Norton Security Premium is one of the plans offered by Norton Security. It is designed to work optimally with any operating system, which is why it has gained popularity among computer owners. According to Norton, your computer is safe from malware when you install this premium package.

The antivirus is offered with a simple and easy to use interface, well organized, with all the Norton features easily accessible. With it, you are protected from worms, viruses, malware, and spyware. The good thing is, the software is easy to install and offers swift performance with no downtime. You will also be protected from online/cyber threats as your information will be kept safe. If you do not like what you get after installing the antivirus, you can claim your money back.

Norton has been in the industry for 25 years now. Over the years, the antivirus, which is distributed by Symantec Corporation, has undergone numerous changes to curb new online threats and accommodate the needs of all. Today, the service is available in 28 countries, and its team of developers continues to seek new ways of dealing with threats to computers and to individuals online. Norton Premium runs on the old method approach of scanning for viruses and malware, and removing them or shredding them from your device.

The software is designed for all levels of expertise. Teens through the elderly can use this software. Norton poses as one of the most popular antivirus software as evident in the multiple awards that Norton Premium has won. Among the features you get by installing Norton Premium include parental control, email protection, malware, virus, spyware and worm protection, and technical support after installation.

System Requirements and Installation

Norton Security Premium ReviewOne advantage that you get with Norton Premium is that it operates on all operating systems. Therefore, you can install it on Windows, Mac, iOS Android and others. The installation process and the interface of Norton does not change from one device to another; it remains the same. Even better, you will be offered individual multi-device usage. This means you can install the software to work on all devices in a household. Assuming you buy this premium package, it comes ready to use after activating it on your device.

You will find it easy to install this antivirus. It comes with a direct full installer, which on opening, gives you a file to execute. Just by simply following the path, you will be done with the installation. You will then be prompted to join Norton Community Watch. Here, you can get help and share your experience using Norton. Click ‘Agree’ if you are interested.

After the installation, you will be required to sign in to start accessing the features that Norton Premium has to offer. If you have an account, just enter the details. However, if you do not have an account, you will need to create one by offering your details including email address and country of residence. Restart your computer and you will be protected already.

You may be given a tour after restarting your computer. Click on ‘Whats New’ if you are interested in the tour. Otherwise, skip the step and proceed to access features.

The Interface

The interface is simple enough; it is designed in white and green colors with great tools laid out in an organized manner to give you ease of access. On the screen, the software displays date and time of the last scan, whether you are protected or not, and software updates needed or done. In most cases, you may be needed to update the original program you install.

Everything can be configured from the interface that Norton Premium presents. Its performance is smooth and you will be prompted before every action is taken.

Virus and Firewall Protection

Installing the Norton Security toolbar and all the required add-ons gives you assurance of protection. This toolbar with assist you in different aspects during your use of Norton. The Safe Search Extension allows you to search the internet safely. The search uses, a search engine not common with most people. This is the same case with the Home Page Extension. Besides the online protection, you get access to Norton Identity Safe. This is a feature that allows you to create a vault where you can store all your passwords and other details about different accounts for convenience. You can also create personal notes and online transactions and keep them away from the reach of others.

The performance of Norton Security Premium when protecting you from viruses and malware from USB drives and external drives is nearly impeccable. However, there are some complaints when it comes to online protection.

The premium version of Norton offers a great firewall. You Can choose between a public and private mode, depending on the level of security you need. You will have the ability to change the settings later. When on Public mode, there are threats that you cannot see, but when you activate the Private mode, you can see more threats.


Norton Security Premium has a lot of special features. The basic feature of these is the multiple devices feature. You can have up to 10 devices with one subscription. This means you can protect your computer, your Android, or iOS devices without paying any extra money. Norton Mobile security is high-rated. There is a special feature that alerts you of malicious android apps just before you download them; a handy feature. The good thing, you are promised 100 percent virus removal or your money back.

You have 25 GB of secure PC cloud storage. This feature comes with ransomware protection. This keeps your files safe. As a parent, you are offered parental control features. Here, you get to ensure that your children are not at risk when browsing online, and you can limit the sites and the content they access. Norton Performance is a feature designed to help you optimize the performance of your system, either the computer or mobile device. You also get features like File Cleanup, which lets you keep your system clean and free of ‘junk.’


Norton Security Premium comes in three packages; individual, multi-device and household. Either of these packages can save you money compared to other Antivirus Software on the market. Besides the good pricing, some seasonal offers and promotions can cut the price of the packages significantly. You can even gift Norton to your loved ones and guarantee them lifelong protection.

When you pay the full price of the package, you are guaranteed full protection unlike using a free antivirus. Individual subscriptions begin at $59.99 per year. You can use this package for your individual computer or register up to 10 devices. This is a discounted price as the original price of the package was $89.99. For two years, you get to pay only $119.99; this is a cut from $179.99.

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee; this is if you do not like the package. You can pay through American Express, Visa or MasterCard, JCB, Discover or PayPal.

Antivirus Performance

Norton Premium performs great when it comes to virus and malware protection. Evaluations conducted by AV-TEST, Germany showed that the antivirus was able to detect and block all viruses and malware. However, it showed a few false positives. It is rated the same with Kaspersky, BitDefender and Trend Micro.

According to tests done in March 2018, the antivirus caught 100 percent of the known malware at that time with 6 false positives. These tests were done on windows 10. On Windows 8.1, the antivirus detected and blocked all malware with only 2 false positives. On windows 7, the antivirus caught 100 percent zero day malware and had one false positive.

The malware scanning technology in Norton Security Premium cuts across all Norton products. The only differences are the features available in each package, with the premium having the highest number of special features. Norton Bootable Recovery tool is a great feature that you have to download separately. This feature restarts your device in a secured Linux environment. This feature only works with DVDs and thumb drives. You can use it with Microsoft Secure Boot.

Most Norton Premium users complain that it slows down the system. According to tests, the Antivirus slows down the system up to 30 percent. Even when using the computer normally, you will notice some programs on your computer slowing down. Some users have reported zero impact on system performance, but the majority has reported system impact.

Norton resource usage is average. This means that the time to boot is neither too fast nor too slow. When you are scanning your full computer, you will notice a high resource use; but this happens with most antivirus software.

Technical Support

This being the premium package, Norton offers the best technical support. Unlike the Standard package where users have to research everything online when they need help, the premium customers have access to live chat and can also call customer support at all times; 24/7 support. Virus removal is part of the support you get. Immediately you install the software, an expert will assist you to clean your device from all viruses, malware, and spyware. If the antivirus fails to remove even a small percentage of the viruses on your computer, you get 100 percent money back.

The update center also gets enough support. You will always be notified of the new versions of the software, and you will get help updating. This keeps you safe from zero-day malware. You also get extras including security 101, a guide to setting up Norton and accessing all features, and the Norton Community Watch where you can get your problems solved by other users.

The default settings that come with Norton Security Premium will get you protected even if you do not change. These settings offer a choice of what you backup and when. Video files and mail are not backed up, but you can change that in the settings if need be. The backup feature also allows you store files on an external drive, or store them locally on your computer.

Note that initial backups with Norton Premium are a bit slow, but with consequent backups, the speed increases. Restoring files is easy. The good thing is that you can browse through the backed up files like you would on your computer. There is a password manager whose settings you can change, which is also offered. However, this option is for Windows, Android, and iOS but not for MacOS.

You might want to change the automatic scan frequency in the settings to ensure that you stay protected at all times.

Pros and Cons

Norton Premium offers some advantages compared to other antivirus software on the market. These include:

  • Compatibility with all operating systems
  • Family oriented features
  • Offers parental control, keeping children safe
  • Fast malware detection and blocking, especially when online
  • Clean, well-organized interface
  • 24/7 technical support with forums and pdf guides

Even with all the pros, some cons set the program back including:

  • Relatively pricier; this is so compared to antivirus software such as AVG that are free
  • There are iOS limitations when using Norton Premium

The Norton development team is always working to improve the product. As such, you may be required to update the software often, which at times can be bothersome.


Based on customer reviews, Norton is a great antivirus software. It offers you all the basic features you would want, and tops that with special features to give you convenience. The virus removal is remarkable, and so is the performance of other features offered with the purchase of this package. Compared to premium antivirus software such as Kaspersky and BitDefender, Norton Premium is reasonably priced.

One of the features that people love is the multi-device feature, which lets you keep all devices in a family protected. Family oriented features as the parental control also keep people buying this antivirus. On top of all, it is easy to use.

Last Updated: May 03, 2020.