If you follow trends in natural and holistic health care, you have probably noticed the growing number of essential oils products pouring into the market. You might even own a few already or, if you are a big-time oils enthusiast, bought your own diffuser and use it on a regular basis. There are so many brands of essential oils available to buy, which makes it difficult to know which brand is the best to buy.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils is one of the more popular brands on the market and is earning a lot of positive reviews. If you are looking to try essential oils for the first time or are considering switching brands, here are some of the most important things you should know about this company and their lines of essential oils.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Overview

Plant Therapy Essential Oils is a family-owned and operated business that makes a vast array of essential oils products, including a kid-safe line and skin care products. For those of you who are new to the world of essential oils, the ingredients found in Plant Therapy’s products are all plant-based.

Essential oils are derived from plants’ cells. These cells contain the essences that become oils upon extraction. The practice of using these oils for health and healing is called aromatherapy. Essential oils are all supposed to be organic and contain pure oil contents. However, there is a dark side to the essential oils industry.

Not all essential oils are as pure as they claim. In fact, some brands that you can buy in health stores contain large quantities of propylene glycol, a chemical which might be hazardous to your health. Additives, fillers, and oils that are distilled at significantly high temperatures and pressures do not make for high-quality essential oils. That is where Plant Therapy Essential Oils differs from its competition.

These Oils are Filler-free!

Quality and purity are absolutely essential when it comes to essential oils. Plant Therapy’s products are all USDA certified and 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. These essential oils are not manufactured with additives, fillers, or chemicals like propylene glycol.

Since quality is key, the company has their products organoleptically tested by a well-respected essential oils evaluator before they are shipped off to a few third-party testing facilities. There, each essential oils batch must be able to pass the Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) test and show no adulterants or contamination. The company also uses chiral analysis to determine whether or not a detected potential contaminant might actually be a natural constituent.

If you are worried about potential contamination, Plant Therapy lists specific batch codes on each bottle they produce, and test reports for each product are available on their product pages for you to review.

You Get to Skip the Middle Man

Other high-end essential oils companies have sales representatives that you have to buy your products through, and these products tend to cost a small fortune. With Plant Therapy, you can buy online directly from their website or through other shopping sites, completely eliminating the middle man.

Since Plant Therapy is quite upfront with their products and transparent with testing methods, there is no shortage of information available about each product online, making researching and selecting the oils you want rather easy. Also, the company offers helpful customer service and is known for being quite responsive to customers’ comments, concerns, and questions.

An Oil for Every Purpose

With some essential oils lines, you have to really dig around to find the oil you need for a specific purpose and, sometimes, you need to combine a few different oils to get the most effective product for your particular health care need. Plant Therapy, however, has a large array of essential oils that meet various needs. You can find everything from Allspice to Yuzu in their line-up of essential oil products.

If you prefer a single tincture, you can choose between their 5 mL (1/6 oz) or 10 mL (1/3 oz) tinctures. However, if you prefer to use roll-ons, Plant Therapy has plenty of roll-on essential oils to chose from, too. You can opt for organic versions of many of their products, and there are 42 different synergistic blends to choose from, including Tension Relief, Zit-Fighter, and Immune Aid.

Of course, these oils might not work for everyone since each human body operates a little bit differently and, therefore, responds to essential oils in various ways. All of the company’s oils work well in diffusers and are safe to use on top of the skin. In fact, some users have reported using these oils as a substitute for lip balm!

Plant Therapy’s Child-friendly Line

Unlike some of the other essential oils companies out there today, Planty Therapy Essential Oils has a line of products geared specifically toward children. Their kid-safe products include roll-ons, synergy blends, singles, and aroma plush. There are plenty of awesome synergy blends crafted for child-specific purposes, including increasing attention spans, eliminating harmful germs, and boosting a child’s immune system.

The aroma plushes are really what make the KidSafe line stand out. These plushes are designed with scent pads that are tucked inside built-in pouches. All you have to do is add a few drops of a KidSafe essential oil to the scent pad and place the pad inside of the plush’s pouch. Not only are these plushes kid-safe, they are truly kid-friendly.

Whereas other plush products and kids’ essential oils toys look cheaply made and poorly thought-out by adult manufacturers, these plushes are well-sewn, durable, and look like toys kids would actually love to play and snuggle with. Of course, your child should be discouraged from sticking the scent pad in their mouth since these oils are not meant to be ingested. However, it seems likely that most children ages 3 and up do not have a problem with this product.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Essential Oils

The most telling signs of a good or bad oil product are what users say about the products online. As far as reviews of Plant Therapy Essential Oils products go, there are not too many repetitious negative comments to be found. Those who have left lower ratings have been few and far between.

One of the most common one-star review complaints customers are leaving online is that some of the oils have unpleasant odors that remind them of turpentine or petroleum. The users making this claim who have purchased multiple oils report that the same underlying scent exists in each oil they purchased. A few users report that the Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils both have this strange scent but that other products, such as Peppermint and Lemon Orange, smell just like they had expected them to.

There have also been a few issues with the products’ packaging. Customers report receiving poorly-packaged products. Certainly, some damage can be incurred during the delivery process and might not be the company’s fault. However, some customers have been upset or, at the very least, concerned with quality control over the packaging of the products and have had to demand refunds for broken bottles.

On the positive side, customers note that Plant Therapy’s essential oils usually work as expected. For example, the Peppermint oil they manufacture is regarded as one of the best natural solutions for getting rid of mice and mosquitos. It also seems to work well at deterring ants and spiders that get into people’s homes. Additionally, it is a popular purchase for those looking to treat their nausea, migraines or headaches, or to simply get the five bodily senses stimulated.

Some products are getting a lot of mixed reviews, especially the synergy blends. The Munchy Stop Synergy Blend, for example, seems to be effective for many people who are looking to cut down on their food cravings. This blend has a deliberately unpleasant scent that is meant to deter you from wanting to eat sugary foods. While a few customers claim that this essential oil blend has done absolutely nothing to curb their cravings, others are raving that it is the only thing that has worked for them. Again, not all of our bodies work the same way, so some individuals with certain cravings might need to take other measures (including consulting with their doctors) to reduce their food cravings.

The best aspect of this brand of essential oils is that they are affordable without being cheaply made. The company also offer essential oils kits with multiple oils for relatively inexpensive prices. Surprisingly, you get a great bargain on quality essential oils when you splurge on these products.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons to try Plant Therapy Essential Oils. Their products are thoroughly tested, do not seem to trigger allergic reactions in many individuals, and are even great for kids when you buy from the KidSafe line. You do not have to spend a fortune on their essential oils, and the company is responsive to comments, questions, and concerns. If you are unsure of what to buy, the company offers complimentary consultations. These essential oils are becoming well-loved by many customers and seem to be well worth trying.