The only way for your body and brain to fully recharge is through sleep. Sleep allows your body to repair, replenish, and revive. So how can you make sure you get a proper night’s sleep? A big part of the formula for a good night’s sleep is a proper mattress.

You’re searching for the perfect mattress may end with the Puffy Mattress. This mattress is designed as a medium firm mattress that allows for proper back support while still providing a comfort level for sleeping. Also, this mattress is intended for all sleepers and sleep styles.

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Made to Order

Puffy Mattress ReviewsEach Puffy Mattress is handcrafted and made to order. This means your mattress is not actually made and crafted until you place your order.

Puffy Mattress prides itself on using high quality foams in its mattresses, and the company freely admits that this type of foam degrades over time from being compressed for long periods. Therefore to ensure that your Puffy Mattress is the highest quality available to the customer, each mattress is made to order and only compressed for a short period of time during shipping. By following this order process and method it cuts down on the amount of compression time the foam is under which eliminates any degradation of the foam. Puffy guarantees each new mattress is only under compression for less than a week from order date to shipping date.

The Puffy Mattress Is For You If…

  • You have been searching for a mattress to help with back pain relief. The Firm Core Support with which this mattress is created ensures for proper spine alignment while sleeping. Proper spine support during sleep can help to alleviate back pain.
  • You want a mattress that offers proper support, but that is still comfortable to sleep on. The unique foam design of this mattress ensures needed spine support, but also allows the foam to mold to your body. This allows for the mattress to ease pain and pressure at targeted pressure points on your body.
  • You want to purchase a mattress without leaving the comfort of your home. Puffy mattresses can only be ordered online, but with 101 Nights of Sleep policy, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund.

The Puffy Mattress May Not Be For You If…

  • You like a mattress that is extra firm. Puffy’s mattress falls between 6.5-8.5 on the mattress firmness scale. If you like to sleep on an extra firm mattress, say at level 9.5 or 10 this might not be your best choice.
  • You want to try the mattress out in the store. Puffy mattresses are sold exclusively online. You can try the mattress out for the 101 Nights of Sleep trial, but you still have to purchase and order the mattress prior to this trial.
  • You’re looking for an adjustable mattress you control. The Puffy mattress will adjust and mold to your body, but isn’t programmable by you or for each side of the bed. If you and your partner have drastically different sleep needs and are looking for one bed to accommodate them you may want to continue your search and pass on this one.

The Foam

Puffy’s mattress’s claim to fame centers around the foam with which the mattress is created. What makes this foam so special?

Cooling Cloud Foam

The Cooling Cloud Foam is the top layer of the mattress. This foam, created by Puffy with a patent pending, was designed with special technology that allows this layer of foam to adjust, mold and fit to your body exactly where your body needs it. This Cooling Cloud foam layer provides support where your body needs it most and relieves pressure on your body at trigger points like your back, knees, and hips.

As the name implies the Cooling Cloud layer of foam is created with a type of foam that allows breath ability and air flow which will help to keep your body temperature controlled and cool. It’s been proven that sleeping in cooler temperatures ensures a better night’s sleep and the Cooling Cloud foam prevents overheating which can lead to a disrupted night’s sleep.

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A Firm Touch

Firmness is very important when it comes to mattresses. For a proper and healthy night’s sleep your mattress needs to be at a precise firmness level. An ideal mattress is one of medium firmness. Puffy’s Firm Core Support layer is the second foam layer of this mattress and is a big part of what makes this mattress a top choice. Some foam mattress can be too supple to provide the adequate firmness needed for proper spine health. Other mattresses can be too firm, which can lead to, or worsen, back and neck problems. This Firm Core Support layer adds the support that is needed for ideal spine alignment while sleeping.

Puffy has developed this layer to ensure firmness while at the same time still allowing for the mattress to adapt and fit to your unique body shape and sleep position. According to studies the ideal firmness level for a mattress on a scale from 1, too soft, to 10, too firm, is for a mattress to have a firmness somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5. Where does Puffy’s mattress firm level fall on that scale? Exactly between 6.5 and 8.5. With this mattress your body will benefit from the firm core support while still enjoying a relaxing, comfortable night’s rest.

Trust in Foam

As foam is Puffy’s biggest claim to fame and what they believe makes their mattress unique and a great choice, Puffy wants to reassure its customers that the foam is safe and this mattress will provide a happy, and healthy, night’s sleep.

The foams used by Puffy are all CertiPUR-US Certified. What does this mean? It means that while some foams are created using harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and phthalates this foam isn’t. Puffy has developed a process that allows their foam to be manufactured and made without any harmful chemicals and that their foams have been tested, by independent and unbiased labs, to prove that the foam they use in their mattress meets or exceeds the requirements of CertiPUR for “content, emissions, and durability.” Ultimately what this means is that you can feel secure in that the knowledge about the foam with which these mattresses are created is safe.

Puffy Mattress – Perfect for Any Sleep Situation

Due to the use of foam in this mattress and the ways in which the foam will adapt to each individual sleeper’s body, this makes the Puffy Mattress a great choice for any type of sleeper.

This mattress will provide great support for back, side, and stomach sleepers and for any position in-between. Due to the medium firm foam support, which provides added spine support for proper spinal alignment, this mattress would be a particularly good choice for back and side sleepers who, due to these sleep positions, will benefit from this intensified spine support.

Another added benefit of this mattress is that it is designed to be used on a variety of support bases. Which means you can place your Puffy mattress on a variety of bed frames including slatted, flat, or an adjustable frame. Or the mattress will work on the more traditional box spring. The Puffy Mattress will even provide its claimed support if just placed on the floor. This diversity of options highlights another reason why this mattress is a great choice.

Purchasing a Puffy

Puffy Mattresses are available in sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. If you are interested in purchasing a Puffy Mattress you won’t be able to do so in any stores. These mattresses are only available for purchase via online retailers.

Mattresses are delivered via FedEx in as little as 3 to 6 business days directly to your door. The company has developed a way to fit every mattress size into a 19″x19″x42″ box. Depending on the size of the mattress you purchase the weight can range from forty-seven to ninety-five pounds. This means that the mattress is easy to handle and set-up once you receive it at your home.

Keep in mind after receiving your mattress you’ll need to allow for a few days for your mattress to unfold and for the foam to settle for proper use and experience.

Prices range from a Twin mattress at $825.00 to a California King which sells for $1350.00. often runs sales and typically you can be guaranteed to receive $200 dollars off your purchase price. Another perk of purchasing this mattress is that Puffy relieves you of any shipping costs as their beds ship for free.

Puffy has many happy customers who have purchased one of their mattresses and you can find testimonials and reviews directly on their website to peruse before placing your order. Overall customer satisfaction is very high. Customers share reviews that indicate their sleep has improved since purchasing this mattress. Also, customers with back pain and ailments have indicated this mattress has helped alleviate some, or all, of their previous back pain and symptoms.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Puffy wants you to feel good about your mattress purchase and wants to ensure you have a worry and hassle-free purchasing experience. They offer a few additional services and benefits that allow you to feel protected and secure about your purchase.

The first service is the lifetime warranty that comes with your mattress purchase. This means that for the length of time for which you own the mattress if anything goes wrong Puffy will replace your mattress for no charge. You can explore and learn more about the warranty by visiting the company’s website and selecting warranty information.

The second procedure in place to ease your mind if you to choose to purchase this mattress is the 101 Night Sleep Trial. What is this? This allows you to use and sleep on your mattress for 101 nights and if you’re not satisfied with the mattress and the sleep it’s providing you, you can return this mattress hassle-free.

Puffy will actually donate the used mattress to a local organization in need, allowing someone else the opportunity to have a bed that otherwise might not, and Puffy will provide you with a full refund as well. Puffy also takes care of any costs associated with donating or returning your purchase if you decide you’re unsatisfied with their product.

Sleep Tight

If you’ve been searching for your ideal mattress and the exhaustion is setting in we hope you can now rest assured…on the new Puffy Mattress you’ll be purchasing because you think it’s the perfect mattress to meet all your needs.

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