Designed to outperform memory foam and latex mattresses, the Nolah mattress combats problems you would usually get from low-quality foam beds and claim to give you a better night’s sleep. It helps to eliminate hot sleeping and has improved pressure relief properties without using any irritating and harmful materials that can often collect heat inside the mattress.

With this, we’re going to go over the Nolah mattresses key features, who it’s made for, its construction, comfort level, additional considerations, and a final word to help you decide whether it’s worth investing in.

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Key Features

Nolah Mattress ReviewThe Nolah mattress is better suited for those who like to sleep on their sides being that it helps relieve 4 times less peak pressure on your hip and back. It’s a three-layer foam mattress with the top layer being two inches of cooling Nolah Air foam, the second being an inch of supportive Avena foam and the third being seven inches of high-density base foam.

Whether you use it with or without bedsheets, the Nolah mattress has a rather elegant design with the cover being inspired by the Colorado mountains and the nature that surrounds them. It portrays the rising sun above the horizon and the wavy mountains below.

Compared to regular memory foam mattresses, it’s much bouncier and cooler to sleep on because of the combination of memory foam and latex foam. Because the bed is made with Visco chemicals, this means that it’s a lot more durable than even some of the best memory foams and latex, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

It’s also one of few mattresses that have a complete 360-degree encased luxury cover for increased quality and longevity. It also comes with a lengthy 15-year warranty that covers any defects in the material or construction. If there happens to be a defect, the company will either offer to repair or replace the mattress although you’ll be responsible for shipping and handling fees.

Who is the Nolah Mattress Good For?

If you like to sleep on your back most of the time, you might as well look for another mattress. The Nolah mattress is softer than the average bed which relieves pressure from your hip and back area for a more comfortable side sleeping experience, but may not be the same feeling for back sleepers.

Since it’s 100% temperature neutral, it won’t trap unnecessary body heat inside it which is a common problem with regular memory foam beds. Each layer consists of thousands of small air pockets that let air circulate throughout the entire mattress for a cooler sleep while molding to your body and adding support.

Also, if you like a responsive bounce, the Avena Foam support layer works a lot like latex without trapping any heat. Those who sleep on their back or stomach may have a hard time sleeping on this mattress since it may not be firm enough to support both areas.

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As mentioned before, the Nolah mattress is made up of three layers.

The top layer is two inches of Nolah Air foam with a 2.5lb per square feet density and is not only important for pressure relief but also aids in regulating your body temperature as it contours to your body.

The second layer, or the support layer, is one inch of Avena foam that works similar to latex with a 4lb per square feet density. Unlike latex, it’s a lot more durable and gives the mattress a responsive bounce for a less twisting and turning night’s sleep.

Lastly, the base layer is seven inches of high-density polyurethane foam with 1.8lb per square feet density and claims to be one of the best quality material made in the US. It’s designed to last you several years if not more so that you may rest with a peace of mind.

While the Nolah mattress most likely won’t cause someone to sink, there’s only three inches of foam for both comfort and transition which may be of concern to some since it can mean less support for heavier people or those with sensitive pressure points. Luckily, the mattress gives enough back and spine support for up to 400 pounds.

It’s neither soft or firm and can fit virtually any body shape and weight, but if you prefer a very plush mattress or a more solid one, you’re out of luck.

Breathability and Sleeping Temperature

Many memory foam or latex mattresses can collect a lot of body heat throughout the night, especially soft ones where your body tends to sink in more. They’re also usually injected full of viscoelastic materials and other random chemicals that make traditional foam trap a lot of warmth. Because of this, the Nolah mattress was carefully designed to avoid such an issue as sleeping cool is often a mattresses biggest benefit for some users.

Because of the natural viscose threads and the Avena Foam support layer, the mattress wicks away any sort of moisture by providing plenty of airflow and prevents the bed from getting too hot from body heat. This is especially ideal for those who live in hotter areas and like cooler nights and fewer headaches from sleeping too hot.

Comfort Level

The Nolah mattress is considered to be comfortable for most kinds of sleepers and has a medium firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, it would probably fall around a 6 meaning that it’s not too soft and not too firm.

When you push down on it, there’s a slight “give” but it rebounds right back into form. Unlike regular memory foam, the Nolah mattress is slightly different in that it has more of an “airy” feel. This is due to the top layer being free from elastics and other materials that can weigh foam down.

The mattress’s soft factor is great for side sleepers since this alleviates pressure off of the spine, shoulders, and hip. Heavier sleepers may benefit from this bed as well, but it may be too soft for back and stomach sleepers.

The cover is very sturdy so you won’t be sinking into the bed and the healthy bounce it gives off helps you sleep more soundly at night without your back pain waking you up. This is mostly due to the strong, supportive base made of foam, and although it’s very dense, it helps to keep your back aligned and protects you from sinking into the bed like quicksand.

As for motion transfer, the Nolah Air foam works like memory foam, restricting any excess movement for almost no motion transfer from one edge to the other. If you sleep with a partner and either you or they move around during sleep, this can come in handy so you don’t have to worry about waking each other up in the middle of the night.

Some of us may have active sleeping patterns where we tend to roll around subconsciously, which can cause us to roll right off the edge of the bed. With the Nolah mattress, this problem is prevented since it’s sturdy and has good edge support, although it still compresses a bit on the sides which is evident with any foam bed.

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It’s optional to add a foundation such as box springs, slats, or bed frames, but it doesn’t really affect the comfort level of the bed. Having it on the floor wouldn’t be very different than having it lifted and on springs.

As for the initial mattress smell, it’s expected that the smell will go away within a few hours or days after you unbox the mattress. The smell isn’t harmful and shouldn’t hinder your sleep routine, but if you’d prefer to avoid smells as much as possible, then perhaps it’s better to invest in a more traditional innerspring mattress without as many foam layers.

Other Considerations

Some mattresses can literally have a price tag of thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be perfect for its user. One person’s paradise may be another person’s nightmare, which is why mattresses are such a personal investment.

The Nolah mattress is hard to find in stores, but online (often from a third party), you can buy it in a Twin at $549, Full at $749, Queen at $949, King at $1,069, and California King size at $1,069. These sizes are placed at fairly competitive rates, and due to the high quality of the mattress, it’s a rather worthy investment for the next 10-15 years.

After you buy the mattress, Nolah allows you to try it out with a trial period of 120 nights with a money-back guarantee. This is a rather generous trial period compared to similar mattress brands, and if the bed wasn’t how you expected it to be, you can simply send it back for a full refund. The trial period is often better preferred by most users since you get more time to try out the bad rather than trying one out at a store for only a few minutes before buying.

Nolah asks for you to try the bed for at least 30 days before attempting to return it, which is plenty of time to truly test how well the mattress works for you especially if you’re not used to a new mattress. When you wish to return it, Nolah conveniently sends someone to pick up the mattress and donate it to either a charity or recycling center.

Final Word

Ultimately, the Nolah mattress seems like a worthy investment for those looking for a better night’s sleep. It’s ideal for side sleepers since the three-layers of foam keep you cool at night, rebounds back into form without the use of latex, and alleviates pressure on your back, hips, and shoulders.

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While it may be a little too soft for back and stomach sleepers, it’s certainly more durable than most standard memory foam beds since it’s built from two inches of Nolah Air foam, one inch of Avena foam, and seven inches of polyfoam. The medium firmness is practical for almost all types of sleepers and can benefit couples who’s partner moves around a lot during their sleep.

It’s fairly affordable for all the features that it has, not to mention it’s economically friendly. With its long 120-night trial period and money-back guarantee, the Nolah mattress is definitely worth trying out for a nice break from your old bed.