Dan Crawford is an expert on psoriasis, a medical researcher, a health consultant, a certified nutritionist and the author of Psoriasis Revolution. The author understands the pain and discomfort of psoriasis because he has experienced this condition personally. This was the beginning of his journey to find a safe and effective cure. The result is a revolutionary treatment for psoriasis.

The Information Revealed in Psoriasis Revolution

This eBook includes a downloadable PDF and a seven-step program. The system was created to help decrease the symptoms of the condition while removing many of the causes. The author has taken a holistic approach to the treatment and cure of psoriasis. As time passes, the program enables the symptoms of the condition to continuously decrease.

Psoriasis Revolution offers you useful details for the treatment of this condition without any of the expensive steroids, drugs and laser therapies. The seven steps you will be following will teach you how to balance your nervous and hormonal systems. This is accomplished with supplements and healthy habits. The first step teaches you numerous natural remedies to provide fast relief.

You will learn how to decrease your symptoms without having to leave your home. You will be taught about the nutrition, supplements and diet necessary for treating psoriasis during the second step. The third step teaches you about the importance of your immune system for preventing psoriasis breakouts in the future. The fourth step details the relationship between psoriasis and fungi.

You will learn how to cleanse and detoxify your body to prevent the build-up of toxins during the fifth step. The sixth and seventh steps will enable you to understand how the reactions of your skin can be calmed with the use of spinal adjustments and relaxation exercises. The eBook is focused on helping you successfully eliminate your psoriasis in thirty to sixty days.

The book is essentially a guide to understanding the way skin issues work, the root of psoriasis and how to eliminate recurrences as time passes. Psoriasis Revolution includes all of the critical information you need to know so you can obtain positive results while you are treating your condition. The author also discusses the side effects and symptoms of psoriasis prior to beginning your treatment.

Since nothing artificial is involved with this process, you will experience far fewer repercussions as you begin to treat your psoriasis issues. You will receive tips to naturally boost your immune system. The first step for recovering from psoriasis is a strong immune system. Dan Crawford recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you are able to permanently eliminate your skin condition.

The tips included in Psoriasis Revolution include how to choose foods to improve your general health and condition. There is also a list of supplements and foods that can worsen your psoriasis. Your purchase includes a sixty-day money-back guarantee just in case you are not happy with your results. You will need to allow a little time for your body to heal but your results will be good.

The eBook contains 250 pages. As soon as your purchase has been completed, you will be able to download the program. Six bonus eBooks are included with your purchase. These books provide you with more information and insight regarding your condition. Free lifetime updates are included with your purchase as well in addition to free email counseling with the author for a full three months.

An Overview of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that can occur at any time. In most cases, this condition affects individuals between fifteen and thirty years of age. In some instances, the condition appears on individuals between fifty and sixty. This program is exceptionally important if someone you know and care about, a loved one or yourself have been affected by psoriasis.

Psoriasis is not life-threatening. This being said, the symptoms are very unpleasant. This can include inflamed red patches, burning, itching, raw or bleeding skin and thick silvery scales. Psoriasis can significantly decrease your level of self-confidence. Unfortunately, there are individuals who will say mean things about your unsightly and irritated skin.

This condition can make you feel extremely uncomfortable in your own skin. Some medical professionals have classified the cause of this condition as either unknown or idiopathic. Others believe the immune system and genes have a role in the development. It is possible a genetic predisposition for psoriasis does exist. This is when your immune system produces too many T-cells or white blood cells.

The result is the turnover of your skin cells becomes too fast. This will cause skin inflammation. Psoriasis appears because your skin cells are not shedding and accumulating on the surface. The author believes the key culprits for the formation of psoriasis are internal toxins. When your liver and kidneys are sluggish, you will not be excreting the excess toxins. These need to be released through your skin.

This will trigger a painful inflammatory response resulting in psoriasis. According to Dan Crawford, psoriasis is caused by a combination of your natural defenses and your immunity. The belief is when your inner balance has been restored and your immune system enhanced, you can eliminate psoriasis. According to a large number of positive testimonials, his theory is correct.

The author also states the oral and topical drugs prescribed for this condition have a negative impact on your inner balance and immunity. This results in a never-ending battle with psoriasis. The author also believes your well-being and health are both being compromised by the side effects so common with all of these drugs. Everything the author says comes from his own personal experience.

Dan Crawford tried using creams, steroids and drugs in an attempt to cure his own condition. All of his results were temporary. This was the reason he began searching for a natural way to treat his psoriasis. Psoriasis Revolution was the culmination of trial and error, nutritional education, clinical research and studies, and personal experience.

Dan Crawford tells you there is no magic pill or immediate cure for psoriasis. He does not recommend using medical procedures including photochemotherapy or lasers, topical formulations or pills. He recommends an approach beginning on the outside. This approach handles the root cause of psoriasis as opposed to just the symptoms. When a holistic approach is used to address the immunity factor, the result is metamorphosis.

Within thirty to sixty days you will see the transformation that will clear your skin. If you have been suffering from this condition for years, this will not seem like a long time. Your benefits will begin gradually but increase as time passes. According to the author, this is a health revolution as opposed to a psoriasis revolution.

This is because the nutritional platform will do more than help eliminate your symptoms. You will learn how to live a much healthier lifestyle. You will understand which supplements and foods need to be eliminated and the ones you need to take. Your general health and skin will start improving at the same time.

The Teachings of Psoriasis Revolution

All-Natural Methods: Dan Crawford stresses the importance of using all-natural methods to get your skin back to the way it is supposed to be. You will learn different ways to handle your psoriasis without using synthetic drugs with extremely harmful potential effects. The methods revealed in Psoriasis Revolution include staying out of the suns’ harmful UV rays and avoiding alcohol.

You will also learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, bathing on a regular basis and proper moisturization.

Fast Healing: In most cases, treating your psoriasis is not only very expensive but it will also require a great deal of your time. By using this program, you can see visible results in a period of just two months.

The Remedy: This program will not place a bandage over your skin condition. Instead of simply masking your symptoms, you will be addressing your psoriasis at the roots. This makes sense since this is where your condition began. In order for any solution to be effective, the issue must be treated at the roots.

Safety and No Side Effects: The more physicians you see, the more likely it is you will be prescribed more and more medications. This is almost guaranteed to lead to mass confusion. Psoriasis Revolution is ideal because the holistic and natural methods have been proved to be free of potentially dangerous side effects and the methods are completely safe.

The Additional Study Materials: Dan Crawford is offering you numerous effective and helpful methods for treating your psoriasis. You also have the opportunity to obtain additional materials to ensure you remain on the right path. During the course of your first month, you will be able to communicate with Dan Crawford through email.

Understanding Your Skin Condition: To effectively handle your psoriasis, understanding the harmful effects of the severe side effects is incredibly important. This includes medications such as calcineurin inhibitors, methotrexate, hydroxyurea, retinoids and corticosteroids. The most common side effects generally include:

  • Feelings of nausea and an upset stomach.
  • A potential increase in your blood pressure.
  • Your skin will eventually become resistant to treatment.
  • Your liver can be damaged by the medications.
  • Your natural production of cortisone becomes imbalanced.
  • You may develop problems with your kidneys.
  • Your immune system is potentially weakened due to consistent medical treatments.

The Benefits of the Program

  • Psoriasis Revolution is incredibly thorough. This will help you understand the causes, symptoms and remedies for your condition. The eBook provides more information about psoriasis than nearly any other available source.
  • You will be provided with possible external and internal remedies. This will ensure you have enough options to find the right one for your condition.
  • The guide flows extremely logically. Dan Crawford uses a systematic, step by step approach you should be able to follow easily.
  • You will receive several bonuses with your purchase.
  • The information you will be using to treat your psoriasis will also treat your entire body. By following the recommendations of the author, you should see a dramatic improvement in your general health.
  • The reviews for the eBook have been exceptionally good. This is because the guide is comprehensive and well written.
  • You will not have any difficulties finding the recommended teas, supplements and foods.
  • The direction and guidance provided by the book are clear. There are sample daily meals offered at the end of the book.
  • Dan Crawford does a lot more than just recommend specific treatments or lifestyle changes. He explains why these changes are so important.
  • You will have a sixty-day money-back guarantee.

The Final Verdict

Psoriasis Revolution is an excellent option for the treatment of psoriasis. You know the program has been successful due to a large number of excellent reviews. Dan Crawford is able to provide you with extensive information and details about this condition because he understands exactly how it feels to suffer from psoriasis.

The seven-step program explains exactly how to cleanse and detox your system. This will help enhance your immune system. The book will enable you to treat your condition effectively, safely and fairly quickly. This is an excellent guide for psoriasis.