Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your synthetic-memory foam/gel/mixed material mattress? Off-gassing and hot sleeping are just a few of the issues that most users have to bear with when buying cheap mattresses. Since sleep is central to healthy living, maybe it is time to consider making a serious investment in your next mattress.

And a considerable investment is involved when it comes to the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss range of mattresses. Even the cheapest variants will set you back by at least a few thousand dollars. Why should anybody even consider making that kind of investment in a mattress? That is what we will try to answer in this PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review.

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PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review Summary

PlushBeds Mattress ReviewCheck out these pros and cons to get a quick idea whether you need to look closely at the Botanical Bliss for your next mattress purchase.

Reasons why you may love this mattress:

1. Natural Organic Latex: If you are in the market for a greener, organic alternative to synthetic mattresses and chemicals, this mattress if just what you need. It is an all-natural product, made from the highest quality latex, organic cotton, and pure wool.

2. Advanced Customization Options: PlushBeds mattresses are available in a wide range of size, thickness, and softness options. The company also delivers a product that is tailor-made to buyer specifications. You can even alter the firmness levels after purchase.

3. If you have a bad back: Organic latex is a highly supportive and comfortable material. They align your spine well, which is vital to avoid back and joint trouble.

4. Excellent Cooling: The all-latex layers ensure that the mattress remains cool even on hot summer nights. The use of a Joma wool layer ensures that the bed feels warm in comfortable in winters.

5. Spring and Bounce: this is a rather subjective feature. If you enjoyed the springy feeling in your foam mattress, you might find the latex material even more enjoyable.

6. Refunds, Free Shipping, Warranty: PlushBeds offers a 100 days trial period for this mattress, with a full refund. And the warranty coverage is also among the longest in the industry, at 25 years.

Reasons why this mattress may not be ideal for you

1. Expensive: the mattresses range between $1500-5000 in price. If you are on a tight budget, these might be out of your reach, unless you have financing options.

2. Heavy: All-latex mattresses are among the heaviest out there. These mattresses weigh more than 100 lbs and can be difficult to move around.

3. No Physical Stores: There are no locations where you can go and test this mattress firsthand. It is only available online.

About the Company

PlushBeds belongs that new generation of companies using the internet to attain massive growth in a matter of years. A bit like Uber if you will. But unlike the controversial ride-share brand, PlushBeds is a brand that has been making the right kind of waves in the mattress industry. No major controversies there.

The Wilmington, Delaware based company is relatively young, having been in the business only since 2010. They were one of the pioneers of the online-only sales model, with no physical stores. All their products are made to order and come with highly customizable features.

The brand has a range of natural latex, memory foam/gel mattresses in their catalog. But premium organic latex mattresses are their specialty. In fact, the company is the largest importer of the material in the North American continent. They source high quality, authentic ARPICO latex from Sri Lanka.

The mattresses are manufactured/assembled in the US. They have a range of certifications including:

  • USDA Organic Certification
  • Global Organic Latex Standard
  • GreenGuard Gold Certification

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Main Features Of The Botanical Bliss

This is a 100% pure latex mattress, without any synthetic material added. Unlike other mattresses made from a single block, the Botanical Bliss is comprised of multiple layers. Here is a breakdown of the different layers used in this mattress:

1. Top Layer – Organic Cotton & Joma Wool

The mattress cover is made from a layer of 100% organic cotton blended with thick Joma wool. The fabric is designed for improved softness, comfort, and feel. Joma is a special wool sourced from New Zealand. This is a high-quality wool fiber, used mainly by premium mattress manufacturers. It improves the springy softness of the top layer. But the key feature here is how it regulates your body temperature: so the bed feels cool in summers, and warm in winters. This wool is also an effective flame retardant. That means that this bed does not require chemical flame retardants.

Unlike in other mattresses, the top layer in Botanical Bliss is not sewn or glued to the rest of the mattress layers. Instead, the layers are knitted together, which improves the overall air circulation and improved surface comfort. Since this is a customizable mattress, you can unzip the cover, and rearrange the different layers.

2. Middle Layer – Talalay Latex

Talalay is one of the two main manufacturing processes used to create pure latex mattress blocks. The other method is called Dunlop method, which results in firmer blocks better suited for the core of the mattress. Talalay method results in a softer foam block, with extra bounce. This material is better suited for upper layers in a mattress.

The Botanical Bliss Talalay layer is made from 100% organic latex. It offers multiple benefits to users. It has a strong pressure reducing the effect on the body and provides superior support when compared to synthetic materials. The layer also supports superior air circulation. In hot summers, it helps keep the bed cool, comfortable and prevents sweating.

This layer is also great for individuals who suffer from dust and mold allergies. It is resistant to dust, mold, and mildew.

3. Bottom Layer – ARPICO Latex

This is the bottom layer of the mattress, responsible for much of the support. ARPICO is an established manufacturer of high-quality organic latex made in Sri Lanka. The latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. It is considered to be the highest quality latex produced anywhere in the world.

This layer is firmer than the Talalay layer. And it is also thicker. The Talalay layer typically has a thickness of around 2-3 inches depending on the thickness of the mattress. And the base ARPICO latex layer is more than double that, at six inches or more. It is also hypoallergenic, as it repels dust mites, and is dustproof, mold proof and mildew proof.

Available Sizes and Configurations

The PlushBeds mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes. They include:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • Split Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split Cal King
  • Split King

As for the firmness levels, there are three different base settings on offer. They are:

  • Soft (19-21 ILD)
  • Medium (24-26 ILD)
  • Medium Firm (29-31 ILD)

ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. It is a scale for measuring how hard or soft a mattress foam material is. The lower the ILD, the softer the mattress is. PlushBeds mattresses stay true to their firmness ratings, as they are premium products.

The medium levels are ideal for most sleepers. Side sleepers should find this setting comfortable. For stomach and back sleepers, a medium firm is more suitable due to the additional support.

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Feel & Performance of the Mattress

Soft & Plush

As far as comfort levels are concerned, you get exactly what you pay for. The mattresses are soft, plush, and incredibly comfortable. The cotton and wool cover feels premium and soft. The Talalay layer further adds to the overall plush feel. The mattress is very bouncy. If you press down into it with your hand and release, the material snaps back pretty quickly. This is often a polarising issue. Some folks love it, others not so much.

Firmness & Support

There is a fine balance between plushness and support, and the natural latex inside these mattresses to balance both admirably well. Edge support is excellent on these mattresses. That means that if you were to sit on the edge of one of these and try to unlace your shoes or something, you do get a firm and supportive base. It does not suck your body in or anything of that sort.

When you lie down on this mattress, you are not “lying in,” but rather, “on it.” The mattress is very conforming and supportive when you lie down. There is enough support to keep your spine straight when you lie down. If you are on the heavier side, you might want to opt for a thicker model though. Options range from 9 inches all the way up to 12 inches.

Motion Transfer

If you share this mattress with a partner or spouse, you also have to factor in the motion transfer. If they (or you) tend to move around a lot in the sleep, motion transfer can disturb the other person. And mattresses made from latex do not completely remove this problem. There is some amount of motion transfer, but it is not very severe.

Split Beds

One of the highlights of the Botanical Bliss range of mattresses is this optional feature. It is only available for the larger Queen, King, and California King sizes. A split bed is ideal for couples who have different preferences regarding firmness and support. Each half of the bed is customized using different layers. You can specify your preferences while placing the order.

No Smell or Off-gassing

This is one of the highlights of an all natural latex mattress. Since it contains no chemical foam, you don’t get any of the nasty odors or smells that synthetic mattresses are notorious for. And this mattress also doesn’t have any glue or chemical fire-retardants in its structure. It lives up to the expectations in this regard.

Not Hot Sleeping

This is one of the key advantages of organic latex and Joma wool combo over synthetic memory foam. The mattress remains cool even in hot summers. You will not feel hot or sweaty on these. The effect is reversed in winters, thanks to the special insulating effects of the wool. It helps maintain your body temperature, keeping you warm in the colder months.

Shipping Experience & Support

The mattresses are delivered directly to your doorstep. They arrive in rolled condition, with secure plastic wrapping and packing. All PlushBeds mattresses are available for a 100 day trial period. But you have to use the bed for 30 days to become eligible for the full refund.

The layered structure of the mattress also gives you additional customization options after purchase. If you find the softness or support levels unsatisfactory, you can ask for a replacement layer from the company for free. Changing the layers is a straightforward task. Simply unzip the bed cover and swap the layers.

As for the warranty, PlushBeds exceeds all expectations here. Most reliable mattresses come with ten years warranty. The best in the business often offer 20 year warranty periods. PlushBeds offers more than that, at 25 years.

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The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress is a premium quality product without a doubt. The asking price is entirely justified when all the factors are taken into consideration. Buying a mattress is not easy, especially when it is available online-only. You have no chance to try out the firmness and comfort levels. But with advanced customization options, PlushBeds has managed to circumvent this difficulty. Each mattress is made according to your specifications. And they also offer decent customer care support to ensure that the product lives up to the billing in your bedroom. If you have the budget, these long-lasting organic mattresses are well worth it.