Let’s be honest, sex can be a near vital part of an adult’s life. Ideally, sex is about more than just physical gratification and satisfaction. It includes an emotional aspect too. Human beings generally forge emotional connections to those with whom they are sexually intimate.

Of course, in order for a relationship to be successful, there is a lot they have to understand about sex. Unfortunately, performance anxiety and previous unsuccessful failed attempts at sex can psychologically and even physically impair or even prevent a fulfilling sex life.

That’s why it is necessary to educate yourself on how to successfully how to emotionally and physically connect with your partner while engaging in sex. “Revolutionary Sex” can help you and your lover overcome any sexual complications or impediments and discover all of the secrets of experiencing truly great sex.

Just What is “Revolutionary Sex”?

“Revolutionary Sex” (RS) is a self-help program around a sex-centric eBook and guide. It provides you with an expert’s insight into the little known facts about female orgasms. Beginners will benefit because they will be able to learn the different techniques for satisfying a woman in bed and how to generally enrich the overall quality of one’s sex life.

The RS book was written just to assist men in making connections with their lovers on a deep and physical level. The book includes explanations concerning the specific reasons why some men find it difficult to give a woman an orgasm. The book also features some information on some men’s inability to become fully aroused.

Don’t feel left out, ladies. There’s something for you here too. Along with the eBook for the men, there is also an official accompanying guide just for women. It provides women instructions on how to properly interact with their male lovers.

It also provides them directions on how to seduce men and how to get the most out of sex. As it turns out, the majority of male sexual impotence cases are nothing more than the result of man’s nervousness.

The author, Alex Allman, also explains that sexual foreplay can be a real necessity. It can help men and women who are feeling too nervous. When combined with a special diaphragmatic breathing technique, foreplay can also reduce overall anxiety.

When engaged in sexual foreplay, both the mind and the muscles become relaxed. Once relaxed, the man’s sexual organ is more likely to respond in the desired way. This will naturally lead to more satisfying sexual intercourse.

Allman has also included a noteworthy guide for men on locating a woman’s G-spot. It is important to add that he also puts a specific emphasis on the importance of communicating during sex.

For example, he notes that talking to a woman during the act of oral sex can help to not only indicate the obvious appreciation of the act but also aid in creating a certain atmosphere for the specific sexual urge.

Since oral sex is considered by many to be a popular and even important part of sexual activity, Allman has also included some insight on performing fellatio just for the women in his audience. His work addresses some of the surprisingly common questions concerning sex.

For example, he covers such subjects as the estimated total time needed for sexual intercourse, the correct width and length of the penis needed to sexually satisfy a woman, and so forth. Allman uses simple terms.

He provides readers with easy-to-understand solutions to different problems that could otherwise prevent a woman from reaching orgasm, thus ensuring sexual pleasure.

Who Exactly is Alex Allman?

Alex Allman is more than just a well-known author. He is also reported to be an expert on the subject of sex and relationships. Over the length of his career to date, he is said to have aided literally thousands of couples come to enjoy a truly satisfying sexual relationship.He has done this in part by boosting their sexual confidence.

Both his books and his counseling services have given them the tools needed to overcome their individual insecurities, develop a deeper sense of intimacy, and improve their overall emotional quotient.

His books, lectures, and various videos have also provided continued support to many people who have previously struggled to obtain an exciting and healthy sex life. Allman has been busy working on refining his various concepts and theories on sexuality and relationships since some time in 1993.

As a sex expert and a formally trained relationship coach, he has written the RS guide in order to make certain that couples around the world can enjoy a satisfying, long-lasting relationship by successfully satisfying each other’s various sexual urges.

It is perhaps what he is most famous for today. When you read the famous tome be sure to remember that it reflects research into the deep, working mechanisms of the unique female mind.

After all, in many ways, the workings or operations of the male and female brains are significantly different. Thus, you must always remember that the same behavior or actions may not always impact on the feelings of a woman the way they would on a man.

These differences make it more difficult yet nonetheless important that a man knows all about the different actions that will serve to arouse his lover and give her the most sexual pleasure.

While some readers may already have heard a little bit about some of these ideas, this guide gives the reader more. RS provides people with an exceptional in-depth analysis of the facts. It also provides users with an understanding of the concepts behind the workings therein discussed.

What Can You Expect From “Revolutionary Sex”?

The book leads readers through the numerous ins and outs of giving your partner more sexual satisfaction. It focuses on three different subjects. The first section of the e-book is exclusively about you the reader.

This first section gives you the details about the techniques and exercises that will help a man last a bit longer in bed. Additionally, it provides readers with the best positions and methods for ensuring you and your partner enjoy an exceptional sexual experience.

The second section of the book is exclusively for women. It is specially written to give women more insight into the numerous sexual responses.

It also makes it clear to anyone who reads it why some ladies need significantly more time than others to get aroused. Finally, it also lists the different methods of both accessing and stimulating the A-spot and the G-spot.

The third part is largely a conclusion. It focuses on reiterating all of the previously noted suggestions and opinions. It also further discusses why some women sometimes find it hard to have an orgasm.

It further discusses what a man should do if his woman experiences such difficulties. Finally, this section also reviews what to do to give any woman multiple orgasms. The ultimate goal for the man in this situation is to give the woman so many orgasms she cannot take it anymore.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the RS guide is that it can assist the reader in fully realizing his or her lover’s fantasy as well as the different ways to initiate maximum sexual arousal. Also included in the package is a script that offers readers specific lines to use in the bedroom that will further bring out a lover’s sexual interests.

The Benefits

  • Allman provides readers with relevant data on having revolutionary sex without sounding dull or too formal.
  • Allman addresses the most important aspects of a truly satisfying sexual relationship.
  • Individuals who are currently suffering from an unsuccessful and frustrating love life will find sexual satisfaction simply by following the easy, useful tips Allman includes in the book.
  • The official companion website includes a helpful specific video that includes an actual outline of the guide’s different aspects. This will further assist readers in effectively and efficiently following the directions in the eBook.
  • The guide’s detailed information and instructions regarding giving a woman an orgasm are written in such a way that it can be easily understood by both genuine virgins and those who already have some sexual experience under their belts.
  • The book provides both the ways and the means of beating both anxiety and nervousness during coitus.
  • The book also features proven ways to beat impotence brought on by fear.
  • Men can find the infamous G-spot of a woman during coitus regardless of the length or width of their sex organ if they just follow all of Allman’s instructions.
  • When you purchase the package a special audiobook for both men and women is included. It can be used to assist couples in creating a sense of true sexual urgency during sexual activity.
  • If a customer feels the RS program does not work, Allman will provide a total refund.

The Drawbacks

  • There are other products already out on the market that provide more detailed data concerning specific sections of this newer book.
  • There might not be enough diagrams or images. Some readers may, therefore, fight it harder to easily and accurately execute the directions in the guide.
  • Some readers may not have enough patience to learn all of the sex techniques in a timely manner.

But is RS Worth it and Does it Actually Work?

If the reader wants to be sure to please a partner in bed, then this is the guide to get. Once a man has read all the directions and has had the opportunity to put it into practice it will be obvious the guide is worth it. Besides, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In this book, Allman discusses some sensitive issues. He discusses foreplay and intimacy which can be touchy and emotional even with someone who is understanding, and open. There’s always the chance that certain alpha males may be extremely hesitant to fully discuss these subjects.

Others should find the material to be beneficial. Indeed, it can be especially helpful to anyone who is unable to have an exciting, healthy sexual relationship. The inclusion of a series of sex positions is also notable.

Whether it be The G-star, the Doggy G, The Plank or another of the numerous positions included in the guide, a man should be aware of some of the options open to him and his partner in the boudoir. Role-playing and sexual fantasies are also given equal importance in the book.

The Bottom Line

If you are having an issue trying to properly pleasure your partner, then you should certainly consider this guide. Read all of Allman’s tips. His techniques in this self-help program are generally easy to follow.

In fact, a number of the tips include graphics and detailed explanations. Initial critical reaction is generally quite positive. Again, Allman is so confident about his work concerning his theories and data on sexual pleasure that he offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. There’s really nothing to lose!