Ryan Hall is a teacher and author. He understands the state of mind when two people break up after being in love. Pull Your Ex Back is based on his personal knowledge. After experiencing a traumatic breakup, the author did not leave his bed. He finally realized most people had experienced something similar or the same. He decided to make a difference which was the beginning of Pull Your Ex Back.

The Purpose of Each Section of the Book

The Main Process: This section guides the reader with transformational techniques. This is about taking control of your life and bringing back your true self.

The Shift Technique: This is about the pain resulting from the emotional aspect of the breakup. The focus is on ending inner pain by changing your emotional state and your mindset.

Get Him Addicted: This section teaches you ways to get your ex back, keep him addicted and hold onto him forever. The author believes a loyal and addicted man is incredibly important for a successful and happy relationship.

How to Make Contact: This section explains how to bring your ex back home again. This is about self-development and eliminating desperation for your future. You will learn how to remain respectable and calm to become the center of his respect and adoration.

The Concept and Strategy of Pull Your Ex Back

The concept of this book is appropriate for men and women. This is essentially a guide to show you what to do right after your breakup to either reconcile or move on. The book does not offer any advice about what to do when the breakup occurred some time ago. These strategies must be used fairly quickly after your breakup to effectively provide any help.

The main focus of the book is to avoid any actions to make everything worse. This includes any needy behavior that can push your ex farther away such as running after them. You should not make decisions when you are too emotional or you are likely to make a mistake. If you are struggling emotionally, afraid you will be unable to live without your love or feeling desperate, this book may provide the help you need.

Pull Your Ex Back may also be helpful if you feel a distance between you and your partner you believe is leading to a breakup. This book may help you turn the situation around and prevent a breakup. The worst mistake you can make is becoming part of the old cliche of sitting in your pajamas all day consuming junk food. Ryan Hall explains what is behind this behavior and how to make changes.

The author’s basic advice will help you leave your depression behind and place your focus on the rest of your life. Your ex will not find you attractive if you are miserable all the time. You must demonstrate emotional control and the ability to keep moving forward. Not only will you be more appealing but your ex may decide breaking up with you was a mistake.

The advice about remaining motivated and positive is solid. The author states once you remove your fear of losing your partner you may get them back. This advice will help you change your mindset, be happier and maybe even reunite with your partner. You must have a strategy in place as opposed to making bad decisions based solely on your emotional state.

The author helps you create a plan of action by providing an outline regarding what you should be accomplishing. This will improve your emotional state while providing you with a good chance of getting back together. The bottom line is you will have to be alone for approximately one month without any communication with your ex before you have a chance of getting them back.

Advice is offered on how to manage during this time. One of the techniques the author explains is called the instant shift technique. This is designed to stop you from constantly thinking about your ex. During the period of time when there is no communication with your ex, there are certain steps you can take to potentially make them jealous. Your ex must believe they made a mistake and want you back.

The book discusses numerous reasons why a breakup may have occurred. There is some good general advice that will apply to many of these instances. A good example is the jealousy technique. This may work or it may not but it is a viable option. This will depend on your ex’s reasons for breaking up. If your former partner had trust issues and believed you were not being faithful, this is the wrong tactic for you.

If you use this technique under the wrong circumstances, you will simply be confirming your ex’s suspicions. This will make your situation even worse. It is important to understand every breakup is different. Not all of the advice in this book is applicable to every situation. The most effective strategy covered by the author is when your breakup occurred because one of you no longer felt attracted to the other.

If you were showing weakness and neediness, you must get your ex to see you differently. The author effectively demonstrates how to make this happen. If you do get back together again, you will still need to resolve the issues responsible for your breakup. This will ensure these issues do not fester and result in a permanent breakup. You must figure out how your relationship can be sustainable moving forward.

The main focus of the book is getting your ex back in a relationship as opposed to ensuring you remain solid partners for the future. The author concludes the book by talking about how to make arrangements to see your former partner again. There is compelling advice about how to get in touch with your ex and convince them to meet you again.

The main advice is keeping your emotions under control when you see your ex again. If you want your ex to begin pursuing you again, you must not appear as needy. This will help ensure you are attractive to your ex. Once again, the reason you broke up in the first place becomes incredibly important. The only way these strategies will be effective is if your ex-partner still has feelings of love for you.

Your ex must truly want to have you back in their life. If your ex has started seeing someone else, the strategies may not work. If your former partner is still feeling angry or resentful, you will need to address the reasons behind these feelings to orchestrate a successful reunion.

Breaking Down Pull Your Ex Back

According to Ryan Hall, your first step is to stop waiting for your phone to ring. You must not only understand your emotions but the reasons you are feeling them. If your ex is not answering your calls, you must understand why. The first four chapters of Pull Your Ex Back help you understand your emotions. Be prepared for an intensely emotional journey.

You must not only understand exactly what you are feeling but the meaning of your emotions. You must determine if true love was the basis for your relationship. If the answer is yes, you must figure out what caused your partnership to end. You must change your focus and choose the thoughts you want to have to be able to take positive action.

You have to figure out exactly what happened, begin taking back your life and permanently end the emotional rollercoaster ride. The author teaches you how to accomplish all of this with the Instant Shift Technique. You need to get off your sofa, put down the junk food and pull yourself together. If you believe your ex is worth fighting for, you need to take your power back.

If you have already broken up and kept getting back together a couple of weeks later, Pull Your Ex Back may provide the help you need. The author gives you pertinent examples from real life. Almost every single person in the world has been in the same situation at least once. You do not want to resume your relationship on impulse because you may be setting yourself up to fail again.

The first four chapters should make you decide if your ex is truly worth the battle. According to the author, nobody really cares about how you are feeling. People are pushed by their emotions. Your relationship will never work if you bow down at their feet and act clingy. Chapter six will teach you about the desires and emotions necessary to keep you in your ex’s thoughts all day and night.

You must take control of yourself and your life to demonstrate to the entire world you are back. You will also be shown how to realize there are other people interested in you. This is when you need to consider pushing your ex to the back of your mind, taking a chance and dating again.

You must figure out how your absence is impacting your ex. If they call you, the time may be ideal for getting them back. Chapter ten explains what to do if your ex is not calling. You must keep your relationship casual, keep laughing and never stop smiling. By taking your relationship slowly, you will make your ex sweat. Dress to impress, hug your ex and trigger their emotions.

You must make your ex miss you by being enticing as opposed to ever appearing needy again. Once you get back together, you will require time to resolve your issues and move forward. The author will show you how to get your ex addicted to you, A complete guide will help you strengthen your relationship to win your ex-partner back in the right way. No matter what happens, you should feel better about yourself.

The final chapters of the book address important questions about your relationship to help you decide if you want your ex back or if the relationship is over. This section may be scary but it is completely honest as well. You may have to accept the fact your relationship is truly over. If you believe your relationship can be saved, chapter sixteen is about sparing you more heartache and fixing your relationship for good.

If you do not believe you are your ex’s top priority, you will learn how to act quickly to change his perceptions. Even if you were the one who left or if you made terrible mistakes, the author will show you how to correct the situation to get your ex-partner back once and for all. You simply have to choose the right technique for your specific situation.

The Final Verdict

Pull Your Ex Back is basically a tutorial. You will learn how to figure out why you broke up and if your relationship is worth fixing. You must understand how your ex-partner is feeling about you to use the correct strategy. Remember, this book will not be effective if you have been broken up for too long. You must act quickly if you decide to save your relationship.