 1 year of unadulterated sleep and 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The company will pick up the mattress and give your money back regardless of the reason you are not satisfied with the mattress. You have an entire year to decide if you got the right mattress or not. It cannot get better than this! According to the data available online on retail sites, only about 3 percent of customers have returned their mattresses to the manufacturer.

  • Nectar’s Warranty

Nectar offers its exclusive Forever Warranty that guarantees the material, construction, quality, and durability of the mattress, which is only applicable for the original purchaser. This builds the confidence of someone seeking to buy the mattress judging from how the manufacturer is confident about the quality of their product. The company claims that Nectar mattress is the only mattress you will ever want.

For the first five years, the company offers full replacement for free if the mattress is found to have a defect. Every year after that, replacements and repairs are honored for a one-time $100 in transport fees, which is waived if the mattress has a defect. The warranty is one of the strongest selling points of this mattress with users reporting to have renewed confidence in the product when they heard about its guarantee.

NECTAR Review – Conclusion

Whenever shopping for an expensive, long-term investment, it is important to consider all aspects of a purchase before making a final decision. If it’s down to the wire between NECTAR and another mattress with similar qualities, consider the following potential perks and disadvantages to see if anything stands out as particularly significant to you as a buyer.

  • NECTAR offers an almost unbeatable trial period: 365 days. Instead of spending money on big events and showrooms, NECTAR decided to allow consumers to use the mattress in their own homes to stand the test of their own lifestyles for an entire year before having to commit to the purchase. If customers don’t like the mattress, they can return it, have it picked up, and receive a full refund.
  • Shipping & Handling (and Refunds) are free of charge. NECTAR does offer free shipping, whether they are delivering or you are returning your product. With their “white glove” option, they will even come and set the mattress up for you so you do not have to do it yourself.
  • The NECTAR mattress should be able to work with all bed foundations. Whether you have a traditional bedframe or prefer to keep it bohemian-style on the floor, the NECTAR mattress can go just about anywhere—on any frame, box spring, or surface on which it can fit.
  • The mattress has a weight limit of 400 lbs for individual weight (800 lbs of combined weight). This particular quality will vary in important depending upon the needs of the consumer. Overall, NECTAR is able to hold a lot and is excellent for people who carry a lot of weight and need a product that can handle it.

Overall, Nectar mattress is a great purchase option since it provides quality at a low cost. Made from high-quality materials featuring high support levels and a cooling system, this mattress offers features that distinctively set it apart from other foam mattresses. For instance, it ensures minimal sinkage and easy motion absorption, thus guaranteeing nights of extreme comfort.

This mattress is ideal for people who love the feeling of memory foam, prefer firmer mattresses, and sleep on their sides due to its ability to relieve pressure. With its firm feel and a high-quality gel foam material, it is an excellent choice for heavier people. Also excellent for those who move often in their sleep or want to remain undisturbed, this mattress is great for people looking for lots of motion isolation. The NECTAR mattress is an excellent contender in the market today and is worth checking out if the above qualities seem to match what you’re looking for in a good night’s sleep.