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The mattress industry has been roaring for a while now, following the increased adoption of technologies in different aspects of a mattress. Today, this industry features some of the most impressive and fascinating innovations. Due to the continued advancements in the said technology, old and new mattress manufacturers are creating unique sleeping products designed to meet the different needs of sleepers.

In this article, we will give you an overview of Pacific Mattress, a brand made by Pacific Mattress Co. based in California. Like other products, you may need to know more about a mattress before settling on a brand. A great mattress is comfortable, soft, has motion isolation, and regulates temperature among other features.

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Pacific Mattress

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Pacific Mattress ReviewsPacific Mattress is available in medium soft and medium firm comfort levels. The mattress’ price ranges between $500 and $1,000, which caters for different customers. It comes with an un-quilted surface that gives it the extraordinary style you are looking for.


As mentioned above, Pacific Mattress is available in medium soft and medium firm levels. We have discussed each medium below.

Mediums Soft

  • Cover: This is made from polyester, modacrylic, and lycra. The materials are not only soft for comfort but also machine washable for ease of cleaning. It also includes a phase change material that allows for temperature regulation as it has a cooling effect. You will also find a silica fire barrier above the top layer.
  • Top layer: This is made of 1.5 inches of float foam that defines it as the comfort layer. Its construction is such that the central area is firm while the head and foot areas are softer.
  • Mid layer: This layer comprises of latex OEKO-TEX certified and ILD 13. It covers 2 inches of the mattress.
  • Base layer: This is made of 1.8 density foam that makes up 6.5 inches of the mattress. It also has an ILD of 32.

Medium Firm

  • Cover: The cover is made from polyester, modacrylic, and lycra, which gives you a tender sleeping surface. It is machine washable, which makes maintenance easy. It features a phase change material that gives it a cooling effect. A silica fire barrier is also fitted above the top layer.
  • Top layer: This comprises of 1.5 inches of a solid float foam for complete firmness.
  • Mid layer: This is made of 1.5 inches of latex complemented by an ILS of 19.
  • Base layer: This is made up of 1.8 density foam with an ILD of 36. It makes up 7 inches of the mattress.
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Pacific Mattress

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After purchasing a Pacific Mattress, it will be shipped and delivered to your doorstep in a compact box. The first thing you ought to do is un-box it for setup. Unlike the other boxed mattresses, Pacific Mattress is unique in that the box has wheels at the bottom for portability. This means that you can set it up without needing an extra pair of hands. After taking the mattress out of the box and the plastic, it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to set up.

You may notice minimal off-gassing, which should disappear immediately you allow the mattress to air. You should let it roll out and take the required shape. If your nostrils are sensitive, you should give the mattress about 12 hours to completely air out. This period will also allow the mattress to expand fully and be ready for use.

You should set up the mattress on a flat, even surface so that it can provide a comfortable sleeping area. This will also ensure that the weight of the mattress is well supported. When choosing this surface, you should take into account its height and style.

Motion transfer

Pacific Mattress features high-density foam in the layers, specifically for motion isolation. This is particularly beneficial to people that share a bed. This is because the movement of one person is absorbed within the foam such that the other one feels minimal movement.

A latex layer is added below the floating foam with the aim of reducing motion transfer. When one gets in or out of bed, the other person will hardly feel any movement. Light sleepers have an advantage if they use this mattress because they are assured of a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Edge Support

Pacific Mattress provides a stable edge-to-edge support provided by the solid foam surface. The base layer features a high-density foam that creates a solid foundation both at the middle and at the edges. This is complemented by the comfort foam used on the top layer. This consistency ensures that you do not roll out of bed. You can sit on the edges comfortably but you may notice a little shrinkage. The edge-to-edge support is, however, sufficient to enhance the sleeping surface on the mattress. This way, you can sleep on whichever part of the bed you find most comfortable.


Pacific Mattress is available in two comfort levels: medium-soft and medium-firm. With the two levels, the mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. While one is somewhat soft, the other one is marginally firm. If we rate them within a firmness scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest, medium-soft would score a 4 and medium-firm a 6. The medium-soft model is a great choice for the side and back sleepers because the pressure points need a soft sleeping surface.

The medium-firm mattress on the other hand is perfect for back and stomach sleepers because it is highly supportive. Heavy people would also find the medium-firm mattress ideal.

Regardless of the comfort level you go for, you are sure to enjoy the best support and a solid foundation. The floating and latex foams are good at ensuring pressure relief and overall comfort.

Sleeping Cool

Most people want a mattress that can regulate temperatures to make sleeping more comfortable. Pacific Mattress is fitted with floating foam with the transition layer containing latex foam, which are both great at dissipating heat. The floating foam also features the supportive air technology. This means that the layer is filled with microscopic air capsules that will create a cool sleeping surface for you.

The latex foam has a natural responsiveness that allow you to sink into the mattress lightly. The cover of this mattress also comes in handy in regulating temperatures. It is designed with a phase change feature that wicks off all the moisture and cools the sleeping surface.

Of the two comfort levels, the medium-firm is better at regulating heat since you will sink into the layers less. Nonetheless, the medium-soft mattress should also allow you to stay cool.

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Pacific Mattress

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You will love Pacific Mattress if:

  1. You prefer sleeping cool: Pacific Mattress is designed specifically for persons who do not like sleeping warm. The medium-firm version is a great choice for such people because they will not sink right into the mattress. Both the medium-firm and the medium-soft feature a phase changing cover material that gives the cooling effect. The latex material is also naturally cooling. The floating foam layer also comes with the supportive air technology that facilitates heat dissipation.
  2. You are looking for superlative quality: Pacific Mattress is unique since it features one of the latest innovations, the Float Foam Technology. It is also made from highly durable materials that recover fast and capable of providing optimum pressure relief and motion isolation. This makes it the perfect choice for sleepers looking to boost their wellness.
  3. You are looking for a plush, excellent mattress cover: The mattress is constructed with the most extraordinary mattress cover that features the CoolBrezzz Technology. The technology provides a cooling effect to the sleeping surface and makes the cover breathable to wick off moisture. The cover is also removable and machine washable. Be sure to use cold water when washing it and to line dry it after washing to prevent it from shrinking.
  4. You are looking for a safe and certified mattress: The foam used on Pacific Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and the latex is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The silica fire barrier used has no toxic compounds or VOC’s. This makes the mattress safe and eco-friendly. You, therefore, can trust its sleeping surface even for your kids.
  5. You are looking for a great value: The mattress is sold on the official website of the manufacturer. After purchase, you will get a free 100-night trial period where you will determine whether you made the right choice. If you decide that the mattress does not meet your needs within the 100 nights, you can return it and receive a full refund. You will also enjoy a 10-year non-prorated limited warranty.

You will not like Pacific Mattress if:

  1. You do not like sleeping on high-density foam: The mattress features high density and latex foams that are supportive, comfortable, and have minimal motion transfer. The natural latex and supportive air technology also limit the sleeper from sinking into the mattress. This prevents the foam mattress from hugging you. Nonetheless, if you do not love firm foam mattresses, you should consider doing more research to identify the mattress that best meets your sleeping needs.
  2. You like sleeping warm: Pacific Mattress is specially constructed for heat dissipation and provision of a cooling effect. The cover is particularly designed to cool the sleeping surface. If you like sleeping hot, then the mattress might not be a good choice for you. However, if you must go for Pacific Mattress, you should choose the medium-soft because it is relatively warmer than the medium-firm mattress.
  3. You are looking for a high-level responsiveness: Pacific Mattress is not as responsive as spring mattresses or mattresses fitted with the pocket coil system. As such, if you want your mattress to be responsive, Pacific Mattress might not be a great option for you.
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Pacific Mattress

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Final Verdict

If you are looking to get rid of a back pain, Pacific Mattress will suit you perfectly. It will relieve pressure on all the points depending on your sleeping position. You will also enjoy a wide range of beneficial features at an affordable price. With it, you are sure to wake up more energized and refreshed than ever.

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