What is the Quantum Manifestation Code?

Though everyone has hopes, dreams, and aspirations, many people find that they are never able to make their dreams manifest themselves in their actual lives. Whether these goals are a more comfortable financial status, a more fulfilling job, or a happier romantic life, for too many people they remain only dreams, and they never become practical results.

This is where the Quantum Manifestation Code comes in. The author, Benjamin Malcolm, spent 10 years researching this exact topic, trying to understand why some people were able to reach their goals, while others found that they failed at every step. He wrote this course with the intention of teaching people how to make the jump from only having goals, to finding concrete results.

What is particularly unique about this course is that it synthesizes two separate schools of thought: the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, and modern-day quantum physics. It is worth looking into how each of these is covered in the program to better understand how this knowledge is meant to be applied to our everyday lives.

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

Malcolm has made the life and teachings of Jesus, perhaps the most influential man in history, the foundation of his course. Of course, many people are familiar with the stories of the New Testament related to Jesus, and have likely heard some of the most famous miracles that have been attributed to this spiritual teacher.

Malcolm asks his readers to reconsider some of the most famous miracles of Jesus, such as turning water into wine, feeding a great crowd of people, or cursing the fig tree. Many people who read these miracle stories take them to be allegorical, or poetic license being taken by the writers of the Gospels. However, Malcolm asks: what if these miracles actually happened?

The argument at the core of the Quantum Manifestation Code is that these miracles did, in fact, occur, and that they point to deeper truths about the nature of the universe. To be a follower of Jesus, then, would be to put his teachings into practice and to manifest an incredible life in our own world. While some would say that the idea of miraculous deeds is purely a question of religion, Malcolm suggests that they are also borne out by modern scientific discoveries. This brings us to the second half of the foundations of the course: Quantum Superposition.

Quantum Science and Life Possibilities

While one might assume that quantum science is far too complicated to be integrated into this course, Malcolm’s argument is actually quite easy to follow. In experiments at an atomic level, scientists have found that before they have observed a particular electron, the possibilities for its location around the nucleus of the atom are nearly limitless. It is only when an electron is observed that one possibility for the position of the electron is set.

How is this relevant for the Quantum Manifestation Code? The lesson of Quantum Superposition is quite simple: these experiments show that humans, simply by looking at atomic particles, have an effect on the universe. If humans can affect even these tiny building blocks of the universe, one can only imagine what sorts of changes might be possible by focusing on bigger parts of our lives.

As Malcolm discusses throughout the course, the key to having this sort of impact on the world is by harnessing the powers of the mind. Humans have been gifted with a powerful imagination, though too often the abilities of our imagination are not fully harnessed by our conscious mind. The lessons and exercises in this program are meant to take full advantage of our conscious minds to have a greater effect on the world around us.

The two parts of the course, then, are not actually all that distinct. The Bible, according to Malcolm, was giving lessons about the fundamental nature of the universe. It is easy to read stories of Jesus and see an argument that the universe is made up of energy, and as such, that energy can be manipulated by human beings. What the Quantum Manifestation Code promises is to teach these lessons about the universe so that they can be applied to our daily lives.

A Practical Course for Success

The Quantum Manifestation Code course has been broken up into a program that can be completed over the course of seven weeks. As such, the course comes with seven different PDF guides, as well as an additional product called PowerNap+. It will be helpful to go through each of the weeks in turn and discuss some of the lessons and exercises.

The introduction and first week of the course will ask you to consider who you are, what makes you happy, and what you think of as your life purpose. This section also includes exercises that aid with the focus of the mind and controlling intention. These exercises set the foundation for having a more focused and effective conscious mind.

The second and third week deal with the question of clutter in our lives, both physical and mental. The second week is focused on the more physical side of clutter, that is, belongings that we would be better off throwing out, or eating more healthily. The third week complements this by dealing with emotional clutter, such as fears, anxieties, and guilt.

The fourth week addresses a major challenge of any self-improvement course, which is the issue of doubt. Oftentimes, the doubts that people hold about their abilities to achieve their goals hamper them before they even begin. Exercises for this week cover doing away with irrational doubts, and with maintaining positivity even in the face of difficulties.

The fifth week is a guide to actually taking action in life towards our goals and dreams. It is all too easy to understand the theory behind a course like this without actually carrying out any concrete steps, so the exercises for this week will guide you towards taking inspired action.

The sixth week covers the question of goal-setting, with a specific focus on making goals that are aligned with your values and which aim for abundance. The exercises focus on ensuring that goals are actually practical. When impractical goals are set, then there will inevitably be frustration when they cannot be met, which may lead to people giving up altogether. The lessons of this week, then, deal with practical goals.

Finally, the seventh week of the course gives a set of final exercises to help the reader learn how to manifest success and abundance in their life. There are exercises on affirmations, for example, which help to train the mind to be more goal-oriented. This week will also give advice on how to eliminate negativity from your life, as negative emotions can be major barriers to seeing goals and dreams become manifested in the real world.

While it is well-known that short naps throughout the day can help you feel re-energized and refreshed, many people find that they have trouble actually falling asleep for these power naps. The PowerNap+ bonus material employs a binaural beat technology to help you easily drift off to sleep for a short nap when needed throughout the day.

To sum up, the Quantum Manifestation Code is a seven-week plan that will guide you through each step of the process of learning how to impact the world around you. Each week will include not only lessons, but also exercises that can be put into practice immediately. While the course will require a good deal of sustained effort, the benefits should also be seen quickly.

Testimonials of Success

Anyone who is considering investing in a product such as the Quantum Manifestation Code will be curious to know if it has worked for others who have tried it. No one would want to spend their money on something, only to find that it does not produce the results that have been promised.

The good news that the reviews for this product have been positive. While many reviewers found the program to generally be helpful, others found that it even had an enormous impact for them, leading to major improvements in both their business and personal lives. While the course requires hard work and patience, most of those who have put in the time and effort have found that they were rewarded with progress towards their personal goals.

Another advantage of the Quantum Manifestation Code is that it is meant to provide holistic advice for every part of life, not simply financial or business guidance. Many people found that in addition to greater success in financial affairs, they also re-established friendships and grew to have more fulfilling religious lives.

Powerful, but Not for Everyone

Now, while the Quantum Manifestation Code includes a set of practical steps towards living a more fulfilling life, this particular program may not be for everyone. As Malcolm has based much of his system off of the life and deeds of Jesus Christ, those who are not Christian, or who are not religious at all, may have more difficulty embracing this system. Some reviewers have enjoyed the course overall, but found this religiously-charged language to be a bit off-putting.

However, it is worth noting that the “faith” discussed by Malcolm is not faith in the way it is meant in a weekly church sermon, but rather, a faith in the ability of people to change and influence their own worlds. So, while many parables from the Bible are discussed, they are used to teach broader points about the nature of the universe.

This is also not a course that can be consumed passively, and on the contrary, there are a number of exercises that should be carried out in each week. If you are considering completing the course, ensure that you have enough time to really devote yourself to the material. Those who have busier schedules will want to ensure that they have set aside enough time to really give the material their full attention.

Conclusion: A Worthy Investment

Overall, there are many attractive elements of the Quantum Manifestation Code that make it a worthy investment for those who are trying to make improvements to their lives, or reach goals that have remained elusive for them to this point. A major advantage is that while there is a lot of information packed into the course, it is also not overly long, and can be completed in seven weeks. The course is also affordable, costing only $39 with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Sometimes, these sorts of courses are heavy on theory, but light on actual practical measures that someone could take to improve their lives. This is not the case with the Quantum Manifestation Code, as it offers advice that is short and to the point. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the advice in this program and make a strong effort towards following its teachings, there is a good chance that you will be able to find the results that you have been seeking.